Jeff Glover Seminar at Solis Martial Arts: Recap and Interview

Written By: Conor Hogan
Video and Pictures By: Conor Hogan 

Alvis Solis is well-known for organizing some of the greatest Brazilian Jiu Jitsu seminars in Texas.  Having already played host to some of the world’s greatest grapplers (Carlos Machado, Mike Fowler, and the Mendes brothers to name a few), expectations were certainly high for his next anticipated guest. Last Saturday, Jeff Glover was the latest world-class grappler to visit Solis Martial Arts.  Alvis was kind enough to invite to attend the four-hour seminar.



Those in attendance were treated to a wide variety of gi and no-gi techniques that have made Jeff Glover infamous within the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu competitive circuit. The American grappler demonstrated his deep half guard entrances and sweeps that have frustrated some of the best competitors in BJJ.  During the second half of the seminar, Glover also assaulted seminar attendees with nearly every D’arce choke imaginable.  While the names of his techniques may be hard to remember, (Farce, Slarce, Shapeshifting Reptillian, etc.) there’s no denying their effectiveness on the mat.




The sheer amount of technique demonstrated within the four hour seminar was incredible.  However, it never felt like Glover was failing to explain each technique in detail.  In fact, most of the techniques came naturally to most of the people in attendance.  Considering that Jeff’s game is unique and very dependent on flexibility, it was amazing to see how easily everyone picked up the natural flow in each move that he demonstrated.

After nearly 25 techniques, our time with Glover had left us all mentally and physically exhausted.  Without a doubt, it was one of the most entertaining and informative seminars that I’ve ever been to.  Like any seminar, it’ll take some intensive note reading and drilling to master the techniques that Jeff taught us on Saturday.  However, I’m proud to say that I’m already incorporating a few of them into my game.  I’d certainly recommend training with Glover the next time he’s in town, or purchasing any of his DVDs (Deep Half Guard and the upcoming Darcepedia). had the chance to sit down with Alvis and Jeff after the seminar for a quick interview.


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