Exclusive Interview: Artenas “The Machine Gun” Young

Written By: Barry Laminack

Every sport has it’s share of polarizing athletes and MMA is no different.  If you’ve been around Houston MMA for any length of time, you’ve probably heard about Artenas Young. His friends know him as “Chico” and his fans know him as “The Machine Gun”.  There is no denying the fact that he creates conversation; some good, some controversial.

His fans are just as enthusiastic as they are loyal.  His detractors are just as skeptical as they are annoyed.  It’s not often that a guy who creates so much buzz would be willing to sit down and answer tough questions about himself, but that is what he agreed to do.  “I see what people say about me online. I want to address all of the issues head on,” Young said regarding our interview.

When we agreed to do the interview, I was adamant about there not being any topic or question off limits, and to my surprise he agreed. “You can ask me about anything you want.  Ask me any tough question that you can think of. I’ll answer them all.”

Weather friend or foe, you have to admire his willingness to let his guard down and address any and all topics live and on camera.  His manager didn’t stop him either, but I could tell she was not as gung ho about the idea as he was.

Young will be fighting for the WGC Welterweight title this Friday November 12 at the Pasadena convention center.  The timing couldn’t be better, as he has recently returned from a successful trip to Las Vegas where he tried out for the UFC/Spike reality show The Ultimate Fighter.  He made it past the first round of grappling, pad work and interviews and is looking forward to going further into the process.

Love him or hate him, he is the machine gun.