Vieira/Pereira Super Seminar: Pics and Recap

Written By: Amy Gonzalez
Photos By: Amy Gonzalez, Andrew Elwell, and Honovi Elwell

It’s not everyday you get to grapple with a world champion, but many participant’s of Paradigm‘s Super Seminar last Saturday got to do just that.

Winner of the World Pro Cup, the Pan American Championships, and the World Jiu Jitsu Championships, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu blackbelt Rodolfo Vieira and his 6th degree blackbelt instructor Master Julio Cesar Pereira held a 3-hour long seminar at Paradigm Training Center with three other notable GFTeam black belts: Igor Santos, Huanderson Pavao, and Bruno Alves. Around 25 BJJ practitioners from various academies came to absorb and learn, including blackbelt Jeff Messina of Revolution Dojo.

Seminar topics taught by Rodolfo Vieira:
– Standing open guard pass to knee-on-belly
– Butterfly guard pass
– A standing guard pass variation that was specifically used in Rodolfo’s match against Claudio Calasans at the Worlds 2011
– Options when your opponent jumps guard

Seminar topics taught by Master Julio Cesar Pereira:
– Transitions from full-guard to half-guard
– Two variations of half-guard passes
– Options from bottom half-guard, including how to take the back
– Three variations of butterfly guard sweeps

Both Rodolfo and Master Julio gave their explanations in Portuguese, but with a competent English translator describing each technique, the language barrier didn’t impede the learning experience at all. After each concept was taught, students would have 3-5 minutes to drill each technique with a partner, with the five GFTeam blackbelts circulating the mat and correcting our mistakes. As with many other GFTeam instructors, they placed a strong emphasis on the tournament point system and maximizing positional advantages––very important knowledge for the sport jiu jitsu competitor.

After the seminar, many students had the opportunity to roll with Rodolfo. I believe I lasted 15 seconds before he locked a tight armbar on me, although the 100-pound weight difference and years of experience he had on me assuaged my wounded ego! Other students had similar experiences, methodically being controlled and submitted in record time––while he was obviously going easy on us all.

Master Julio Cesar Pereira and Rodolfo Vieira plan to hold two more seminars in Denver and Connecticut in the next few weeks before returning to Brazil.

About the Author: Amy Gonzalez trains BJJ at Paradigm Trainins Center and Sugarland MMA.