Interview: Edgar Verdin

“I’m taking this fight very seriously”

Edgar Verdin

Written By: Eric Hostetter

With aspirations of one day making it to the big stage, Edgar Verdin of Submission Boxing Academy takes every match that comes his way with extreme focus. Although we are all human and cut up from from time to time, Edgar is looking to score for his first win as a MMA pro as he squares off against TCD’s Q2 #6 Middleweight Noel Ligon in a Catch weight fight at IMK Fight 1 on September 3rd at the Legends Sports Complex in Spring.

I caught up with Edgar this week to check in to get to know this ambitious young fighter. Howdy, Edgar. Let’s start off with a simple question, for those that didn’t read your first interview with us, tell me how you get started in MMA?

Edgar Verdin: Well I was walking around Bay Brook mall when I meet Jason Carter from 646 MMA and invited me to go roll, then I ended up at Bushi Ban and now I train at SBA which was the best move I made.

TCD: Is it hard to keep a straight face, and maintain concentration, when you have pranksters Justin Ledet and Jonathan Harris around?

Edgar: Well… no lie, I’m actually the gym clown. So I’m the one talking shit and joking around especially with Justin and Harris. I have a problem with speaking before I think so gets me in little bit of trouble.

TCD: Haha! What would be an example of a prank that you have pulled on either of them?

Edgar: I’m always on Justin about everything, that he can’t fight and that Ike would KO him, but we all know Ike is scared! Y’all should see our sparring matches, we go at it.

TCD: What would you say was the first aspect (grappling, striking, etc.) of MMA that really drew your attention to the sport?

Edgar: Striking. Easy choice. The feeling of a TKO or KO is priceless.

TCD: What part of your game do you feel is your greatest strength?

Edgar: Well, I think everybody knows that my striking is my strength, but I think I’m a pretty well rounded fighter.

TCD: Tell us a little bit about your thoughts on your match up against Noel Ligon of Mousel’s MMA Academy?

Edgar: Noel is tough dude. He is good on stand up and I’ve heard that he is better on the ground, so I’m taking this fight very seriously.

TCD: Any nervousness in fighting for the new promotion in town?

Edgar: No, not really. I’m actually glad that are trying to start one up. It’s hard to find a fight with only one promotion in town so hopefully they stick around.

TCD: Do you have a nickname? And if so, how did you get it?

Edgar: “Manos de Piedra” is what coach called me and don’t know why. Ask my opponents if I hit hard, or Justin.

TCD: What are your short term goals as a fighter?

Edgar: First to get a win and get back to my old days and dominate. Then win a belt. Hopefully I get a chance to fight in Bellator, and if God willing get into the UFC.

TCD: Who is someone that you look to as a motivation for you to push and train as hard as you do?

Edgar: My dad.  That man has been working his ass off to support, and keep, this family together. Coach Frank has also been big help too. He has been there for me anytime I need him. Hopefully one day I can repay both of them back.

TCD: Is there anyone that you would like to thank?

Edgar: I want thank God first, my family, SBA (my second family), Top Line Management, my sparring partners, Paradigm, and of course

TCD: Thank you for your time. Best of luck in your match!

Edgar: Thanks!