Worldwide Gladiator Championship – April 9,2010 – Results Page (live)

Title: Worldwide Gladiator Championship

Location: Pasadena Convention Center

Date: 2010-04-09 (8pm)


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TCD Fight Awards
Fight of the Night Nick Mitchell vs Derek Lewis
Knockout of the Night Sam Hoger
Submission of the Night Josh Lee (guillotine choke)

Congratulations to all the above winners. They are now eligible for our end of year awards!


Here is what our panel of experts think about some of the matchups on this fight card.

BLUE = Correct Pick

RED = Incorrect Pick

MikeCalimbasMike Calimbas JustinTrapp
Justin Trapp
RichardBurmasterRich Burmaster
Kenny Burke vs Kierre Gooch Burke Burke Burke
Jon Kirk vs Larry Hopkins Kirk Kirk Kirk
Nick Mitchell vs Derrick Lewis Mitchell Mitchell Mitchell
Sam Hoger vs Patrick Miller Hoger Hoger Hoger

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The longest national anthem ever has concluded and we are set to get underway with our first bout of the night!

Miguel_Guerra Miguel Guerra Name Larry Crowe Dale_Mitchell
2 TCD Rank Not Ranked
240 Weight
0-1 Record
Independent MMA Gym Silverback MMA

Miguel Guerra is literally rumored to have the largest head in Houston MMA! We’re going to see if Larry Crowe succeeds in his attempt to knock it off! This man has a hat size of INFINITY!

RD1: Large cheering section in the crowd for Miguel Guerra of Independent MMA. Crowe in the cage smiling and seemingly relaxed bouncing in anticipation. Ladies in gentlemen, we’ve got some legit heavyweights in the cage to start of the night and here we go! Both fighters touch and gloves and a big charge by Guerra. Both fighter swinging WILDY for the fences looking for the knockout! Guerra with knees from the clinch now followed by some hooks. Crow answering back and Guerra touches his chin! Guerra blooded now as well and Crowe is trying to keep his distance. Huge straights from Crowe but he slips! Miguel sprawled on top of him now and looking to take the back. Rebuffed by Crowe who now has Guerra hurt against the fence! HUGE knees by Crowe! More ground and pound and referee Randy Hauer stops the action for the first round TKO!

Winner: Larry Crowe by TKO at 2:06 of Round 1!

Nate_Garza Nate Garza Name Humberto DeLeon Humberto Deleon
Nate Dogg Nickname Da Kid
Not Ranked TCD Rank 2
135 Weight 125
1-2 Record 5-1-0
Rocky Long MMA Gym Bushi Ban

The next bout of the night features Bushi Ban’s Humberto DeLeon, a fighter who has takes more arms home than a rich Somali pirate! He’s taking this fight against Nate Garza on less than 24-hours notice! The announcer just announced Humberto as Legacy’s Featherweight Champion! He’s also ranked #2 behind Chad Robo on The Cage Door’s initial rankings for Featherweight/Bantamweight/Flyweight!

RD1: Garza jabbing to start the fight. Deleon equally patient but now jumps guard! Garza with the GNP and they are back on their feet. Garza with a four punch combo. Last punch touches Humberto’s chin but he’s okay. Clinching now and back to center cage. Garza might have done scouting as he is keeping his distance and throwing combos rather crisply. Leg kicks by Humberto checked by Garza. Close first round so far with both fighters exchanging at a distance. DeLeon with the double leg to end the round. Did he steal the first? We’ll see!

RD2: Begins with Garza throwing combos but none of the are within range as ‘Berto is keeping his distance. Humberto patient with leg kicks but follows up with a head kick. DeLeon feinting as he tries to close and Garaza answers with a punch combo. DeLeon pulling guard again but Garza maintains posture and gets off the cage. Nice overhand right by Garza connects. Swinging that wide overhand right is the Rock Long trained fighter. Both fighters exchange a punch combo. Back to the fence now. Humberto works for the single but doesn’t get it. 2-punch combos by Garza and DeLeon attempts to pull guard but is slammed to the ground to end the fight.

RD3: More of the same to start the third as neither fighter has really established comfortability with the distance. Low kicks by DeLeon and punch combos by Garza as they spar for position. DeLeon seems to want the takedown but Garza rather adept at avoiding them thus far. Humberto now with some dirty boxing and Garza pushes off the cage. Jab-straight combo by Garza and Humberto pulls guard. He is wanting his armbar but Garza stands up out of his open guard. Garza comfortable on his feet now. Combos by him but returned with a nice overhand right from DeLeon. 10 seconds left and Garza getting the better of the final standup exchange to end the fight. We’re going to the scorecards!

Winner: Nate Garza by split decision victory!

Jon_Kirk Jon Kirk Name Larry Hopkins Larry_Hopkins
El Jaguar Nickname Dynamite
Not Ranked TCD rank Not Ranked
185 Weight 185
14-8-0 Record 3-9-0
Aztlan Fight Club Gym Team Dynamite

Before ‘El Jaguar” and Larry Hopkins take the cage… This is Mike Calimbas and I want to take the time to shout out to my lovely girlfriend Megan and my son Nicholas, who were kind enough to let me come out and do this play-by-play for you fight fans tonight. I hope you guy are enjoying it so far! I love you Megan! Give my son a kiss goodnight for me!

RD1: The next fight is about to begin. Jon Kirk looks like a seasoned veteran pacing the cage. Hopkins looking serious as the bell rings! Jon Kirk with the quick takedown but quickly back on the feet in a scramble. Kirk with the cinch ala Legacy Muay Thai and now Hopkins looking for a trip takedown. Kirk gets it instead and quickly moves to mount! GNP as Hopkins rolls, giving Kirk his back. Rear-naked choke locked in by Jon Kirk for the submission victory! Kirk scales the cage and back-flips into the air in celebration!

Winner: Jon Kirk with the rear-naked choke submission victory at 1:37 of Round 1.

Josh_Foster Joshua Foster Name Jonathan Mack Jonathan_Mack
Not Ranked TCD Rank Not Ranked
201 Weight
6-3-0 Record 0-0-0

RD1: Jon Foster out of Longview, TX taking on Houston’s Jonathan Mack.  Foster refuses to touch gloves before the fight! Both fighter trading blows! Foster with the takedown but they scramble back onto their feet. Foster wit a telegraphed takedown attempt and Mack hitting Foster with hooks to the jaw left and right! Amazingly, Foster is still on their feet and they are trading! Foster finally gets the double leg and turns the corner on the way down for side control.  He seems a little tired and is holding position. Finally in mount and raining blows on Mack against thefloor. Mack swinging back but needs to start using his hips to get out of there! Short elbows now  from Foster in the mount! Mack still cognitive but unable to mount an escape. 10 seconds and the Mack Truck gets out of the first round!

RD2: Mack looks tired and is not facing center cage to start the second. He’s gassed! Bell sounds and Mack is exhausted! Big leg kicks by Foster, who smells blood. Looks like Mack did not want to continue but he comes out for 2nd. Not long after though and  Mack takes a knee, exhausted. Ref stops the action before an exhausted Mack takes any more punishment. Good stoppage by the referee.

Winner: Joshua Foster via TKO over Jonathan Mack at 39 seconds of the second round.

James_Hall James Hall Name Artenas Young Artenas Young
Nickname Machine Gun
Not Ranked TCD Rank Not Ranked
230 Weight 210
3-1-0 Record 0-1-0
Gym Hoger MMA

Thanks to Mike Miller of DFC for the swag! Please to meet the one and only. And NO, sir, I cannot grow a mustache! One of the free perks of being a Filipino… You don’t have to shave but more than twice a week!

RD1: “I am the MACHINE GUN” Artenas Young takes the stage! James Hall in fairtex thai shorts looking ready to fight. This one will be a barnburner! Lots of Hoger MMA fans in the crowd tonight. No gloves touched to start the fight. Hall with good head movement and Young waiting to counter. Hall patient with leg kicks and goes for the single. Avoided by Chico who answers with his own knees. Fighters separated now and Chico looking to counter. Nice left by Chico and they are trading now! Hall grabs for a single but doesn’t get it. Nice straight right and a left and Hall is down. TKO  by Young to end the fight in explosive fashion!

Winner: Artenas Young for the TKO victory at 1:44 of Round One.

ComingSoon Kenny Burke Name Kierre Gooch Kieree_Gooch
The Hurt Nickname
Not Ranked TCD rank Not Ranked
155 Weight 155
0-1-0 Record 1-5-0
Westside MMA Gym Bushi Ban

Before this starts, let me just comment that I predicted this one to be fight of the night. Am I right or out of my mind? Guess we’ll see in a second.

RD1: Here we go! Fighter touch gloves and Gooch now circling. Both guys are looking to find their range with punches and leg kicks. Over/under clinch now and Gooch has Burke against the fence. Burke with the takedown. Gooch working the armar from guard. Working to get his leg over the head and he has it! Burke fighting for his arm. Burke picks him up for the slam but Gooch doesn’t let go! Now Gooch works back in his closed guard and up for the armbar again! Kierre has some smooth hips and Kenny’s face is straining as he pulls his arm out. Burke with a choke attempt now as he pulls guard. Nothing there and a quick scramble before Burke gets Gooch with  a big slam and some GNP to end round one! Excellent first round!

RD2: Leg kick by Burke to start round two. Kierre comes in with an overhand right and he changes levels to for the takedown. Armbar attempt from the bottom by Gooch but he is no on the bottom in Kenny’s side control. Kenny controlling the hip but Kierre circles out topside. Now back on their feet, Kenny looking for the single again. He sucks in the hip and now has the takedown. Up against the cage and Kierre goes turtle. Kenny looking for an anaconda? No but he is controlling that head. Center now and huge knee by Kenny to Gooch’s head. Straight left, right combo and Kenny has a low double leg finished against the cage. Kenny in side control again as Kierre tries to use the wall to escape. Round ends.

RD3: Straight left and a low kick by Gooch. Kenny grabbing the legs and now secures a double. Trip takedown and Burke moves into mount! Burke turtled and taking punishment from the back! Big punches by Gooch, who has both hooks. Burke covering up but not moving to escape! 20 unanswered blows thus far. More shots to the side of the head and under the arms for Gooch. Now he’s moving to flatten Burke out but Kenny is turtled. Finally he grabs an arm but only momentarily. 10 second left. Fight ends with Gooch in dominant position on Burke’s back.

Winner: Kenny Burke via unanimous decision. ….HOLD THAT THOUGHT…. They are reviewing the judges’ scorecards and the winner by SPLIT DECISION…. Kierre Gooch! …. The live crowd in attendance seems confused. I guarantee you, we’ll be taking about this tomorrow!

10 minute intermission

Josh_Lee Josh Lee Name Ken Battle Ken_Battle
Nickname The Warrior
Not Ranked TCD Rank Not Ranked
170 Weight 155
3-10-0 Record 2-1-0
Gym Hoger MMA

We’re back and set for the next fight! This card just set the WORLD RECORD for most fighters coming out to Lil’ Wayne in one night! Free Weezy!

RD1: Loud crowd cheers for Ken Battle, who bows to his opponent. Fight starts and Kenny charges in for the takedown! Lee pulled closed guard as he tries to cinch in a guillotine from closed guard. Moves to mount now and finishes the mounted guillotine! Honestly, he was asleep before he was swept over. 10-seconds after the fight ends and Battle still asleep. Finally, he’s up and okay now but that’s definitely the leading submission of the night candidate so far!

Winner: Josh Lee by mounted triangle submission at 45 seconds of round 1!

Nick_Mitchell Nick Mitchell Name Derrick Lewis Derek_Lewis
Big Time Nickname The Black Beast
Not Ranked TCD rank Not Ranked
240 Weight 245
1-0-0 Record 0-0-0
Rocky Long MMA Gym Silverback MMA

Nick Mitchell coming out to Johnny Cash!  There might be a knockdown on this one!

RD1: Nick has a heavy-looking brace on his knee. I wonder if he hurt it in training. Anyways, here’s the bell! Lewis charges in and slams Nick with a huge double leg! Fighters back up and Lewis has Mitchell up against the cage. Over/under clinch and now Nick forces the action to the ground. Mitchell is mounted on the black beast! Lewis gives up his back and Mitchell is going for the rear-naked choke! Punches from the back now! Lewis has an arm but Nick has both hooks in. Tripod by Lewis and he shakes Mitchell off! Knees from the clinch for Lewis! Back to center cage now and a low kick by Mitchell is caught by Lewis and they’re back on the cage with Lewis swinging with wild gooks to end the round.

RD2: Big takedown by Lewis to stat round two and a scramble. A big takedown by Mitchell and now he’s mounted. On all fours and an escape by Lewis, who has Mitchell tied up in the clinch against the cage. A double-leg by Mitchell gets Lewis on the ground momentarily and now both fighter are up. Another double leg and Nick is hurt as Lewis pounds him out with his pants falling off! Holy cow, what a finish!

Winner: Derek Lewis via ground-and-pound TKO at 1:33 of the 2nd round!

Sam_Hoger Sam Hoger Name Patrick Miller Patrick_Miller
The Alaskan Assassin Nickname
1 TCD rank Not Ranked
224 Weight 222
8-4-0 Record 5-5-0
Hoger MMA Gym Grapplers Lair

RD1: UFC-vet Sam Hoger vs. XFC Heavyweight Champ Patrick Miller set to start! Fight begins with Sam measuring a leg kick! High kick attempt by Miller doesn’t reach Hoger’s face. Hoger’s high kick drops Miller. Sam now all over him with punches from standing and the fight is over quickly!

Winner: KO by Sam Hoger at 27 seconds of Round 1.

Thanks for tuning in to guys!