We Need Your Help!


We are putting together Houston’s largest and most comprehensive fighter database, but we need your help!  We’ve started to compile a list of fighters for our database, but realize that as time goes on, it’s hard for us to include every fighter in Houston, so we are looking for you to help us.

Please check the list below and look for your name.  IF YOUR NAME (or somebody you coach or fight with) IS NOT LISTED then please fill out the form below and submit your information for inclusion in the database.

The only stipulations that we have for inclusion in our database is that you must be a HOUSTON AREA fighter who has fought IN HOUSTON in the last 2 years.  Amatuer fighters must have at least ONE FIGHT to be considered for inclusion.  Those that don’t will be added during their debut.  Pro fighters must have at least 1 pro fight IN HOUSTON to be included in the Pro database.

Once the database is up and online, if any information is not correct, you’ll be able to submit a correction notice to us so that we can update your info.

We have some cool things planned for this database that we think you’re going to like.  Some of those things include:

  • Listing the fighter on each gyms datebase page
  • Building “VS” cards for fights that we cover (similar to what we did HERE)
  • Searchable Database
  • more…

Thank you in advance for your help in building what we think will be a usefull tool for the fighters, gyms and more importantly THE FANS of the Houston MMA scene.


Pro Fighters

(if your name is listed below, you do NOT need to submit the form at the bottom of this page)

Aaron Barringer

Andy Sandoval

Brian Daricek

Brian Melancon

Chad Robichaux

Daniel Pineda

Danny Taylor

David McClung

Demond Landry

Dominic Rodriguez

Humberto Deleon

Jace Pitre

Jason Carter

Jason Wright

Jennifer Scott

Jeremy Mahon

Jesus Rivera

Jonathan Harris

Ken Battle

Kenny Burke

Kierre Gooch

Lane Yarbrough

Larry Hopkins

Levi Forrest

Lewis Simms

Miguel Guerra

Nick Mitchell

Patrick Hutton

Raul Dominguez

Ray Blodgett

Rey Trujillo

Ricardo Talavera

RJ Knepp

Robert Brooks

Sam Hoger

Todd Moore

Amateur Fighters

(if your name is listed below, you do NOT need to submit the form at the bottom of this page)

Aaron Croon

Alan Chavarria

Andrew Craig

Artenas Young

Bobby Powers

Bobby Bradshaw

Brandon Farris

Brett Landriault

Bryan Broussard

Carlos Jimenez

Charlie Witbeck

Cody Philips

Cody Watkins

Corey Allmand

Cory Garcia

Craig Gardener

Derickk Lewis

Dewayne Costin

Edgar Verdin

Eric Garcia

Eric Brigman

Frank Solinas

Gill Moreira

Gurzan Chow

Hossan Walker

Jason Frank

Joe Cruz

John Malbrough

John Clough

Johnathan Mack

Jonah Garza

Jordan Rivas

Julian Vega

Justin Murray

Kaleb Cummins

Kendrick Holloway

Kevin Thomas

Layton Mitchell

Louis Silvas

Manuel Lozoya

Mario Martinez

Martin Garcia

Matt Beard

Matt Thompson

Matt Foxwell

Matt Budjenska

Mike Castillo

Mike Jackson

Nik Felder

Ola Siyambala

Patrick Bierschwhale

Raymond Bell

Robb Williams

Robert Yamashita

Scott Buzzaird

Scotty Juarez

Steven Lord

Tam Huynh

Taylor Camacho

Terrance Ferguson

Tim Buchanan

Trent Draper


(please only submit your info one time)

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