Legacy Muay Thai 2 – June 11, 2010


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We are testing live streaming for future events, so please have patients as we are likely to encounter technical issues during the night. We will do our best to work out those issues as quickly as possible. Also, since the event is free, the quality of the feed may be slightly degraded as we work to optimize our setting. Thanks in advance for understanding!



155 Ricky Cardona (Elite MMA) vs Brandon Boyd (Gracie Barra Woodlands) – Winner: Brandon Boyd

175 Craig Gardner (Westside MMA) vs Mike Jackson (Windy Sport and Fitness) – Winner: Craig Gardner

135  Akira Smith (4oz. Fight Club) vs John Laset (Fairtex Mountain View) – Winner: Akira Smith

155 Joey Stubler (Kru Pong’s Muay Thai) vs  Brakke Juul (Bushi Ban) – Winner: Joey Stubler

185 John Malbrough (Kingwood MMA) vs Terrance Ferguson (Westside MMA) – Winner: John Malbrough

185 Levi West (Team Tooke) vs Jose Pacheco (Bushi Ban) – Winner: Levi West

170 Nethaneel Mongonia (Kru Pong’s Muay Thai) vs Brannen Jones (Submission Boxing) – Winner: Nethaneel Mongonia

170 John Kane (Kru Pong’s Muay Thai) vs Rommel Custodio (Fairtex Mountain View) – Winner: John Kane

145 – Kirk May (4oz. Fight Club) vs Alex Black (Bushi Ban) – Winner: Kirk May

165 Cody Philips (Bam Bam Martial Arts) vs Alex Morono (Gracie Barra Woodlands) – Winner: Draw

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