Pat Barry Seminar: Recap and Pics

Written By: Barry Laminack

In all the hype of last weeks UFC 136, you might have missed the fact that Pat Barry was in town and did a seminar out at Sugarland MMA.  Our old friend (and co-founder of the site) Rich Burmaster decided to try and get Barry out to SLMAA to put on a striking clinic. When he called me and asked my thoughts, I admit I was a bit pesimistic.

“You know how Houston can be, sometimes they don’t turn out,” I said.

Well, way to make me look bad Houston! Not only did he manage to pull it off, but I’d say there were about 50+ people in attendance. The mats were packed and the seminar was a huge hit.

Barry has a great teaching style and is with out a doubt one of the funniest guys I’ve had the pleasure to watch teach. He did a great job of working with the students and relaying his message.

At one point, he was telling the class that being lazy during drilling is a bad habit to get in to. The message was, you will fight the way you train.

His point was that he kept seeing people relax and take their opponent for granted during drilling or sparring. To that point, their opponenent shouldn’t let them relax. “It’s a fight!” was his exact words.

To drive the point home, Barry told tales from his past when he was able to get his opponenets to relax or do something they normally shouldn’t.

He told of his first UFC fight against Dan Evensen. He said they ended up on the ground and he found himself in Evensen’s guard. He admitted that he didn’t know the first thing about fighting on the ground and started to panic. Barry told the class that he then started talking to Evensen and basically told him that they had no business being on the ground. He reminded Evensen that the crowd wants to see them bang so why doesn’t he let Barry get up and they can bang it out and make some money. Shortly after that, Evensen opened his guard and Barry was able to stand up. He would finish the fight with a single well timed and well placed leg kick less than 30 seconds later.

He told another story about how one of his opponents got him in a clinch that he couldn’t get out of so Barry told him, “Well, you got me man. Good job.”

At the point the guy let go of the clinch. Surprised that it worked, Barry backed up and landed a head kick, finishing the fight.

He also added that he’s tried to simulate the sound of the bell or the 10 second clappers during a fight.

His point was again, never relax and never take your opponent for granted, IT’S A FIGHT!

If you ever get a chance to make it to a Pat Barry seminar, I strongly suggest you do so. It was great.

Props To Rich and Sugarland Mixed Martial Arts for giving Houston area fighters a chance to attend.

Enjoy the pics.