Moura Seminar Recap and Pics

Written By: Ryan Brown
Photos: C. Duncan Photography

Robson Moura, 7 time World Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Champion, Shooto Fighter, and president of RMNU (Robson Moura Nova Unãio) Association made a stop in the Houston area yesterday at Drew Ratichek’s American Combative Sytems, LLC in Webster, TX. Robson Moura is a 4th degree blackbelt under, Andre Pederneiras of Nova Unãio who is of the Carlson Gracie lineage. Notable Nova Unãio blackbelts are BJ Penn, Jose Aldo, and Thales Leites. Robson, who stands 5 ft 5 in and weighs 141 lbs (yes he got on the scale for me) explains,“My style of jiu jitsu is great for lighter weight guys.”

He demonstrated this while free rolling with and controlling Drew Ratichek after his seminar. I counted at least 16 students all representing Urban Jungle, Xtreme MMA (Corpus Christi), ACS and Team Hoger; there may have been more. It was obvious that Robson’s main focus during his seminar is the minute techniques that lead up to submissions. He was very precise in his demonstrations and made it a point to not only walk around and make corrections, but also roll with the seminar attendees. This was a $69 well spent as the class was awarded after a treat by being able to free roll for well over 30 minutes under the scrutiny of Robson Moura after his instructional seminar. Robson explains, “BJJ is the biggest skill in MMA,” and “BJJ and wrestling are the main components of a perfect ground combination.”

When asked about Robson connections to Texas, Robert Villegas expressed, “My wife heard the name [Robson Moura] several times and asked me if I were Familiar with him. I told her to give them a call and Doug, the [Nova Unãio] Association mgr was quick to return our call. To my surprise, I was on the phone with Robson.”

Xtreme MMA is the first RMNU Association School in Texas. Drew Ratichek did a great job in hosting the Moura seminar at ACS. One of the attendees said, “This is the best seminar I have ever been to.”

RMNU’s main headquarters are in Tampa, Fl because he, “…likes the weather.” He also has association schools in Arkansas, Colorado, Delaware, Hawaii, Illinois, Maryland, NJ, NC, Pennsylvania, and Canada. Robson’s next seminar stop is Little Rock and then to Brazil to the Nova Unãio headquarters. Robson’s future plans are to open up a training camp in Tampa and Brazil for his brown and black belts. He is still considering fighting in MMA again in the future. Don’t be surprised if an RMNU Association School makes its home in Houston as Moura says, “Houston would be a great place to open a school. Robson makes it obvious that when the teacher stays a student, everybody wins. If you were unfortunate to miss Robson’s seminar at ACS, you can find him at where he also does online seminars.