Marlon Mathias Seminar: Recap and Pictures

Written By: AJ Hoffman

Marlon Mathias brought his Chute Boxe style of Muay Thai to Gold Team Houston in Sugar Land. Mathias is a black belt under the legendary Rafael Cordeiro, and shared his knowledge with around 20 students on Saturday.

The first hour was spent teaching techniques, a lot of them clearly new to the students. “Some of the stuff he was teaching, I never even thought about,” one student noted after the class. “He would say something that I didn’t really think would work, but then he would show how to put it together and it was just jaw-dropping.”

The first half of the second hour had students sparring without gloves, working mostly on their clinch and knees. The last half hour was full sparring, supervised by Mathias, where the students added the new techniques to their games.

One attendee said, “A lot of the seminars I go to are basically guys sitting around in a circle watching one guy do stuff. It was really nice to actually have some time to get on the mat and have him coach you on the things he was teaching. I wasn’t expecting this much of a workout, but it was a nice surprise.”

Mathias is currently splitting time between Houston where he is training with Jorge “Macaco” Patino and his coaching staff in California. He will be fighting on the King of Kombat 10 card in Austin on April 9th. After that he says he will be returning to Brazil, “at least for a little while.”