Interview: Edgar Verdin

“I’m not calling out anyone, but when the time’s right I want to fight the best…”


Edgar Verdin

Interview by: Lance Edwards

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Another of Submission Boxing’s rising stars is Edgar “Manoside Piedras” Piedras. His moniker, Im told means “hands of stone” and this heavy hitter, certainly knows how to throw a punch. A driving force for edgar, I could tell, is the love of his family and the determination to provide for them. So when did you start training?

Edgar: Well I started boxing, it’s in my family, my dad was a boxer, both my cousins were golden gloves champs, my background’s boxing. I’ve been training MMA for three years, I started at Bushi Ban. I lost my first fight at Bushi Ban, but since I’ve been at Submission Boxing I’m 3-0. Have you found a home here at Submission Boxing?

Edgar: Absolutely, we’ve everything here, ground game; Izzy’s been working a lot at improving my clinch game, my knees and elbows are really effective. I’ve been working a lot with Izzy, Big Bobby Perez and Frank. You know at submission boxing conditioning’s really important, we don’t want to lose in the ring, and if your conditioning isn’t there you aren’t going to perform. Lately we’ve been a little off, but we’ll be back, and we’re all working really hard.

We have two strength and conditioning coaches, and we work circuits Monday, Wednesday and Friday after class is done; treadmill, kettle bells, running those kinds of things. Edgar, what’s happening with your fight?

Edgar: I’m either going to fight in September or possibly if they can get me one on 31st July. Bellator dropped their card due to conflict with Strikeforce’s show, and they may put it on in September. It would be great if I could fight at Legacy on the 31st. [EDITORS NOTE: Since the time of this interview, Edgar has signed to fight on the Puro Combate card on Aug. 4] So does not being sure when you will fight affect you at all?

Edgar: No not at all. I’m ready, I keep my mind ready and keep in shape and to weight. I’m very confident and a bit cocky. I believe in myself. Anything can happen in the ring, and I’m ready for that. This is a fighters gym, we always have to stay on weight.

What weight do you fight at?

I fight at 205, but keep to 215 to 220lbs.EdgarVerdin_int_4 Does it bother you that your fight could come suddenly and you won’t know much about your opponent?

Edgar: Not really, my last three fights I haven’t known much about my opponents, I just knew their camp. I worked hard on my striking and take-down defense for those. Right now I’ve been doing some training with Chad Cook, Bryan Lightfoot and Taylor Herbert. They train at Gracie’s a lot, so I’ve been working my ground game with them. We have Coach Omar for wrestling, he’s been helping me a lot, he’s a real good coach. So do you have any other interests other than MMA?

Edgar: I don’t have time, with work, as well as wanting to finish school, I have my family. I have a lovely wife and two kids, Michelle who’s four and Edgar Jr, who’s only a month old. Congratulations..

Edgar: Thanks, I try to spend as much time as I can with them, I’m also trying to make a career out of fighting, so I can provide well for them. God willing I will. I appreciate my wife for all the support she gives me, I couldn’t do it without her support. Is there anything you’d like to say?

Edgar: Well, I’d like to thank God for giving me the strength; my family including my little brother, my wife Amber, cousin George, brother Edwin, and cousin Paco. They’re my biggest supporters, with my parents of course. Also my sponsors, my manager Frank Salinas from Top Line Management, ABC Tree, Pussy Pirate and Cruise Line Trucking, they sponsor me. So what’s ahead of you?

EdgarVerdin_int_3Edgar: Like everyone else I want to get to a big show, Strikeforce, Bellator and eventually the UFC, anything that would help me support my family. My second goal is to finish school, I’m trying to be a mechanical engineer.

There is something I’d like to say though, my last fight was against Ray. There was some conflict with Artenas Young. Both camps understand we were out of line and it was cleared up. I’m not calling out anyone, but when the time’s right I want to fight the best, he’s one of the best fighters in the Houston area for sure, so maybe eventually when the time is right we’ll fight. I just wanted to try and clear that up a bit, I have a lot of respect for his skill as a fighter. Thanks Edgar, we wish you and your family well, and look forward to you fighting.