Interview: Alejandro Siqueira

“I spent Christmas and New Year’s training.  My friends went to beach during the summer time while I trained.”

Alejandro Siqueira

Written By: Hector Silva

I recently had the opportunity to  sit down with Gracie Barra Black Belt Alejandro Siqueira to discuss his BJJ career. He is a 7 time Brazilian National Champion and is looking forward to making a name for himself in the United States. He is currently teaching at Gracie Barra Champions Forrest and has a super-fight at the Texas International Grappling Festival on April 9th against Paradigm’s Igor Santos. What pushed you to start training jiu-jitsu?

Alejandro: All my friends started to train when the teacher arrived in Brasilia from Juquinha RIO DE JANEIRO. With who and where did you train when you began your Jiu Jiitsu career?

Alejandro: I trained with Proffesor Admilson Brites Juquinha in my home town of Brasilia. What tittles do you have?

Alejando: I am a Brazilian National Champion no gi brown belt 2008, 2008 world champion GI BROWN BELT, 2 time NAGA CHAMPION (2009,2010), ATAM OPEN CHAMPION 2009, CHAMPION SOUTH AMERICA 2007, 2 time HOUSTON OPEN CHAMPION (2010,2011). I have over 50 medals in competition (adult division) in Brazil. What made you leave your family behind and come to Texas?

Alejandro: I live for BJJ. I love BJJ! It is my life.  I came to Texas because I saw great potential in BJJ here and effectively it grew very quickly. I also have many friends here and was very well received. Tell me about the experience you had in Australia?

Alejandro: It was a very good experience. I made new friends, saw new cities and had the awesome opportunity to compete in the Melbourne PAN PACIFIC IBJJF Tournament. So what brings you back to Texas for the second time?

Alejandro: It was thanks to god and my friends.  I did very well in my competitions here in Texas and people got to know me for my teaching ability  and jiu jitsu. I had other offers to work in other states but because of my amazing friends I decided that I wanted to accomplish and continue to build my dreams here in Texas. What dream would that be?

Alejandro: I want to form a kids jiu jitsu team of champions, and eventually train a competitor who will win the IBJJF World Championships in California. I have noticed that a lot of black belts stop competing after they receive their black belts. What motivates you to keep competing?

Alejandro: I LOVE the adrenaline that I get form competing. When I first started training my master always encouraged me to compete. He is a great champion and he inspires me to compete more here in Texas so people can see my  jiu jitsu and recognize me as a great champion too. What emotions run through you when you win?

Alejandro: It is very rewarding when you train hard and become a champion. It is such a great reward seeing your training pay off. This rush just makes me want to train more and compete more so it sends me into a cycle. After your last victory at IBJJF Houston Open I saw you crying after your victory. Tell me why we saw such an intense emotional reaction from you?

Alejandro: I was thrilled because that day was the 10 year anniversary of the death of my brother Alessandro, and he was very important in my life. Also, at that moment I remembered my mother; she had asked me not to come back. I also remembered all the problems I went through when I returned to Brazil in July 2010.  I felt alone without the support of the people I most needed, so I came back to PROVE my worth.  I trained hard to win this absolute open class at the IBJJF Houston Open.  I spent Christmas and New Year’s training.  My friends went to beach during the summer time while I trained. What can you tell me about your super-fight with Igor Santos?

Alejandro: I hope we have a beautiful fight! People in Texas deserve to watch a great BJJ fight. What are your future plans?

Alejandro: I want to stay in Texas and my dream is to make a world champion in BJJ. I want to make my name as a coach. I have a good knowledge of BJJ and a lot of experience in competitions. Is there anyone you would like to thank?

Alejandro: I thank GOD, my family, my friend Alexander Babalu Cerritos California, my master Admilson Brites 5th degree black belt under Royler Gracie. My friend at Gracie Barra Tx John Koeshall. I also wanted to leave a special message for my mother and my daughter Sagor Raphaelle Doudement, I love you you made everything possible for me. AMO VOCES.