Interview: Levi West

“…I’m coming into this fight with bad intentions now.”

“2 Fly” Levi West

Written By: Eric Hostetter

As the old saying goes “Actions speak louder than words”.  Levi West (Team Tooke) is definitely not one of those guys that took kindly to the words that were spoken about him on Tuesday’s “In the Cage” radio show hosted by Adam Villarreal. As someone that has done a bit of ranch work now and again, and since it is rodeo time here in Houston, I’ve seen my fair share of pissed of bulls, and it is never a good idea to piss off a bull.

I caught up with Levi just days before he is set to face off against Chas Liberty (Paradigm) this Friday at the Cage Combat 2 event at the Humble Civic Center. How did you get started in MMA?

Levi West: My dad showed me UFC on TV one day and it caught my eye, so I gave it a try and loved it. I tried a few different gyms out around town and they were cool. However, once I came to Team Tooke I knew it was the gym for me. Do remember which UFC event it was that inspired you to start training?

Levi West: I can’t remember exactly which UFC event it was, but I do remember Tito Ortiz being on the card. He was the first UFC fighter I had ever seen fight. I was thinking to myself they are crazy, but 1 year later I was doing it! What gyms were you at before you found your home at Team Tooke?

Levi West: H.I.T boxing gym, R.S.K.A, McCalls MMA…at the time I want to go train at Gracie Barra Woodlands but I couldn’t drive at all during that time and it was just a bit too far for me. So I met this dude in high school last year, named Brandon Gauthier, who trained at Team Tooke, and I always heard great things about Coach Travis. So I went with him to Team Tooke one day and tried their free 30 days out and I immediately knew it was the gym for me. No ego’s what so ever, friendly environment and great coaches and teammates, and hard training. What more could you ask for? Is there a particular training routine(s) that you feel will pay dividends in the long run?

Levi West: Yep, train my ass off 6 days a week, twice a day! Haha! I’m just joking. I change my methods of training every camp so it doesn’t get boring. There are too many routines I do to name them all. Where do you see yourself in 2 years as a fighter?

Levi West: In 2 years I see myself being much more well rounded fighter and having a successful professional MMA and BOXING career. Also would like to get on the TUF. Who would you like to be your coach if you were on TUF?

Levi West: Forrest Griffin. He reminds me of myself for some reason, we both like making jokes a lot and both work hard in the gym and in the fight. What would you rather have, Fight of the Night or Submission of the Night Honors?

Levi West: Fight of the night because it means you put on the best fight on the whole card. People want to see a great fight where two guys are in there giving it there all. Fight of the Night or Knock out of the Night?

Levi West: Definitely Knockout of the night. It’s what I do baby! Who are your favorite fighters? It can be local fighters or fighters up on the big stage.

Levi West:
Forrest Griffin, Chael Sonnen… oh and you got to love Steven Seagal. Do you think that Anderson Silva is just trolling us all with Steven Seagal as his coach, or do you think this is all legit?

Levi West: I think he is legit. Seagal is the only guy who can pull off yellow hunting glasses. Who is someone you are more likely to hang out with, Yellow Hunting Sunglasses Guy or Sunglasses At Night Guy?


Levi West: That’s a hard one, probably someone who wears shades at night unless Steven Segal had the yellow shades on. Tell us a bit of your thoughts on your upcoming match against Chas Liberty?

Levi West: I think he has a big mouth and I’m going to shut it March 4th. I never even heard of this guy, who is he? He said he is going to put me to sleep on the radio. He isn’t even on the same level me. Would you like to respond to what Chas has been saying?

Levi West: I think he is a little big headed and he hasn’t fought anybody. I had no clue who he even was…someone asked me one day if I was fighting Chas Liberty and I said, “Who?” He only has a couple fights and he has no hands or kicks or speed so I don’t know why he is running his mouth saying he will knock me out in the 1st round. That’s funny as hell.  Only SCARED people talk shit. Just be ready Chas, I’m coming into this fight with bad intentions now. Are you feeling any pre-fight jitters?

Levi West:
Nope I’m totally relaxed and ready to fight this dude. Is there anyone you would like to thank or give a shout out to?

Levi West: Team Tooke, Damage Fight Company (DFC) Primal Personal Training, Mr. Nutrition, Ragan McDaniel, Travis Tooke, Andrew Craig, Jace Pitre, Lewis Wood, Eric Garcia, G, Aaron Croon, Justin Castillo, Bob Mozisek, Rudy Gonzales, and all of my friends and family who keep me motivated and keep me on track so I can train hard and be the best. Thank you Levi for your time. Good luck in your match!