Interview: Chas Liberty

“It will be a good fight, with all the hype, we’ll see when we put our hands on each other in the cage and get down to it.”

Chas Liberty

Interview by: Lance Edwards

One fight that we can certainly expect sparks from will be Chas Liberty’s fight against Levi West. With lots of pre-fight talk and an energetic face off, Liberty has definitely put some fire under West. I caught up with Liberty to find out more about this charismatic fighter.

TCD: So how did the weight cut go?

Chas: It went great, I came in at 170, whereas Levi weighed in at 171.5, of course I wouldn’t expect anything different from him, that’s pretty typical.

TCD: So how long have you been training?

Chas: Well about two years now. I was always active after High school, and always loved the UFC. I started with Yves Edwards at Revolution, Tim Credeur was there teaching jui jitsu and Jeff Messina. I then went into the military. After I came out I went to Saul Soliz and Metro Fight Club.  There were guys like Melvin Guillard there, Jonathan Brooking, Ricco; I was sparring with those guys. The gym kind of blew up, and I went to a couple of other gyms. I’ve been at Paradigm now for about five months.

TCD: How do you find it there?

Chas: It’s a really nice gym, they have everything there, weights, kickboxing, jits, you can do whatever you need to. Everyone’s laid back and relaxed, as you know there are a lot of fighters. They really help you there even if you don’t want to fight and you just go there to train. They welcome you with open arms. There’s great jiu jitsu, and some amazing wrestlers, the best in the city, if not the state.

TCD: How long have you been preparing for this fight?

Chas: My last fight was on December the second, and I dislocated my knuckle. That meant I had to sit out for two months. The fight came up and I was seven and a half weeks out, I had been running, but that’s not quite the same. I started back and worked on the heavy bag and couldn’t close my hand for two weeks.

Levi and I actually had different opponents, and both of them dropped out. They asked us if we wanted to fight each other, and we jumped at the chance. I have no injuries now, and I’m coming into this fight feeling great. The weight cut was nothing for me.

TCD: Do you have a prediction for the fight?

Chas: Prediction, let me think. Well, Levi is a very good fighter, very scrappy, and has a lot of energy. He’s good in all aspects of his game and he trains with a tough gym, but so do I. On the radio, it was funny, he got really pissed off, I spoke a bit, but I actually do respect him. The host said I should talk it up a bit, and it was good for radio, so I did. I respect him, but I’ll come out with the victory. He’ll find out when he punches me, I’ll punch him back.

I reckon it will be a second round submission victory for me.

TCD: Are submissions your strength?

Chas: No, that’s my shot, my wrestling, second is my hands.

TCD: Did you wrestle in High School?

Chas: No, they didn’t have it in my district or I probably would have, there was no team. I played football though, football, football, football. [laughs]  Paradigm has great wrestling, and I learned it there.

TCD: So what is up for you after this fight?

Chas: After this fight, I’ll fight again. If I win this fight, I’ll get a shot at the 170lb title, or move down to fight for the 155lb title. If that all goes ok, I’ll turn pro.

TCD: So you plan on going all the way?

Chas: Definitely, I plan on really testing myself. So depending on the outcomes of those fights I’ll dip my foot in the water in pro MMA. If I’m there at the gym banging with some great fighters, who are champions, in Paradigm, I know I can handle it on another level. At the moment I’m training with elite level fighters, and if I can go head to head with them, then I can handle anything at the amateur level.

I read Levi’s interview, it was a good interview. I pissed him off so much. The way he was talking, no-one knows who Chas is, he made himself sound like he was 9-0 or something. He’s 1-0 and I’m 2-0, it was pretty good. I had to put a comment on there, it was cute.

TCD: Anyone you’d like to thank?

Chas: Everyone at Paradigm, and my friends and family. I’d like to thank JR Gore, Rick with MMA Everywhere; Clinch Gear who are sponsoring our gym. Also Jason with Brothers Produce, you see their trucks on the freeway, all the people who sponsor our gym. As I said I’d like to thank my friends and family, as well as Jason from Miracle Ear.

TCD: I’m sure this will be a great fight, and we wish you luck.

Chas: It will be a good fight, with all the hype, we’ll see when we put our hands on each other in the cage and get down to it.