Worldwide Gladiator Championship Nov. 12, 2010

Title: Worldwide Gladiator Championship

Location: Pasadena, Tx

Date: November 11, 2010 7pm

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TCD Fight Awards
Fight of the Night Gerzan Chaw vs Nate Garza
Knockout of the Night Jared Taylor
Submission of the Night Derrick Lewis

Congratulations to all the above winners. They are now eligible for our end of year awards!

What is up Houston! Fights should start around 8pm.  Fighters are in the back now going over the rules.  Tonight, doing play by play is Ragan McDaniel from B3 sports.  Look for our exclusive post fight interviews done by Lance Edwards and Mike “The Truth” Jackson sometime next week.  Enjoy the updates!

Good evening everyone, this is your trusty captain for the rest of the night, Mr. Ragan McDaniel.  I’m watching MGY warm up in the cage and getting ready to bring you several hours of great reading pleasure.  Grab your favorite beverage, put the cursor on the “refresh” button, and get ready for some fun.  Just got an updated start time from Hector at TDLR and he said 8:30 sharp (which probably means 8:40).

Want to give a special shoutout to my wonderful better-half, Mrs. Lacey “Bosslady” McDaniel, as she is home taking care of our sick 2 year old.  Lub u.

Will be back in a few…

Just called all officials to the cageside, so we should be getting started within 5-10 minutes.  Ok, National Anthem is in the books, getting ready to start now…HERE WE GO!!! God Bless all the fighters tonight…


Kierre Gooch Name Marc Ramirez
NR TCD rank NR
155 Weight 155
2-6-0 Record 1-0-0
Bushi Ban Gym

We’re going to go with the names Gooch and Marc…I like saying “Gooch”.  The crowd seems to be pretty split between these two fighters.  Gooch is in the cage, Marc is about to enter now…let’s get it on.

Rd1: Round 1 starts with no glove touch.  Both fighters circle, with Gooch throwing a nice kick.  They exchange a flurry with Gooch getting the better with a strong right hand.  Gooch tries a flying knee that barely misses.  Both fighters scramble to the ground, only to end back standing against the cage.  Great hip throw by Gooch sends Marc to the canvas.  Gooch works for position, staying in Marc’s guard but landing effective punches.  Pace has slowed a little with Gooch still in guard but working to the middle of the cage.  Marc gets his hips out, going for an armbar, no success.  Gooch seems confident staying in guard, landing a few strong punches.  Marc seems to be getting frustrated, trying to change positions.  Gooch lands two consecutive forearms to the jaw of Marc doing some nice damage.  Marc continues to try and work his hips up but is unsuccessful.  Round ends with an easy 10-9 for Gooch.

Rd2:  Round 2 starts with Gooch landing a devastating right sending Marc to the cage and to a knee.  Marc recovers back to clinch.  Gooch has landed 3 consecutive right hands, all doing damage.  Fighters clinch and Marc lands an awesome knee, temporarily hurting Gooch.  Fighters separate and Gooch shoots for a double leg, throwing Marc to the canvas.  Another scramble and both fighters are up.  Gooch tries another shot, but it is stuffed and Marc ends up taking the back of Gooch.  Marc sinks a rear naked choke, ending the night of Gooch.  Great recovery from Marc and awesome ground control.


Winner:  Marc Ramirez via RNC at 2:07 of 2nd round

Rudy Resendez Name Shawn Machado
NR (Pro Debut) TCD rank NR (Pro Debut)
170 Weight 170
0-0-0 Record 0-0-0
Gym Hoger MMA

Great start so far to the fights.  Here we go with fight #2.  Judging by appearance only, Machado looks like a body builder…

Rd1:  Round 1 starts with Machado landing a nice leg kick.  Fighters scramble with Rudy looking strong with his position.  Fighters break and Machado has a cut on his nose.  Doesn’t look too bad.  Rudy is pressing forward and Machado is waiting to counter punch.  Fighters exchange leg kicks, neither doing damage.  Rudy lands a counter left hook right to the nose of Machado.  The crowd is going crazy with the RUDY!!! chants.  Fighters meet again in the middle and start throwing WILD bombs.  Machado lands a nice, yet crazy, hook that does a lot of damage.  Now the fighters are much more cautious….trading single punches in the middle.  Rudy now has a small cut above his right eye, but doesn’t look like it is bad.  Machado continues to land several leg kicks as the round comes to an end.  Both fighters have bloody faces as they go to their corner…hard round to score…

Rd2:  Fight 2 is delayed as blood is wiped up from Machado’s corner.  Fighters touch gloves and the slug fest is back on…Rudy is bobbing and weaving like a pro boxer and Machado is standing still, looking to land a bomb.  Rudy lands a wild overhand right to the top of Machado’s head.  Machado responds with 2 consecutive leg kicks that appear to be taking its toll.  Another leg kick sends Rudy backwards.  Machado is standing in front of Rudy, throwing wildly.  Both fighters meet back in the middle of the cage, neither landing anything important.  Single jabs and more leg kicks from Machado.  Rudy doubles up a left jab that snaps Machado’s neck back.  Both fighters stand in front of each other, feet planted and just start SWINGING!!!  This is like an old fashioned bar fight!!!  The round comes to a close with yet more WILD hooks coming from everywhere, including one from Redbluff…

Rd3:  Round 3 starts a lot slower, with both fighters visibly gassed.  The crowd comes back alive with the RUDY!!! chants.  Feel like I’m watching a movie and should be looking for the live-in janitor over in the walkway.  Machado throws a few caveman hooks that don’t do much damage.  Rudy responds with a flurry of punches, landing a few.  Machado answers with another leg kick that lands solid.  Not sure how Rudy is still standing on that leg, but he is.  Machado presses forward, landing a 1-2 combo that hurts Rudy, but he keeps pressing on, both guys meeting back in the middle.  Machado lands another leg kick, backing Rudy up.  The majority of this round has been one-two punch combos.  The round ends with both fighters coming to life for 10 seconds, trying to take the other’s head off…

Would HATE to have judged this fight…hard one to score, but a great BRAWL!!!  Going to the judges…

Winner:  Shawn Machado wins via SPLIT DECISION 29-28 (Machado), 29-28 (Rudy), 29-28 (Machado).  Crowd is not happy!!!

Gerzan Chaw Name Nate Garza
Nickname Nate Dogg
NR (Pro Debut) TCD rank 4
135 Weight 135
0-0-0 Record 3-2-0
Bushi Ban Gym Rocky Long MMA

Ready for fight 3.  This should be a great fight between two technical and talented fighters.

Rd1:  Round 1 starts with with Nate looking very pumped up and excited.  No glove touch.  Meeting in the center of the cage, feeling each other out, throwing a couple of jabs, but nothing effective yet.  Just when I say that, Gerzan lands a kick to Nate’s head, temporarily stunning him.  Nate recovers quickly and continues to call Gerzan to fight, waving him in.  Pace has slowed, still feeling each other out, very technical.  Gerzan lands a nice leg kick to Nate’s front leg but Nate responds with a 1-2 combo that connects.  Nate tries another 1-2 combo, missing both, with Gerzan countering with a right hook to the chops.  Gerzan is really focusing on throwing kicks to Nate’s front leg, landing each one.  Another leg kick, followed by a nice right by Gerzan.  Nate continues to call him to come forward, trying to egg him on, but Gerzan continues to be disciplined.  Round ends with Gerzan landing a strong right at the same time as the bell.  Tough round to score, but I’m giving it to Gerzan 10-9.

Rd2:  Round 2 starts the same way, both fighters still trying to feel the other out and judge distance.  Gerzan shoots in nicely and takes Nate to the ground.  Nate scrambles, but it ends up with Gerzan in a better position, on Nate’s back.  Gerzan has an over/under then moves to a playground headlock, like he’s trying to squeeze Nate’s ears off.  Nate does a great job of getting out of the headlock, but Gerzan does a gator-roll and almost sinks in another choke.  Fighters scramble on the ground again and Gerzan now has Nate’s back yet again.  Gerzan is trying desperately to sink in the RNC, but the hammer sounds, letting the fighters know 10 seconds.  Nate moves with a sense of urgency, scrambling around and landing a 1-2 combo as the bell sounds.  Easy round to score, Gerzan 10-9.

Rd3:  Round 3 starts with the fighters touching gloves for the first time in the fight.  Fighters stand in the middle of the cage, Nate’s corner asking for him to “get in there”…yeah…”get in there”…Gerzan keeps Nate away with a nice left jab, but Nate sneaks in an overhand right that lands flush.  Nate lands a nice front leg kick followed by a right hand that again lands flush.  Looks like Nate has found his range, but is it too late?  Right hand sends Gerzan to the canvas, Nate quickly jumping down to side control.  Gerzan defends himself nicely and fighters scramble to a clinch against the cage.  Gerzan slides down for a single leg, taking Nate down to the canvas again.  Gerzan is in half guard as the hammer sounds.  Nate tries to end the fight with a flurry, but nothing does damage.  This round was very close, and I give it to Nate 10-9.

Going to the judges…

Winner: Gerzan Chaw wins by UNANIMOUS Decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28) just like I called it…me so smart.

Dale Mitchell Name Chance Hamilton
NR TCD rank NR (Pro Debut)
265 Weight 265
0-3-0 Record 0-0-0
Silverback MMA Gym

Ok, we’re back after the brief intermission.  Ready to get this fight going.  Two BEASTS from what I see…

Rd1:  Here we go, fighters touch gloves and it’s on.  Chance lands a nice combo, then HOLY SHAT!!! Dale rushes in for a double leg as both fighters hit the cage full speed.  We almost completely lost the cage!!! That’s a lot of meat.  Since then, fighters have stayed in a clinch, with Dale landing some nice knees to the body and legs.  I’m still flustered from the almost destruction of the cage!!!  The fighters break, exchange a couple of punches that don’t do any damage, then BAMMMMMMMMMM, here we go again, full speed into the cage and it shifts the other way.  The cage is actually dented.  Dale ends up in mount, raining down BOMBS on the head of Chance, but he finds a way to work back to his feet.  The round ends and I’m actually kinda scared.  The cage MOVED one way then back another.  Anyway, back to the fight…slow round fight-wise, Dale winning 10-9.

Rd2: Round 2 starts with a superman punch from Chance, landing nicely.  Dale was having NONE of that, basically picks Chance up and body slams him, similar to the WWE’s Undertaker.  Dale is in half-guard, landing some nice bombs, but none seem to be hurting Chance.  Both fighters are gassed, taking time to rest while Dale is back in full guard.  Dale will posture up and throw single punches, with Chance responding with short elbows.  Chance goes for a sweep, almost secures it, but Dale is too strong, pushing him back down.  Back to half-guard as the hammer sounds.  Slow round, no cage movement, but an easy round for Dale, 10-9.  Both fighters are gassed as they walk back to the corner, Dale looking more tired of the two…

Rd3: Fighters touch gloves, Dale with mouth still open.  Dale tries to shoot in, stuffed by Chance.  Fighters end up with Chance in half guard, but Dale reverses and takes his back.  Both fighters are right in front of me, slinging nasty sweat all over.  Nasty…just sayin…but Dale is continuing to land knees while on the ground and using his strength to overpower Chance.  Dale is transitioning nicely on the ground, moving from side to back and then to side, landing knees and punches.  Fighters scramble to their feet and meet back in the middle.  Dale looks for a takedown again but it is stopped by Chance.  Uh oh, knee to the “manhood” and the time has been stopped.  Wait…the ref is waving the fight over…??? Not sure what just happened.  Not even sure who won???

Winner:  Dale Mitchell wins 2:39 of round 3 by TKO??? I’m confused as hell.  What just happened?

Got an explanation from the referee.  Apparently, it was NOT a shot to the groin, it went to the inner thigh.  The ref asked the fighter to fight and come forward but he took a knee like it was an illegal shot, so he stopped the fight due to the “fighter not responding to fight”.  Those are ALL the ref’s words, not this guy’s…I’m still confused and could sure use a VERY STRONG cocktail.

Kenny Burke Name Lee Higgins
The Hurt Nickname
NR TCD rank NR
155 Weight 155
0-2-0 Record 0-0-0
Westside MMA Gym Urban Jungle Self Defense

Rd1: Round 1 starts with both fighters showing mutual respect, touching gloves and here we go.  Higgins shoots in but is unsuccessful, with Burke sinking in a TIGHT guillotine.  Crowd cheers loud for Burke, but Higgins escapes.  The fighters scramble and Higgins ends up on the back on Burke, going for a RNC.  Burke is doing a great job of surviving by controlling the wrists.  Higgins is able to slip his second hand free and locks in the RNC!!!  Ref stops the fight just before Burke goes out.

Winner:  Lee Higgins via RNC at 1:25 of 1st round.

Noel Ligon Name Jacky Elie
NR (Pro Debut) TCD rank NR (Pro Debut)
190 Weight 190
0-0-0 Record 0-0-0
Mousel’s MMA Academy Gym

Well, that previous fight was quick.  Let’s get this next fight going…as my good buddy Barry says, Noel Ligon is “one to watch”.  We shall see…OH SNAP!!! We just had a nice MMA blooper.  Ligon circles the cage then goes to lean back on the cage…like fighters do…but didn’t realize that the door was open…DOWN GOES LIGON, through the door.  Damn near spit my water out all over the computer…damn near.

Rd1:  Here we go, BOTH fighters have a traditional Thai stance.  Ligon lands a nice combo, causing Elie to clinch.  Fighters go against the cage with Elie landing a nice knee on the break.  Elie tries for a standing guillotine, but Ligon slips right out, landing in guard.  Fighters  scramble, ending in clinch against the cage again.  Ligon is on the offensive in this clinch.  Fighters work to the center, exchanging knees, then across to the other side of the cage.  Both fighters are showing very nice Thai boxing.  Great reversals by each fighter in the clinch.  Fighters separate, back to the traditional Thai stance with Ligon landing a nice leg kick to the thigh of Elie.  Fighters clinch with Elie pulling Ligon down, basically giving him mount.  Hammer sounds with Ligon in mount, but cannot capitalize.  Hard round to score, but I give it to Ligon 10-9.

Rd2: Round 2 starts very similar to the first, both fighters taking a traditional Thai stance.  Neither fighter seems really gassed, both looking in top condition.  Ligon sends a body kick to Elie’s side, but is caught by Elie.  Fighters scramble and ends with Ligon taking Elie’s back.  Elie rolls trying to escape but Ligon continues to punish the face of Elie.  Goes for a RNC but Elie rolls again, trying to escape.  Ligon’s transitions from back to mount are great.  Ligon rains down elbows and forearms down to Elie’s face, but Elie is doing a decent job of not taking too much direct punishment.  Ligon continues to throw to the side of Elie’s head as the hammer sounds.  Ligon secures a nice RNC with about 5 seconds but can’t finish as the bell sounds.  Elie survives the round with Ligon not being able to finish with GNP.  I give this easily to Ligon, 10-9.

Rd3: 3rd round starts with Elie looking very tired.  Ligon lands a nice leg kick followed by a 1-3 combo.  Elie looks as if he doesn’t want any more punishment.  Ligon immediately goes to mount with Elie not doing anything to defend himself.  Referee is looking like he is close to stopping the fight and is begging for Elie to do something but Ligon keeps raining down punches.  None have any power, but they’re not being defended.  Referee finally stops the fight, thank goodness.

Winner: Noel Ligon via TKO at some part of 3rd round.  Couldn’t hear the announcer.

Rakim Cleveland Name Derrick Lewis
Nickname The Black Beast
NR (Pro Debut) TCD rank 2
HVY Weight HVY
0-0-0 Record 2-1-0
Iron Dragon MMA Gym Silverback MMA

Now we’re getting into the “money” fights…ready to see this one in particular.  Rakim is one big summaamma beyotch!!!  Lewis gets in the cage and is equally BIG.

Rd1: Lewis fakes a shoot but nothing happens.  Lewis then throws a head kick, missing and humoring Rakim as he shakes his head.  Lewis throws a bomb, missing badly then Rakim does his King Kong Bundy impression, SLAMMING Lewis to the canvas.  Fighter scramble and end up flying into the cage, clinched up.  Neither fighter doing much damage in the clinch and I’m amazed at the sheer size and power of these two beasts.  Dear Lord.  Fighters scramble from clinch and Lewis is throwing punches like Rakim kicked his dog.  None connecting to do damage, but wow are they strong!  The hammer sounds as the fighters scramble then Lewis lands several nice punches as the round comes to a close.  Hard one to call…going to 2.

Rd2:  Have I said how BIG these dudes are?  2nd round starts with Lewis charging forward, throwing a nice jab, setting up a good takedown.  Lewis ends in side control, landing single punches and a few elbows.  Rakim is doing a great job so far of avoiding punishment.  Lewis does a CRAZY transition to mount from the north-south position…UH OH!!!!! DEREK LEWIS KNOWS HOW TO DELIVER AN ARM BAR!!!  Who thought he was just a power puncher?  To see a big man move like that and transition to that crazy arm bar is one of the most impressive things I’ve seen in a while.  Definitely candidate for submission of the night.

Winner: Derek Lewis 1:33 of round 2 due to TAPOUT from Arm Bar…WOW is all I can say.

Lee King Name Todd Moore
Nickname The Maniac
NR TCD rank 4
165 Weight 165
13-15-1 Record 11-4-0
Paradigm Gym Gracie Barra The Woodlands

Here is one of the fights that I am really excited for.  Will it be a stand up war or go to the ground?

Rd1:  Round 1 starts with both fighters meeting in the middle, showing mutual respect.  Moore shoots in unsuccessfully and King delivers a devastating knee, opening up a cut on Moore’s head.  Fighters scramble against the cage and Moore brings King to the ground, but takes a lot of punishment in the meantime.  King continues to deliver knees that are hurting Moore…..but he’s continuing to survive.  I lost internet connection, so I lost half of my damn play-by-play of this round!!!  Anyway, King won the round with Moore recovering at the end, landing some crushing blows as the bell rang…

Rd2:  Both fighters meet in the middle, Todd looking fully recovered.  Moore shoots in nicely and takes King’s back.  Throws King to the ground, flattens him out then delivers blow after blow, bringing the fight to an end.

Winner:  Todd Moore via TKO due to strikes at0:36  of the 2nd round.  Great fight.

RJ Knepp Name Alex Cisne
6 TCD rank NR
170 Weight 170
2-1-0 Record 4-1-0
646 MMA Gym Westside MMA

Both fighters are in the cage and the crowd is really ready for this one.

Rd1:  Fighters touch gloves reluctantly.  Cisne lands a nice leg kick, followed by another, and another.  The whipping sound is like Indiana Jones.  Cisne lands more leg kicks and Knepp is hurting, limping and moving backwards.  Cisne lands a strong kick followed by a right hook that drops Knepp to the canvas.  Cisne rushes in and delivers more punishment to the body and head of Knepp, without Knepp being able to defend himself.  Cisne has severely hurt Knepp and the ref jumps in to stop the action quick.

Knepp is on his back, can’t put pressure on his left leg.  The doctor is looking at his knee.  I know one thing, Cisne is a BEAST…WOW.

Winner:  Alex Cisne via a bunch of stuff, but the official time is 1:45 of round 1 TKO.  Congrats to the NEW WGC Welterweight Champion, Alex Cisne.

Artenas Young Name Jared Taylor
The Machine Gun Nickname
1 TCD rank NR
205 Weight 205
4-1-0 Record 3-7-0
Hoger MMA Gym

Here we go, the MAIN EVENT.  Oh wait…fight in the crowd.  Not sure who it is, just know it’s a fight…short delay as we get this straight…

Ok, here we go.  The crowd is definitely pretty one-sided, for Young.  Taylor is in the cage, standing in the center watching Young walk down the isle.  Actually pretty damn intimidating in the part of Taylor.  He looks a little possessed, may give me some creepy dreams.  Damn.

Rd1:  Here we go!!!  Fighters don’t touch gloves, Taylor being the aggressor of the two, throwing jabs and a kick.  Young responds with a flurry of 4 punches, landing a couple.  OH DEAR LORD…Young throws a hook, missing, and Taylor throws a spinning back fist….you hear me??? A SPINNING BACKFIST that KO’s Artenas Young.  Taylor throws a spinning back fist, connecting flush to the chin of Young, sending him into the cage.  Taylor jumps on top and ends with the KO.

Winner: Jared Taylor via KO Spinning Backfist 0:38 of the 1st Round…congrats to the new WGC Light Heavyweight Champion, Jared Taylor.  That was CRAZY.