Back for Moore

“It’s time we show that not only Houston but Texas is the potential hot bed for MMA.”

Back for Moore

Interview by: Barry Laminack

By now you’ve no doubt heard all the talk about how Houston MMA is on the rise. Adam Schindler is getting ready to fight in the Bellator tournament (Bellator 46 – June 25), Chad Robichaux just fought a Bellator Champion live on MTV2, Alex Cisne and Tim Snyder had big fights on TV for Shark Fights and Derrick Lewis is getting a chance to fight his way into the Bellator Heavy Weight Tournament.

Last week, on the heels of all that, news came down that two of Houston’s best, Todd Moore and Mike Bronzoulis, had signed multi-fight deals with one of the biggest MMA promotions in the world, Strikeforce (now owned by the king of MMA, Zuffa).

The ink was barely dry on the contracts when we broke the news, and in that moment the stage was set. Bronzoulis contacted our AJ Hoffman with the news and confirmed our initial report the he would be facing fellow Texan Todd Moore on the June 18 Strikeforce: Dallas card. Bronzoulis raised some eyebrowes when he promised to “retire Todd Moore” in his interview with AJ.

I had a chance to interview Todd Moore about the news and get his thoughts on the signing, Bronzoulis’ predictions and his recently acquired video editing talents.

TCD: What went through your mind when you signed the deal?

Todd: I felt this was meant to happen.  I had this opportunity a few years ago, and didn’t respect it, it was taken away from me. Now I feel I’ve matured as a competitor since then and this is where I belong – part of the best fighting company in MMA.

TCD: How many fights was it for?

Todd: The standard 4 fight deal.

TCD: Are you excited to be fighting in Texas on the national stage?

Todd: This  is a stacked card brother.  Who wouldn’t be excited to be part of a card featuring one of the most relevant Heavyweight tournaments in MMA history?

TCD: What will be different about your fight camp given the fact that your first Strikeforce fight is less than a month away?

Todd: Brother I’m always in shape, I’m strong willed and one of the finest tuned machines you’ll find.  I was preparing for the May 21st ZST grappling tournament for a few weeks prior.  I was in damn good shape for that, and that was the day I got a text- “can you be ready June 18th?”  I was like shit yeah.  So much for doing the tourney.  Strikeforce here I come!

TCD: You and Bronzoulis seem to be mirroring each other as of late. You both signed with Shark Fights around the same time and now both have signed with Strikeforce on the same day. Any thoughts on why both promotions have done that?

Todd: They want talented guys with reputable records.  Timing is everything in this sport, and if you keep your name fresh with the right people, opportunity will come knocking.

TCD: You have faced two of his team mates (Melancon and King) he has faced one of yours (Levi). Does that give either of you and advantage? If so how?

Todd: Like I’ve said, what you see is what you get in this fight.  Obviously we know each other, that’s always an advantage. The more you know about your opponent the better prepared you are.

TCD: Bronzoulis said he was “going to retire” you. Any idea why?

Todd: It was the catchiest thing for him to think of at that moment I guess.  But I’m glad he’s fired up, he wont have any excuses then when I defeat him.

TCD: Late in 2009, when I last interviewed you, you seemed to be at a cross roads in your career, but now seemed more focus than ever. What’s changed?

Todd: The private lessons I’ve been taking with Jean Claude Van Dame.  In addition to that the death of the Macho Man has really got me inspired to be more focused.

TCD: Do you have any predictions for the fight?

Todd: Ah jeez brother, what do you think? Here’s one other than the standard “me winning”. I predict Mike Bronzulous will walk out to the cage to a horrible sounding hip hop song that will inspire me to want to fight him even harder.

TCD: Anything you want to add or say?

Todd: If your in the passenger seat and Chad Robichaux is driving, TAKE his damn phone away from him, buckle up and keep your eyes on the road to.  In addition to that he’s a strange little man.  Did you see those yellow shorts he wore in his last bout?

TCD: One more thing.  I’ve seen you putting out some pretty hilarious videos as of late. What’s the deal on that? Any aspirations of being a video producer/editor/film maker one day?

Todd: The Angry Video Game Nerd James Rolfe has been the strongest influence on me practicing editing and interest in film.  I highly suggest do yourself a favor and watch his short film “the top 10 missing horror films”, featuring the hope to find particular horror films made long ago that are missing or were destroyed due to lack of care or being shot with nitrate film which is highly flammable.

I picked it up as a hobby while on vacation last year when I got a user friendly computer and learned to edit through a self tutorial.  Its something healthy to occupy my time, its unbalanced and not good to have MMA or fighting on your mind 24/7.  So as of late I’ve found other means to keep my mindset balanced and editing videos for friends or making HL’s is fun.

TCD: Thanks for your time Todd. I’m really excited for the fight and what this means for Houston MMA. This is a really big deal and you should be proud of what you’ve accomplished for yourself and for Houston MMA!

Todd:  Thanks Barry. People – take a look at the fight card, its featuring some of the best guys in the world of this great sport.  In addition to the stellar main event you got Jeff Monson, JC Calvacante, KJ Noons all on the under-card.  Its a huge statement for 2 Houstonians to be on this card.  Previous Strikeforce cards have featured alot of talent from the California area, even having main events pitting 2 guys from the same California town fighting each other.  It’s time we show that not only Houston but Texas is the potential hot bed for MMA.  As I’ve said before – “This is where the best athletes come from, Texas, cream of the crop. WOOOOO!”