Interview: Eric Caminos

“I would like to get the Garcia Promotions belt and the Legacy belt.”

Eric Caminos

Interview by: AJ Hoffman


Eric Caminos out of ACS is making his return for Garcia Promotions following his knockout win against John Haydon last time out. This time he will take on Lucas Orozco in a battle of 1-0 fighters. We had a chance to sit down with the up and coming amateur to get to know him and get his thoughts on the fight.

TCD: How long have you been training now? What got you into the sport?

Caminos: One day I was watching the UFC and it seemed pretty cool, so I got online and found Elite MMA. My dad told me to sign up and after the first class I felt drunk! Haha. I actually felt drunk! It was hardcore, but it was pretty cool. I was really excited and told my dad I wanted to do it and he signed me up for a year. So I trained at Elite for about a year and I was training everyday. That’s all I cared about. My grades started dropping and my dad pulled me out. All I wanted to do was fight for Legacy. That’s been my dream. We were driving a long way to go to Elite and my dad heard about ACS so we went to check it out and the vibe was awesome there. It was really really cool. First person I met at ACS was Nico and he was a really cool guy. The whole gym is full of good guys who are tough. I’ve been training for a little over two years now.

TCD: Talk about your last fight against John Haydon. It was a really back and forth fight until you got the late stoppage. What did you take away from that fight?

Caminos: It was a good fight. It was my first fight, and I wasn’t comfortable starting off. In the third round I started to get comfortable. I learned that I want to keep much more busy next fight and keep the pressure on.

TCD: How close did you think the fight was going into the last round? Did you go into the third round feeling like you needed a finish, or at least win the round?

Caminos: Pretty close…I think that he was missing more punches but you never know, it could have gone either way. I wanted to win the round, and I just caught him. To tell you the truth the KO just came with staying busier.

TCD: You were almost going to fight for a Legacy amateur title, but in the end you weren’t able to take the fight. Talk a little about what went down there.

Caminos: I didn’t have my registration and so I couldn’t fight. I was really looking forward to doing that and it would have been a great fight. It’s a dream of mine still, and I’d love to have that opportunity again.

TCD: What do you know about your opponent, Lucas Orozco? Have you seen or heard anything about his game?

Caminos: I don’t know anything about him at all. I just know that he has one fight and he won by KO. I only know what I know, and I’m gonna go in there and do what I do.

TCD: What would you say your strengths and weaknesses are at this point in your career?

Caminos: Well, I like to stand up but it’ll be war no matter where it goes. I’ve been training everything so I’m good. I’m really starting to like wrestling a lot. Actually I like it all. Judo, BJJ, wrestling. I like doing it all.

TCD: Talk about the job that ACS does in preparing you for a fight. How many guys there are fighters and how many do you have that are around your size?

Caminos: Daaaamn! Well Nico is around my size, and then there’s Omar and Justin. You could say Chris and Daniel (Rivera) are also. ACS has me run through lots of  fight drills. They push me to a new threshold each time. That’s what I like. A lot of sparring, alot of sparring!

TCD: How do you see this fight going?

Caminos:  If I had to make a prediction I think it’ll go my way. I really think if I’m listening to my coaches I will get the win.

TCD: What kind of long term goals do you have in the sport?

Caminos: I would like to get the Garcia Promotions belt and the Legacy belt. I want both of them. I want the Garcia belt cause I’m already there. I’m already fighting for them. I’m just gonna take this a little bit at a time. I will keep pushing no matter where it goes.

TCD: Is there anyone you want to thank?

Caminos:  I want to thank my dad first. He’s always supported me and backed me up in everything. Racks Fit Food.  ACS for pushing me and getting me ready. Anello Chiropractic in Galveston. Rob Long for helping me out and Proformance Guards.