Interview: Bob and Jennifer

“We were just hanging out one night, and Jennifer said, ‘Wouldn’t it be cool if we got married in the cage at one of Mick’s shows?’”

Interview: Bob Perez and Jennifer Josey

Interview by: Barry Laminack
Photos by: Justin Trapp (

Houston MMA has seen a lot of first over the years, perhaps no cooler that what we will be seeing on April 9 at Legacy. That’s when 4oz Fight Club trainer Bob Perez and his lovely fiance Jennifer Josey tie the knot inside the cage in front of a packed Houston Arena Theatre. I talked with the the couple to find out what brought them together and what motivated them to get married in a cage in front of 3,000 strangers!

TCD: First things first, how long have you to been together?

Bob: We met about two and a half years ago. We kept it friendly for several months, then started dating. So, we’ve been dating for almost two years.

TCD: How did you meet?

Bob: We actually met at my friend’s restraunt. He was having a UFC viewing at his place, and all of 4oz. was there. I trained Jennifer’s brother, and he brought her along. He introduced us, and that was it.

TCD: How did Bob propose?

Jennifer: Honestly, it wasn’t in a traditional sense. We were just talking one day, and we both decided we should get married. However, he did “Ask me to marry him” when he gave me my ring.

TCD: What made you guys decide you wanted to get married at Legacy?

Bob: I live, eat, and breathe MMA, and Jen is a big fight fan and supporter. We were just hanging out one night, and Jennifer said, “Wouldn’t it be cool if we got married in the cage at one of Mick’s shows?” It was around midnight, but I got so pumped that I called Mick and asked what he thought? He loved the idea and it went from there. Legacy is the best show in Texas, and we feel at home there. We both have been married before and had traditional ceremonies, and unfortunately things didn’t work. So now, we are in different stages in our lives, and there is NO other way we’d want to do this. We want to share this with all of the Houston MMA Community, our closest friends, and family. This means the world to both of us.

TCD: I hear Collin got his license just to be able to wed you two. Is that true?

Bob & Jen: Yes, that is true. Collin is a staple in Texas MMA, and is the voice of the Houston MMA scene. We love him and wouldn’t want anyone else to perform the ceremony.

TCD: How did your family react when they found out you would be getting married in the cage?

Bob: They thought it was great!… for the most part.

Jen: Everyone loved the idea,…but it did take mom a minute to warm up. But she’s pretty excited about it!

TCD: Who’s cornering you guys? In other words, who is going to be standing in the wedding?

Bob & Jen: Initially, we were going to only use three corners each (just like the fights). However, there are so many people we want in it. Bob has Jeremy, Daniel, Jesus, Homer, George, Adrian, Mick, David, and Wayne. But he did want the whole fight team! Jennifer has Meredith, Jessica, Amanda, Jennifer, Kimmy, Andrea, Michelle, and Diana.

TCD: Are you worried about how people are going to act or react that don’t know you guys or are from other gyms that you may not get along with?

Bob: Man, we’ve talked about it, and this is how we see it…This is a public event, and anything can happen. Wedo have gym rivalries, but this is a wedding and we truely hope people understand that. We are sharing this day with all of Houston, and want everyone’s support. I’m use to getting “Boo’s” from rival gyms, but that’s for a fight. AllI can say is that I don’t want my wife to be upset the day of her wedding. I am kindly asking that everyone be supportive, and honor my girl for doing such a cool thing.

TCD: Any plans for a honeymoon?

Bob & Jen: Yes. Starting in Boston, where I’ll train with Kru Dellagrote. Then off to San Fransico for a few days. Then we’re going to drive the PCH and check out as much of California as possible. We’ll stop by Sub fighter where I’ll teach and train along side our Buddy Adam Lynn. Jennifer’s letting me train on our honeymoon! Once again- What a great girl! I’m very lucky!

TCD: Anybody you guys want to thank?

Bob: I would like to thank all the people that have been with me through out my MMA career…George Paz, Calvin Carter, Kru Pong, Tony Orozco, Drew R, Rual Jimenez, Adam Villarreal, Roy Cantu, and Perdo Valente. The entire 4oz. family. Jeremy Mahon who brought me into 4oz. and gave me a home to grow as a trainer. The 4oz. fight team- especially Daniel Pineda, Jesus Rivera, Steve Garcia, Joe Trevino, Cody P. Adam S., Dominic, Homer, Charlie Murphy, Jennifer Scott, Josh, Rock R, Chris Lopez, Bobby Powers, and Kristie K, etc…there are too many to name. You all make me so proud to be in ths business. You keep me motivated. Regan, the B3 family and Adrian Soliz for everything you do.

On behalf of Jennifer and myself we want to thank our parents, family, friends, and our daughters, Ashlee, Erin, and Klarissa (we love you more than you know). Mick and Andrea Maynard…Thank you so much for allowing us to share our wedding with Houston. We love you guys and Legacy and know you will reach the top! and staff for covering this, and everything in Houston MMA.
Finally our sponors: B-3, 713 Tattoos, 1560 AM, Michael Klein’s Fine Jewelry, and Dr. Shawn Mansour and North Houston Orthopedics and Sports Medicine.

Thanks to the ENTIRE Houston MMA Community for sharing this day with us. God Bless you all.