Interview – David Armas

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“I am coming in there to take his head off…”

David Armas

Interview By: Eric Hostetter

If you like success stories, you’ll love the story about David Armas. He’s a passionate guy who wears his emotions on his sleeve.  He’s got a smile that can light up a room and make you forget that he had a rough go of it early in life. He’s turned it around now and is making something of himself; so much so that there are plans to put that Hollywood caliber smile to use in a feature film soon.

The Silverback product values loyalty over all else, and even though he is moving to Dallas soon, he’ll still be (and says he will always be) a Silverback fighter. I caught up with David as he trained for his upcoming fight on the Legacy Amateur series at the the House of Blues on February 18th.  We talked about his past (in and out of the cage) and his future (in and out of the cage). How did you get started in MMA?

David Armas: I got into the sport and started training with Tony when I got out of jail. I met my brother-in-law, Scotty [Juarez] which is Tony’s son, and the both of them brought me to the gym to start training. I was on parole at the time though, so I couldn’t train all of the time because I had to be either in school or have a job as part of my parole. I really was not able to hit the gym hard until last year in June when school was over with and I had really nothing else to do.  I have been training pretty much every day ever since. So would you say that you being at the gym has played a big part of you staying away from bad influences?

David: Yes, spending all of my time in the gym has kept me away from those kind of negative environments and people.  It really has allowed me to take all my stress and anger and put it towards something more positive like being a better fighter. What are some of the challenges that you face every day when training at Silverback?

David: CARDIO! Especially for this fight.  We have been hitting that very hard for this fight and we believe it is going to do wonders for my next fight. A little bit of weight training here and there, not too much. Is there a particular training routine that you just despise, aside from cardio, but you know if you do it, it will help you in the long run?

David: Yes sir, jujitsu and wrestling are is some of the toughest things for me to learn. I feel though, that the more I do it the better it is going to be for me in the long run. All fights end up on the ground one way or another. I feel that I am pretty good at both of them as an amateur, but I am going to push really hard to earn my blue belt before I go professional. Have made yourself proficient enough to be able to apply the right type of submission in the correct situation, and also defend it?

David: Working with Tony he has made it very clear to me that I need to learn everything, but refine my technique all of the time to get better. Where do you see yourself in 2 years as a fighter?

David: I see myself fighting professionally making a name for myself, and my gym, Silverback. We at TheCageDoor have heard that you are doing a little bit of acting too.  Can you tell us all about that?

David: The movie is called One Heart.  We are going to start filing it next month in Dallas. This movie is about a football game that impacts at-risk kids’ lives and gives youths that have been incarcerated a second chance. You can go to and get all of the information. Our documentary “The Last Generation” is on there (editors note: We have also included the video at the end of this interview). If you click on videos along with other videos that will explain everything that the whole One Heart organization is trying to do. So with you moving to Dallas to film this movie, it’s going to be difficult to train here at Silverback isn’t it?

David: Yes it will be. After this fight on the 18th, I will be pretty much all but moved out for Dallas and I will start doing my training at Mohler MMA. There I will be training with the likes of Johnny Lozano, JJ Holmes, Joe Garcia and Mr. Allen Mohler.

No matter where I go though, I’ll always be representing Silverback no matter what. I got it tatted on my chest. Everyone that’s ever left us did so because they were not worthy to be a Silverback. I value loyalty, respect, and now love since Tony has showed me it unconditionally. I can’t back stab somebody like that. It’s not in my nature. How can you turn your back on a person that opens the door for you, shows you the way, gives you what you want and need, and would never hurt you. You don’t come across people like Tony often. I love that man and am proud to call him “dad” being that I never really had one. No matter where God takes me in life, Tony will always be in my corner and in my heart. What would you rather have, Fight of the Night or Submission of the Night honors?

David: Well since I’ve already earned Fight of the Night in my last match against Colin Wright, at the Rumble in Humble, I think I would rather have Submission of the Night. People do not think I have a ground game, but I would really like to prove them all wrong by getting a submission here shortly. SoTN or Knock out of the Night?

David: Knock out. I almost had one on Colin.  I had him hurt, but it was my fault that I didn’t capitalize on it. Not to bring up too much of a sore subject, but the subject has kind of already been broached; what do you think you learned in your match against Colin?

David: I took that loss very hard. I was angry and frustrated how that matched turned out.

I felt like I had the edge on him standing up. I knew that he didn’t have the same kind of hands that I have, and when I hurt him, I saw that he no longer wanted to stand up with me and bang with me anymore.

So one thing that I took away from that match is that when I have an opportunity to finish, DO IT. When I had him up against the cage and he was hurt, I allowed him to get back up and recover. I learned that I need to close fights when I have the opportunity. I need to be the aggressor and when I hurt somebody I can’t let up. I let up in that fight and it cost me the match with an armbar.

I mean no disrespect to any fighter, but I feel like no one in my amateur division right now is nowhere close to me. Call me out and I promise I will not hesitate to fight you. Who are your favorite fighters? It can be local fighters or fighters up on the big stage.

David: Jose Aldo and Anderson Silva. How about that kick?

David: Amazing. Yes he is. Tell us a bit of your thoughts on your upcoming match against Casey Johns?

David: I really do not know much about him other that he is Iron Dragon Gym. One thing I do know is that I am coming in there to take his head off. But I might submit him, if I do get the knock out of him, because I have really worked hard on my jujitsu during this camp. Is there anyone you would like to thank or give a shout out to?

David: I would really like to thank my sponsors and my supporters,, Outback Steakhouse, The Last Generation Documentary, Bikini Wings Bar, Babes, everybody here at Silverback and of course, all of my family and friends. I also want to add that if Colin and I were to get back into the cage again, he will not come out of it with a “W”. There is still some fire burning for that match to happen again isn’t there?.

David: Yeah. Thank you, David, for your time. Best of luck to you in your upcoming match against Casey.

David: Thank you.

Here is the documentary “The Last Generation” that David spoke of in his interview. Please take the time to visit and support the project as well. Thank You.

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