Interview: Kristy Kester

“The thrill and the rush of getting punched and punching back is something that I enjoy.”

Kristy Kester

Written By: Eric Hostetter

Kristy Kester is an amateur woman’s fighter not shy about her love for being in a scrap. Her personal enjoyment of being hit on, easy fellas, is only seconded by her passion of opening up a can of whoopass on to whomever her target is. There is a saying that goes, “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned”, but inside the cage, hell hath no furry like this woman.

Kristy faces off with Jordan Gaza at the Legacy Amateur Combat Series Card on February 18th at the Houston House of Blues. I cought up with here to get her thoughts on the fight and more. How did you get started in MMA?

Kristy Kester: I kinda started when I was living in Indianapolis when I did a Krav Maga program for fitness. I really enjoyed it and when I moved back to Texas, I looked and found another Krav Maga class that was not too far from my house. One day I rode my bike to class and while I was there a huge storm that hit my area and a tornado warning was issued. I decided to stay at the gym after my Krav Maga class was over, and they had a MMA class afterwards. I stuck around, participated in the class while I was there, loved it, and I’ve been hooked ever since. Sounds like God meant for you to stay at that gym and see what MMA was all about. What is it like being one of the few women fighters in a sport that is dominated by men?

Kristy Kester: That is a little bit of a tough question for me. I really don’t see a difference since this is really all I have known. I am lucky to have a lot of female training partners here in College Station at Windy MMA and at 4oz, so there are plenty of fellow women teammates for me to work with. So it’s kinda good that we are able to give each other support. When you told your family and friends that were going to be in a real MMA fight, how did they react?

Kristy Kester: My dad absolutely loves it. He likes to punch me any chance he gets now to “toughen me up” I guess? My mom, not so much, but that is because she does not want to see me get hurt. She really hasn’t seen me get punched or hit really hard yet, so like any mother she is a bit worried. She is a big fan and supporting me, but does not like the fact that I could get hurt. What mother doesn’t? When you meet new people, how do they respond when they find out that you train and compete as a fighter?

Kristy Kester: I typically don’t share that with many people. I hang out with my close friends and they already know what I do. My friends tell their friends and other people that I am a fighter because they find it interesting as one of my passions in my life. Some people think that it’s really cool and other find it a little intimidating, I guess, since they think that I just like to beat up people. This is a false assumption. What is your favorite training routine?

Kristy Kester: I really enjoy refining my techniques, but I absolutely love to spar. Especially, when I am training over at 4oz where they are all about being tough in the standup game.  I also really enjoy doing Muay Thai with them. I really love the challenge that they present me every time I train with them, regardless if I am paired with a guy or a girl. The thrill and the rush of getting punched and punching back is something that I enjoy. Is there anyone in particular that has punched you, and you thought to yourself, “WOW, this person punches really hard!” ?

Kristy Kester: Most the people I train with hit pretty hard, but I am not one to back off or be a little girl and go cry when they hit me. I get mad and hit them back. I only know how to go one speed and it is on all the time. I really revel in getting hit, it brings out another person in me. Sounds like getting hit hulks you up a little bit?

Kristy Kester: Definitely. I would actually prefer to get hit right off the bat in my fight. It helps to add more into it and also bring out my inner beast.

[laughter] Bruce Banner has got nothing on you. I’ve been looking around to see if I could find a nickname for you, but I haven’t found one. Do you have a nickname?

Kristy Kester: Well, my training partners all have a nickname for me, but I think they are kind of stupid. So I am not going to share them. Alright fair enough. Are you nervous at all in your fight on the 18th at the House of Blues?

Kristy Kester: I am extremely excited! I thought I would get nervous, but I haven’t. I thought I’d get nervous, but I am already starting on my weight cut, and to me once the weight cut is over, the fun is about to begin. Everything that I have been doing in training I trust in it, and I believe that it has gotten me ready. So I am not nervous at all. Is there anything that you like to do in your free time, aside from training?

Kristy Kester: I am a pre-med student at Texas A&M. So between that and training, free time is pretty much non-existent for me. When I am training at the gym, that is my social life. I am either at the gym working my butt of, which I consider my fun time social life, or nose deep into a book studying. Fighting is my fun time. Is there anyone that you would like to thank?

Kristy Kester: I would first off like to thank my coach Bobby Powers. He is the reason why I am in Mixed Martial Arts today. All my guys at 4oz, Bob and Jeremy, I want to thank you guys for treating me like family every time I come to train. I, of course, want to thank my family for supporting and helping me with everything, and being by my side through all of this. And finally, my sponsors, Robbie of Brazos Valley Bail Bonds and Buffalo Wild Wings. Thanks to everyone! Thank you for your time Kristy. Good luck in your match against Jordan Gaza.

Kristy Kester: Thanks!

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