UFC 140: Recap, Quick Results and Pick’em Contest Results

Written By: AJ Hoffman

UFC 140 was all about the finish, with not a single fight on the card going past the second round. We saw one of the most gruesome injuries ever in the UFC. We also saw a champion tested for the first time. The recap of the night is below.

Jones Is Tested, Passes With Flying Colors

Jon Jones was really pushed for the first time in his UFC career by Lyoto Machida. Machida, a former champion himself, landed the best shots anyone has put on Jones since he stepped into the octagon. Machida used an unorthodox striking style to throw Jones off his game early in the fight, outclassing Jones on his feet in the first round. He landed a right hand that stumbled the champion, but Jones would last through the round. The second was a different story. Jones scored a take down and cut Machida with his trademark elbows. After a check on the cut, Jones landed and stumbled Machida. In the scramble Jones grabbed a guillotine, and finished it standing against the cage. The win was the second title defense for Jones, and moves his record to 15-1 overall. The loss was the third in Machida’s last 4, dropping him to 17-3 overall.

Jon Jones def. Lyoto Machida by submission Rd 2

Mir Beats Nogueira Again, Breaks Nog’s Arm

Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira was looking like maybe all the talk about the first fight being a fluke had some validity. He out-struck the bigger Frank Mir for most of the first round. A late right hand stumbled Mir against the cage, and a knee dropped him to the mat. Rather than pounce with ground and pound, Nog looked for a submission. Mir recovered enough in the scramble to grab a keylock. Nogueira tried to roll out of it, but was stuck under Mir’s 260 pound frame. He fought the sub until the humerus bone in his arm snapped under the pressure. The win was Mir’s third straight since losing to Shane Carwin in March of last year.

Frank Mir def. Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira by submission Rd 1

Nogueira Makes Quick, Violent Work Of Ortiz

Dana White has a decision to make on Tito Ortiz. Rogerio Nogueira made quick work of Tito, landing big knees out of the clinch and dropping Ortiz. Nogueira pounced and punished Tito’s body with elbows and hammerfists. Ortiz rolled over and covered up, forcing a stoppage from the referee. Now nursing broken ribs, Ortiz hopes the UFC lets him finish out the last fight on his contract. Ortiz has one win in his last eight fights, dating back to 2006. Nogueira snapped a 2 fight skid, moving to 20-5 overall.

Antonio Rogerio Nogueira def. Tito Ortiz by TKO Rd 1

Ebersole Steals One From The Hometown Kid

Brian Ebersole edged out Claude Patrick in a controversial split decision. After a close first round, Patrick controlled much of the second. In the third round, Ebersole started strong, taking Patrick’s back at one point. The tide turned though, and the closing minutes saw Ebersole trying to survive multiple submission attempts from the Canadian. The fans loudly booed the decision, which was only the second loss in Claude Patrick’s career. The win was the 10th straight for Ebersole.

Brian Ebersole def. Claude Patrick by split decision

Jung Stuns Hominick In Record Time

Chan Sung Jung finished Mark Hominick in 7 seconds. Hominick swung a wild left hook and met a stiff right from Jung. It dropped him, and Jung swarmed for the quick finish. It tied Todd Duffee’s record for the fastest finish in UFC history.

Chan Sung Jung def. Mark Hominick by TKO Rd 1


  • Igor Pokrajac def. Krzysztof Soszynski by KO Rd 1
  • Constantinos Philippou def. Jared Hamman by KO Rd 1
  • Dennis Hallman def. John Makdessi by submission Rd 1
  • Yves Jabouin def. Walel Watson by split decision
  • Mark Bocek def. Nik Lentz by unanimous decision
  • Jake Hecht def. Rich Attonito by TKO Rd 2
  • John Cholish def. Mitch Clarke by TKO Rd 2

Houston MMA Picks Results

Here is a look at how our Houston MMA friends did picking the fights.  The chart below shows the final standing but only the individual picks for the main card. The last row reflects the TOTAL fan vote versus our panel.

Expert Who Rd How Who Rd How Who Rd How Who Rd How Who Rd How
x x x x x 49
x x x x x x 45
x x x x x 44
x x x x 37
x x x x x 34
x x x x 32
x x x x x x x 30
x x x x x x x 29
x x x x 27
x x x x x 42

*INCLUDES QUICK PICKS   |    Scoring: Who (+5) Round (+2) How (+3)
Maximum Possible Score: 85

Congratulations to Lance Edwards for winning one for the Queen! Lance did her proud by scoring a panel high 49 points and picking 9 of the 12 winners correct!

Fan Results

Congratulations to Max Akers for winning it all. Max did a great job and finished up with a grand total of 49 points! Max wins the very last TCD beanie in existence (OK, in our stock anyway).

Congratulations Max!

We didn’t have a winner in our “Perfect Picks” game within the game. Nobody picked all 12 winners correctly so nobody wins a signed UFC glove. Don’t worry, we’ll do it again for the next UFC!

Thank you to all that played!

And now, here is the TOP 25 finishers in our UFC 134 Fan Picks contest.

Place Player Total*
1 Max Akers 49
2 Truth Jackson 45
3 Paul Carmichael 44
4 Trey White 43
5 Thomas M 42

Benny the Bull 42
7  Saxton Reed 40

 Shaun Lundy 40
9  Jaime_4oz 39
10  Jerome Taylor 38
11  David Birkinsha 37

Louis Malbrough  37

 Michael Sheppard 37
14  Charley 4oz 36
15  Eric Hendon 35

 Simone 35

 Jose Llanas 35
18  Jesse Martinez 34
19  Whitton 33
20  GDO 32

 American Rebel 32

 Bill Blair 32

 JBrowning 32

Ryan Rivera 32

Andy Hemingway 32

Brett Landriault 32

Jordan V. 32

*INCLUDES QUICK PICKS   |    Scoring: Who (+5) Round (+2) How (+3)
Maximum Possible Score: 85