Puro Combate 2 – Pro Muay Thai

Title: Puro Combate 2 – Muay Thai
Location: Escapade – Houston, Tx
Date: October 14, 2010

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TCD Fight Awards
Fight of the Night Lee King vs Jesus Rivera
Knockout of the Night Ike Villanueva
Submission of the Night

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Here is what our panel of experts think about some of the matchups on this fight card. Read the details here about each prediction here.

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RED = Incorrect Pick

MikeCalimbasMike Calimbas JustinTrapp
Justin Trapp
RichardBurmasterRich Burmaster
Chrystian Castor vs James Moss Castor Moss Moss
Jonathan Lopez vs Kyle Simpson Lopez Simpson Simpson
Tony Concepcion vs Kyle Butler Concepcion Concepcion Concepcion
Mark Garcia vs Dominic Rodriguez Garcia Rodriguez Rodriguez
Guillermo Martinez vs Matt Weeks Martinez Martinez Martinez
Robert Lujan vs Jeremy Mahon Lujan Mahon Mahon
Ryan Lazrine vs Jonathan Mack Mack Mack Mack
Joanna Quilantan vs Roxy Adams Adams Quilantan Adams
Lee King vs Jesus Rivera King Rivera Rivera
Daniel Gipson vs Ike Villanueva Villanueva Villanueva Villanueva

LIVE RESULTS by Ragan McDaniel

Jonathan Lopez vs Kyle Simpson

Jonathan Lopez Name Kyle Simpson
NR TCD rank NR
205 Weight 205
1-0-0 Record 0-1-0
Fighting Chance Ministries Gym Team Redeem

People are still arriving. Should be getting started shortly.

National Anthem just finished up, getting ready to start.  This is your captain speaking, sit back, grab a beverage of choice, and enjoy!!! Ragan

RD1:  Ok, here we go, opening bell.  Simpson is the much bigger fighter.  Both guys are swinging wild.  Simpson tries a flying knee that barely misses.  Things have settled down a bit, both fighters measuring each other.  Simpson lands a strong right hook but does not follow up.  Lopez is very cautious.  Big exchange by both fighters gets the crown alive, fighters touch gloves after the exchange.  Simpson DROPS Lopez with a strong hook flat on his back.  Gets the standing 8 count and the fighters lock back up in the center of the ring.  Lopez seems a bit wobbled but still standing.  Lopez is throwing single punches and mixing a kick or two in.  Bell sounds with a strong round for Simpson.

Where’s the drink girl???  I’m ready!!!

RD2:  Round 2 starts with Lopez calling for Simpson to bring more action but continues to back up.  Simpson is landing some really strong kicks that continues to back Lopez up.  Fighters meet in the center and throw WILD bombs.  Lopez lands a nice leg kick but Simpson continues to move forward.  Nice 1-2 combo by Simpson rattles Lopez.  Blood now coming from the nose of Lopez and also from the nose of Simpson.  Very typical of a Thai boxing fight, especially with two BIG guys throwing bombs.  Lopez continues to chop down Simpson with quick leg kicks but Simpson isn’t budging.  The pace has slowed a bit and I’m still waiting for the drink lady.  Round 2 comes to an end, both fighters still standing and bleeding from the nose.  They look exhausted.  The ring girls are $$$$$$.

RD3:  Here we go with the 3rd round.  It seems that it will take a KO by Lopez to win so far, but we shall see.  Round starts with another WILD exchange in the middle of the ring.  Simpson is keeping Lopez away with his long left jab.  It appears that Lopez has caused a little damage with those leg kicks.  Another big exchange and Lopez is calling for MORE.  Every time Simpson lands, Lopez backs up and shakes his head.  Both of these guys are TOUGH.  Crazy jumping switch-kick by Simpson but doesn’t land.  Brings crowd alive again.  Both Lopez and Simpson are covered with blood from the 2 bleeding noses.  The pace slows then gets wild then slows again.  No one pressing the action, it’s all or nothing for both fighters.  Round ends with both fighters exhausted and starring at each other.  Going to the 4th round.

RD4: Ok, the 4th and final round.  Starts slowly then gets crazy.  Crowd is going crazy as Simpson is throwing BOMBS and connecting with almost every one.  Lopez staggers completely across the ring, being saved by the ropes.  WOW, what a chin by Lopez.  Blood is now flowing from the nose of Lopez like a water fountain.  For whatever reason, Simpson is not following up.  The pace has slowed once again, with fighters exchanging one punch at a time then standing exhausted.  Simpson lands a nice leg kick that spins Lopez.  Simpson lands a STRONG spinning back fist that excites the crowd but Lopez and his stone chin just stand there.  The round ends with more bombs.

Going to the judges.  What a first fight!!!!!!!

Winner: Kyle Simpson by judges score of 40-35 on all cards.

Mark Garcia vs Dominic Rodriguez

Mark Garcia Name Dominic Rodriguez
NR TCD rank NR
160 Weight 160
4-1-0 Record 0-1-0
Kru Ramon Pons Gym 4oz Fight Club

Both fighters are in the ring, getting ready to start.

RD1:  Ok, here we go.  Bell sounds and Garcia seems to be pressing the action.  Had Rodriguez in a good clinch.  Fighters break and meet back in center.  Garcia lands good leg kick and puts Rodriguez down but he pops right back up.  Garcia is throwing several crazy kicks, some landing but not having a punishing effect on Rodriguez.  Garcia lands a kick to Rodriguez’s “private” area, fighters break.  Rodriguez comes out of the break on fire, landing a spinning back kick right to the mid section.  Garcia is landing a lot of good leg kicks that has kept Rodriguez off balance.  Garcia lands a HUGE spinning back fist and drops Rodriguez to one knee.  Gets standing 8 count.  Rodriguez is ok, meets back in center of ring.  Garcia lands a really BAD kick to Rodriguez’s groin again and he’s down, rolling around in severe pain.  Action has stopped temporarily as Rodriguez gets a break…well deserved break.  That was PAINFUL!!!  Made my stomach hurt.  Garcia is warned that one more kick to the balls and he loses a point.  Round ends with Rodriguez still in noticeable pain from the groin kick.

Got me a drink and this party has now started!!!  Did I mention that the ring girls are $???

RD2: Starts with a push kick from Garcia, no damage.  Garcia is still throwing kicks all over but only a few are landing.  Not sure if he can keep up this pace.  Garcia lands a head kick, but Rodriguez shakes it off.  Roundhouse kick by Rodriguez lands but Garcia is still moving forward.  Rodriguez is looking much more focused this round and lands a HUGE spinning back fist.  Garcia clinches to avoid taking any more damage.  They break and now Garcia is moving forward, landing several jabs.  Rodriguez is now in control, landing some HUGE bombs and has Garcia hurt.  Rodriguez throws Garcia from the clinch and he lands on his back.  Rodriguez has him hurt against the ropes, Garcia is in obvious pain.  He clinches with Rodriguez to avoid any more damage as the bell sounds.  As Rodriguez comes to the corner, it appears that he was cut while in the final clinch from a head butt, unintentional of course.

Another great round, very hard to score as both fighters are showing why they’re professionals!!!

RD3:  Rodriguez is cut bad as the 3rd round starts, but he continues to press the action this first minute.  Garcia is much more cautious as he continues to take damage.  Rodriguez lands a spinning back fist as Garcia keeps his distance.  Pace has slowed with single punch and kick exchanges.  These 2 warriors are putting on a SHOW.  A lot of clinch now as both fighters are getting tired.  A heated exchange on the ropes as both fighters land BOMBS, enough that I got blood on my damn arm!!!  WOW, what a 3rd round with both guys throwing wild hooks as the round comes to a close.  The action was in spurts, but when there was action, it was AWESOME.  Going to the 4th…tough to call right now.

RD4:  Round starts slowly as both fighters exchange single punches and kicks.  Both feeling the effects of the other fighter’s power.  Rodriguez lands several nice jabs and hooks, putting Garcia on the ropes as the crowd comes alive with the “Dominic” chants.  Both corners are calling for their fighter to press the action as they exchange jabs.  Rodriguez lands a nice hook followed by a head kick that rattles Garcia.  Garcia is now cut, bleeding from his eye and nose.  Rodriguez lands a strong right hand that excites the crowd and backs Garcia up.  Garcia clinches again to avoid more punishment.  Both fighters are tired, but Garcia is trying to press. Rodriguez ends the round with a strong flurry that leaves the entire crowd standing, begging for more!

Going to the judges…

Winner: Mark Garcia by the majority score of 38-37, 38-38, 38-37

Tony Concepcion vs Kyle Butler

Tony Concepcion Name Kyle Butler
TCD rank NR
165 Weight 165
0-1-0 Record 0-0-0
Kru Ramon Pons Gym Pitts MMA

Both fighters in the ring, getting ready for action!  For this fight, we’re going with first names…

RD1:  Bell sounds and Kyle runs to the other corner but fighters end in clinch.  Tony works out of clinch but Kyle keeps pressing forward.  Tony clinches again and seems to be getting the better of the two fighters as they clinch.  They exchange a couple of punches then clinch again.  Tony is warned about holding the ropes for the 2nd time.  And…they clinch again.  Kyle takes an accidental knee in the groin and is not enjoying his break to recover.  Kyle moves forward, straight into a strong leg kick by Tony.  They break and exchange a couple of jabs.  Kyle has Tony pressed against the ropes, throwing 5 straight strong hooks to the body.  Those will take its toll in later rounds.  Tony throws a spinning roundhouse kick that barely misses.  Round comes to an end with neither fighter having a distinct advantage.

RD2:  2nd round starts just as the first, Kyle running straight to Tony, landing a strong left hook.  They clinch and Tony throws Kyle to the ground…STRONG.  They clinch again with both fighters going to the ground.  Kyle throws 2 left hooks out of the clinch, landing both.  Tony tries a Superman punch but gets caught with another left hook that drops Tony to the canvas.  Standing 8 count for Tony but he’s fine.  The fighters clinch then Tony gets knocked to the ground again.  Kyle seems to be finding a home for that left hook.  From the clinch, Kyle has a huge cut on the top of his forehead, but it doesn’t appear to be any worry.  Doctor takes a look and says to continue.  Fighters clinch and Tony lands some good shots as he uses “dirty boxing”.  Kyle seems to be worried about the cut as the round comes to an end.  Going to the 3rd…

RD3:  3rd round opens with Tony trying a spinning elbow that missed and landed himself on the canvas.  Fighters stand and end up in another clinch.  Kyle lands a strong elbow in the clinch that backs up Tony.  Fighters meet in the middle and Kyle drops him again with a spinning elbow.  Less action in this round, a lot of clinching.  Fighters are very tired, throwing single punches and clinching.  Tony throws a roundhouse kick that misses, Kyle meets him back in the middle with a strong hook that drops Tony again.  Another standing 8 count for Tony.  Kyle’s power is really showing as he connects.  Round comes to an end after another 8 count for Tony.  Going to 4th…

RD4: Every round has started with Kyle charging and landing a left hook.  Tony is hurt as Kyle continues to stalk him around the ring, landing hook after hook.  The cut that Kyle suffered earlier is not a factor, great job by his corner.  Kyle lands a strong uppercut as Tony tries a spinning elbow.  Kyle lands another hook in the clinch that drops Tony for another 8 count.  After the count, Tony is still hurting, but the ref is giving him time to recover.  Not sure what is going on…?  Fighters now meet in the middle and Tony lands a straight elbow, almost like a forearm.  Kyle keeps coming forward, landing hooks.  Kyle is now bleeding from his nose pretty bad, but still dominating the fight.  Tony tries spinning elbow as round ends but Kyle answers with 4 straight hooks to the head as the bell sounds.  Tony’s face looks like he never got in a fight while Kyle looks like someone hit him with track cleats, but that doesn’t tell the story, it’s actually just the opposite!  Going to the judges…

Winner:  Kyle Butler by the score of 39-37, 40-34, 40-34

Robert Lujan vs Jeremy Mahon

Robert Lujan Name Jeremy Mahon
NR TCD rank NR
150 Weight 150
0-0-0 Record 0-3-0
Fighting Chance Ministries Gym 4oz Fight Club

RD1:  Mahon comes out landing consecutive leg kicks with Lujan backing up.  Lujan seems to be very cautious as Mahon lands some sharp leg kicks.  Lujan lands a nice right hook but both fighters meet back in the middle.  Mahon seems to be stalking Lujan so far.  Fighters clinch with Mahon getting the best as they break.  This is a no-elbows fight, so it’s kicks and punches only.  So far, a very technical fight on the part of Mahon, landing several kicks and jabs while Lujan seems to want to counter only.  Going to 2nd…

RD2: Lujan’s corner is calling for more action out of their fighter and to throw the straight right.  Mahon lands some strong leg kicks with Lujan wanting to clinch.  Mahon is still the aggressor, stalking Lujan like a lion.  Mahon drops Lujan with a leg kick, but he’s back up, meeting Mahon at the center of the ring.  Mahon is kickin Lujan like this is soccer practice, he’s landed at least 50 kicks to Lujan’s 5 or 6.  Lujan has his mouth open, breathing very hard and fighting a strictly defensive fight, not looking to press the action.  Mahon dominates the entire round, going to the 3rd…

Still several seconds before 3rd starts and Mahon is up growling…

RD3: Round 3 starts with Mahon showing his power, landing several bombs, dropping Lujan to the canvas.  Mahon’s power is controlling the fight as Lujan does not want to get close.  Lujan lands a stiff jab but that seems to have aggravated Mahon.  They clinch and Lujan tries a few “foot stomps”.  They separate and Mahon lands a spinning back fist that drops Lujan back to the canvas.  Mahon snaps a leg kick that could be heard out on Hwy 59.  Lujan retreats and throws a few head kicks from afar, not causing any damage or worries from Mahon.  as the round comes to an end, Mahon is throwing hooks with intention of taking the head of Lujan off.  So far 3 straight dominating rounds for Mahon.  Going to the 4th…

Waiting for the bell, Mahon is acknowledging the crowd and asking Lujan for more action.  Lujan is still sitting on the stool.

RD4: Starts the same way the 3rd ended with Mahon throwing strong hooks and catching Lujan with a flying knee, dropping him to the canvas again.  Lujan is trying to move forward on Mahon, but getting hit as he does.  Mahon’s round is calling for him to finish the fight.  Mahon lands more snapping kicks that are echoing throughout the arena.  I would hate to be Lujan tomorrow morning trying to get out of bed.  Lujan throws a spinning elbow but it is caught by Mahon.  Give Lujan credit because he’s still standing and taking a ton of punishment.  Mahon is still looking to finish the fight, putting his entire body in his punches and kicks.  The round ends with another exchange, Mahon landing 5 to 1.

Going to judges, but easily a unanimous decision win for Mahon.  Very impressive display.

Winner:  Jeremy Mahon by a judges score of 40-36, 40-36, 40-36

Guillermo Martinez vs Rodrigio Yapez

Guillermo Martinez Name Rodrigio Yapez
NR TCD rank
140 Weight
0-0-0 Record
Sosa Boxing Gym

This is a moved fight from down on the card and is strictly boxing…

RD1: Martinez comes out and throws several hooks that land, hurting Yapez a few different times.  They continue to exchange around the ring with Martinez showing his boxing training, sticking and moving like a pro.  Yapez is looking more of a street fighter.

RD2: 2nd round starts, more punching.  It’s almost like someone had their name pulled out of a raffle to get in the ring and fight Martinez.  A lot of straight punches landed by the seasoned Martinez while Yapez throws from his waist, lowering his head every time.

Going to 3rd round.  I assume there will be more punching…we shall see…

And just like that, the fight is over.  Doesn’t even get to the 3rd round as Yapez says he’s had enough.


Winner:  Martinez by TKO end of 2nd Round

Ryan Lazrine vs Jonathan Mack

Ryan Lazrine Name Jonathan Mack
Ryno Nickname The Mack Truck
TCD rank #5
185 Weight 185
0-0-0 Record 1-1-0
Fighting Chance Ministries Gym Rocky Long MMA

Ok, back to the fights…the question is, which Mack will show up?  We shall see…one thing is for sure, love him or hate him, Mack is one funny dude!

Due to time, all fights are now only 3-rounds.

RD1: Round starts, both guys touch gloves and exchange some hooks.  Lazrine lands a strong hook and Mack just shakes his head.  They separate, Lazrine lands another STRONG hook that drops Mack to the canvas.  Standing 8 count for Mack.  Not shaking his head on this one.  Both fighters are back up and it’s now Mack that is landing bombs, backing Lazrine up.  Mack lands a couple of strong leg kicks and Lazrine seems to be a lot more cautious.  They clinch and Lazrine lands some strong knees.  Mack lands a 4 punch combo that does damage.  Lazrine clinches to avoid more punishment.  Mack lands an awesome leg kick that drops Lazrine.  He follows up with a sweet combo of leg kick and left hook that rattles Lazrine.  Mack is now in complete control.  The round comes to an end with Lazrine staggering all over the place.  It took Mack to get hit hard at the beginning of the fight to wake him up, but since then he has landed almost everything he threw.

Fight is OVER.  Lazrine refuses to answer the bell as Mack delivered too much punishment.  WOW!!!! Very impressive power with his hands and kicks.



Winner:  Jonathan Mack via TKO end of 1st Round

Joanna Quilantan vs Roxy Adams

Joanna Quilantan Name Roxy Adam
NR TCD rank NR
140 Weight 140
0-0-0 Record 1-1-0

Time for the ladies to get it on!  Going with first names on this one also…just enjoy.

RD1:  Jo starts the fight with a solid leg kick and flurry of hooks but none do any damage.  They get to the clinch and Roxy lands a strong hook as they separate.  Back to the clinch and attempted throws are stuffed by both fighters.  Roxy lands a nice head kick but Jo continues to move forward.  Back in the clinch and Roxy seems to be taking over with her height and power.  Jo doesn’t want any part of exchanging, trying to clinch as soon as Roxy throws.  Roxy lands a series of 6 hooks that brings the crowd to their feet.  They separate and Roxy lands a running flying knee.  Jo continues to circle and back up.  Roxy lands a strong head kick right to the jaw, but to Jo’s credit, she never showed any sign of backing down.  As the bell sounds, it’s a dominating round for Roxy.  Going to 2nd…

RD2:  Starts with Jo coming forward, landing a few straight rights, backing Roxy into the corner.  The fighters clinch and Roxy once again uses her size to control the punishment.  Fighters exchange kicks, neither doing much damage.  Another clinch and Roxy sends Jo to the canvas.  Jo is trying to land a few wild hooks but does not have success as she rushes in.  Straight right landed by Roxy backs Jo up temporarily, but not for long.  Jo lands two consecutive leg kicks but it seems to have pissed Roxy off who charges with a flurry of hooks.  Time out for a glove tape.  Fighters mix it back up in the center with Roxy throwing Jo to the canvas yet again from a clinch.  Jo has a smile on her face as she circles Roxy in the center of the ring.  As Jo circles, Roxy continues to land bombs…the bell sounds as Roxy hurts Jo with a strong right.  Going to 3rd round…

RD3:  As the final round starts, the fighters start cautious which turns into a short flurry led by Jo.  Several leg kicks land by Jo, snapping each one.  Roxy seems to be trying to measure her opponent, waiting for the right moment to land more bombs.  The pace has slowed considerably, with Jo actually being the aggressor.  In the clinch, Jo lands an accidental knee to the…uh…well, that section.  Time out to recover.  Jo is given a warning by the ref.  Roxy tries a leg kick but meets a strong left hook by Jo which DROPS Roxy to the canvas.  Very strong hook by Jo.  Roxy gets up and the fighters once again meet in the center, clinching after a short flurry.  Jo seems to have gained confidence and is trying to stalk Roxy.  Fighters clinch on the ropes with Jo landing several body punches.  Round comes to an end with Roxy on her back between the ropes after a struggling clinch.

Going to judges…

Winner:  Joanna Quilantan by SPLIT decision.  The crowd boos loudly…

Lee King vs Jesus Rivera

Lee King Name Jesus Rivera
Nickname The Spaniard
NR TCD rank #6
155 Weight 155
13-14-1 Record 4-2-0
Paradigm Gym 4oz Fight Club

The fight that a lot of people have been waiting for…man, I’m excited about this one!!!  Worth the price of admission just for this one bout!  HERE WE GO!!!

RD1: Ok, bell sounds and the crowd is still standing, waiting for action!!! Push kick by King, met by Rivera’s leg kick.  Both fighters exchange some of the strongest kicks I’ve seen.  Rivera snapping leg kicks, go to clinch and King sends Rivera down with a nice sweep.  These kicks are sounding like someone cracking a whip.  Fighters clinch again and the height of King seems to be controlling those exchanges in the clinch.  Both fighters slip trying to throw kicks, go to clinch with Rivera doing a nice reversal putting King on the ropes.  Round house kick by Rivera lands nicely.  King ends the round with a good sweep/takedown.  So far this fight has lived up to expectations.  Going to 2nd round…

RD2: Round starts with some great jabs and hooks by Rivera, met nicely by a leg kick by King.  King is now looking to clinch where he seems to an advantage.  Rivera lands a nice kick to King’s mid section.  King is using his length, jabbing to set up a clinch.  Rivera lands a nice body kick, followed by the same kick returned from King.  Both fighters clinch against the ropes with neither gaining an advantage.  King is still using his length as an advantage, trying to measure his opponent.  Rivera snaps off several nice kicks and a right hook, followed by a spinning back fist.  Rivera ends the round with a flurry with King doing his best to defend.  Awesome fight so far, very even.  Going to 3rd…

RD3:  Rivera lands 2 leg kicks to start the round then a nice left hook.  King clinches and lands a few knees, but nothing damaging.  Fighters separate, Rivera throws a few kicks that are checked nicely by King.  Accidental kick to the groin by Rivera and there’s a break in the action to allow King to recover.  Rivera looks calm in the corner waiting.  King comes back, catching Rivera’s leg kick and sweeping him to the canvas.  The go to clinch, with Rivera landing at least 10 straight knees.  Crowd is cheering loudly.  Seems that Rivera has found a home for the knees in the clinch with King.  King tries a sweep from the clinch which is reversed by Rivera.  King looks exhausted and Rivera is taking advantage of that.  Fighters clinch again and Rivera lands more knees.  Spinning back fist by Rivera is blocked by King who follows up with a few jabs.  Rivera lands a few hooks as the round comes to an end.

Definitely fight of the night candidate so far.  Going to judges…will be close.

Winner:  Jesus Rivera wins unanimous decision 29-28 on all cards.

Daniel Gipson vs Ike Villanueva

Daniel Gipson Name Ike Villanueva
Nickname Hurricane
NR TCD rank #4
205 Weight 205
1-5-0 Record 5-4-0
Gym Rocky Long MMA

Now time for the “main event”. Crowd is definitely pro-Ike…

RD1:  Fight starts like a WAR….holy s**t!!!  Both fighters are swinging like the other stole their lunch money!!!  Ike is landing some of the strongest punches that I’ve ever seen him throw.  Gipson goes to the canvas, standing 8 count.  Fighters meet again at the center, and Ike is throwing even harder.  Lands big hook and Gipson is OUT.



Winner:  Ike Villanueva 0:58 of first round by KO!!!