Interview: Andrew Musquiz

“I really want the belt; I want to win it to be able to pass on to my son.”

Andrew Musquiz

Interview by: Lance Edwards

One of the most colorful amateur fighters on the Houston scene is without a doubt is Andrew Musquiz. When Musquiz fights, you know he is going to push the pace and aim for an exciting bout. A recent announcement on Facebook saw ‘the Punisher’ potentially facing the end of his fight career, so at we were pleased to see that he would be fighting once again. We caught up with Musquiz to find out what had happened and his thoughts on the upcoming fight for Elite Amateur Combat against Ryan Rivera.

TCD: You announced on Facebook a while back that you would be unable to fight again due to scar tissue on your brain stem. Obviously since then you got some good news. What happened?

Musquiz: I was getting ready for the fight with Rodriguez, and I noticed that I was getting dizzy a lot, sometimes to the point that I could have been drunk. One night I over trained, and I woke up the next morning still dizzy. I went to the ER, and it was the doctor there who told me. The ER doctor wasn’t a specialist though, so I didn’t totally trust his opinion. As a result I got a second opinion. The tests showed there wasn’t anything there, and I was ok, so I signed up for another fight.

TCD: You didn’t waste any time, did you?

Musquiz: I wanted to get a fight in before February when my son is being born. It’s my first (child) and I’m sure after that point things are going to be a bit busier.

TCD: Congratulations. I’m sure you will be. So what were you doing in your time off?

Musquiz: Resting, eating and taking time off training. I didn’t train at all because I didn’t want to make things worse. I don’t have any dizziness now or any problems, so I needed the time off.

TCD: Do you think part of the problem was overtraining?

Musquiz: Yes. Plus the stress of working a full time job and having a son on the way, not to mention getting hit in the head a lot. I like giving punches and taking punches. I thought I’d struggle to get back after taking the time off, but my cardio was there and it’s been getting better and better.

TCD: So what’s different for this fight?

Musquiz: I’ve been training my takedown defense like crazy. My opponent likes to treat an MMA fight like it’s a jiu jitsu tournament. I’ll go out there and do my thing either way.

TCD: So what’s next for you?

Musquiz: Well after this fight if I win there may be an announcement. I really want the belt; I want to win it to be able to pass on to my son.

TCD: So do you think you’ll be fighting next year?

Musquiz: I want to be there with my son every step of the way, getting up at night, all those things. With a full time job and doing that, it won’t be easy to train and eat right, and all those things. The next fight might be the last for a while; I’ll probably get overweight and never get back to it ever again. In truth, I love to fight and I love to compete. For this fight everything’s going well, I’m on target for my weight; it’s been really easy actually. So I don’t know about next year, I’ll have to see.

TCD: Anything you want to add?

Musquiz: I want to give a shout out to Team Tooke, and my family and friends who support me.