Interview: Bubba Bush

At least if I win, no one will have to wonder if I deserve the belt.

Bubba Bush

Interview by: AJ Hoffman

Brazos Valley MMA’s William “Bubba” Bush has quietly worked his way to the number 2 spot in our middleweight rankings. He has been impressive every time out, and it has earned him a title shot against Andrew Craig on the April 9th Legacy card. As one of the more successful fighters NOT training in Houston, we thought it would be good to introduce those of you who aren’t familiar with him to the “Fighting Aggie”.

TCD: Tell us a little about yourself. What do you do besides martial arts?

Bush: Well, I’m active in a few Bible studies. I also love to two-step, so I frequent the dance halls when I’m not in training. Really I’m just a huge dork trapped in an athlete’s body. If I don’t have a date on a Friday night I’m just as happy playing Magic at Clockwork Games in College Station or Warhammer 40k with some of the other fighters from my gym.

TCD: This might be a stupid question given the nickname, but are you actually an Aggie?

Bush: I absolutely bleed Maroon. I’m the proudest member of the fighting Texas Aggie class of 2007, as we say, and I’m still in the habit of greeting people I pass on the streets with a “Howdy”. I was actually in the Cadet Corps for 4 years. It was well worth doing, and I’m glad I did, but I definitely don’t miss it!

TCD: Tell me about your fighting background. When and where did you start?

Bush: It’s no secret I’m a wrestler at heart. I got my start in Virginia where we had active wrestling programs starting in 6th grade. I’ve been training MMA with BVMMA for about 4 years now, and recently started belting in BJJ under Jarrod Klontz with AFC.

TCD: Talk about your gym a little bit. What kind of role do you play at BVMMA?

Bush: BVMMA was started by my head coach, David McClung, about a decade ago. He was partnered up with Steve Shoemake and Janet Kamps when I first started training. After Janet moved, I bought in. I love coaching, and the more time I get to spend on the mats, the better. I love being part of a team of guys and gals dedicated to self improvement and hard work; and being involved in a family where you can mentor youth and be mentored by people wiser than you at the same time. We have an incredible mix of ages, backgrounds and different life experiences. Fighting brings people together!

TCD: You were supposed to have a fight with Artenas Young. Any disappointment that it didn’t come together?

Bush: No. Not really. Any disappointment at not getting to fight Chico was instantly assuaged by my excitement in getting to fight for a title. They didn’t even break the news about Chico to me until Craig had already signed on. Plus, I’m sure we will get paired up down the road.

TCD: What do you think of your new opponent, Andrew Craig? How much of a step up in competition is this for you?

Bush: Craig is a great fighter and it is probably a big step up for me, and therefore a great title opponent because at least if I win no one will have to wonder if I deserve the belt. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

TCD: Recap the Chris Spicer fight a little bit. How did you feel about the fight, and how much confidence does a fight like that give you going forward?

Bush: I felt great after the Spicer fight. He is a very storied Texas fighter too, and obviously a win over such a talented guy gives me the confidence to throw my hat in with these guys.

TCD: What have you been doing since that fight? You haven’t been back in the cage since then. Is your health ok?

Bush: My health wasn’t the issue. I just thought I had a fight lined up that fell through in the fall, and then my fight with Artenas kept getting pushed back in the early spring, and here we are. Everything is as it should be health-wise.

TCD: What do you think is next for you after this fight? Everyone talks about their long-term aspirations, usually the UFC. What are your goals with the sport?

Bush: Sure, the UFC is the best way to make a living doing what we do, so that is every fighter’s goal. But my future is in God’s hands. I will walk his path as long as Jesus Christ sees fit to bless it and use it for His glory. When I can no longer be of service, I’m sure He will make that clear.

TCD: Any sponsors you want to recognize?

Bush: Let me thank Cellucor for making great supplements, Apex Predator fightwear, and all the guys at AFC and the Ft. Hood combatives training center for working with us at BVMMA.