UKA and 4oz Fight Club Striking and MMA Seminar


Let’s face it, if you’ve ever been to an instructional seminar, you know that they can be hit or miss. Sometimes, you pay a lot of money and get a ton of benefit out of it, and sometimes you pay a lot of money for a name and get nothing. Other times, you pay very little and get exactly what you paid for, or you get a great bargain. In today’s economic times, what people really want is value. If you didn’t make it out the the 4oz Fight Club Muay Thai and MMA seminar hosted by United Kombat Academy in Bryan on Saturday June 5th, then you missed a golden opportunity to get maximum value for your seminar dollar.

“The goal for our seminar is to teach fighters more in three hours than they have learned in the last year. We are trying to give them simple but battle tested techniques. It’s all about helping make fighters better,” Bob Perez, head striking instructor and co-owner of 4oz fight club said of the 4oz seminar philosophy.

Bob and Jeremy have a different, very hands on approach to their seminars. It’s not often that you get to stand there with the instructor and trade leg kicks at 80-100% speed. The benefit for the fighter is obvious; he/she gets to find out what it feels like to throw a proper leg (and also how to defend against it) IN REAL TIME. When I say the guys are hands on, I mean it. How many seminars have you been too where both instructors get into the cage and exchange jabs and straights with the students non stop, at 60-75% speed and power?

Perhaps even more impressive than the hands on training was the enthusiasm with which Bob and Jeremy delivered the seminar. They knew going in that the turnout was not going to be huge, but if you closed your eyes and just listened to them teach, you’d have thought they were teaching to a room of 2o0, not 1o. It would have been easy for these guys to just go through the motions and quickly deliver the message and call it a day, but they didn’t; far from it. They talked to every fighter, paying careful attention to the details of each punch or kick that they threw, showing each technique step by step and making honest (all be it sometimes minor) corrections. It was that attention to detail that provided the value; well that and being able to learn how to absorb leg kicks using your butt.

Do yourself a favor, and the next time you see a 4oz seminar on our calendar, go to it. You’ll thank me later.

Below are some pictures that we took during he seminar.  We also will be posting some video of a few of the lessons early next week, so be on the look out for that!

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