Immortal Kombat Fights 1 – Live Play by Play and Results

Title: Immortal Kombat Fights
Location: Legends Sports Complex (The Woodlands, Tx)
Date: September 3, 2011 7pm (Doors open at 5:30pm)

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Noel Ligon vs Edgar Verdin
Derrick Lewis
Matthew Thompson

Congratulations to all the above winners. They are now eligible for our end of year awards!


Hey Guys, This is Barry. I’m solo for a bit so I’m taking pics and live bloggin. I’ll do my best until AJ gets here!

Yup, we just said the pledge instead of the National Anthem.

Chris Smith vs Marcus Dupar

Rd 1: Both guys come out hesitant.  After a kick, Smith pushed Dupar against the cage. Nice takedown/slam by Smith. Dupar manages to get his back against the cage and walk up. Smith landing punches but nothing hurting Dupar as they both are on the ground. Ref warns he’ll stand them up. BOth guys manage to get back up. DAMN huge slam by Dupar. Nice GnP as the round ends.

Rd 2: Dupar Shoot and is met with a body kick. Gets the takedown, but they are back up. Lull in the action now. Dupar gets a plum and starts throwing knee after knee. They are landing too. Smith down on 1 knee to stop it. Back up, Smith’s corner says “if he does it again, shoot” refering to a kick. Dupar kicks, Smith shoot. and down they go. Smith in side contol. Not much scoring yet.

Rd 3: Smith rushes in behind wild punches (none land) and then shoots but Dupar lands a knee as he’s backed up against the cage. Nice foot stomps by Smith. Dupar works the body a bit. Moron tells Dupar “you gotta go” from the corner. More peppering shots at the 10 second mark.

I have Dupar winning.

Winner: Marcus Dupar def. Chris Smith by split decision (29-28, 29-28, 28-29)


Sam Mohamed vs Ricky Compala

[No Face Off Picture]

Rd 1: Mohamed looks for his range early. Compala looks a lot heavier. Mohamed hits him hard but Compala walks through it and gets a takedown. Mohamed works his way up and leg trips Compala down. He instantly takes mount and starts to drop punches. Compala rolls over and gives his back. Mohamed works punches but grabs a rear naked and finishes. Dominating performance by Mohamed.

Rd 2:

Rd 3:

Winner: Sam Mohamed via RNC in Rd 1

Daniel Miller vs Jason Sullivan

Rd 1: Sullivan leads out with a right hook. He eats a jab from Miller and they clinch. Sullivan’s back to the cage, but he quickly reverses. Sullivan shoots but can’t get it. Miller grabs a head but there is nothing there. Sullivan now has him pressed to the fence. Foot stomps and knees. They punch out and Sullivan shoots again. Miller grabs an arm-in guillotine. Doesn’t look dangerous but a few seconds later Sullivan taps.

Rd 2:

Rd 3:

Winner: Daniel Miller def. Jason Sullivan by submission (guillotine) RD 1

Corey Salter vs Dale Mitchell

Rd 1: Left hand from Mitchell. He swarms in and Salter gets his back. Mitchell turns into him nicely. A scramble ensues and now Salter is on top in side control. Salter works to north-south and works for a choke but Mitchell recovers to half-guard. Salter tries to take the back but over-extends and they are back up on the feet. They trade knees from the clinch. Reset in the center. Mitchell misses with a huge left hook before the round ends.

Rd 2: After a brief feeling out, Mitchell charges and presses Salter to the fence. He works for a takedown but Salter defends well. Salter takes the back and starts punching to the body. Mitchell works his way up and now Salter looks for the takedown. Mitchell shoves him down and is on top. Big ground and pound from Mitchell is landing. Round ends with Mitchell mounted on a bloodied Salter.


Rd 3:

Winner: Dale Mitchell def. Corey Salter by TKO (Doctors Stoppage) RD 2


Noel Ligon vs Edgar Verdin

Rd 1: Verdin with several short jabs and comes up short on a kick. Neither guy looks committed to getting in the other’s range. Good body kick for Ligon. Ligon lands another body kick and pushes in with punches. Verdin presses Ligon to the cage and lands an uppercut. Ligon lands on the break and now he has the good cage position. Body shots from Ligon and knees from Verdin. Leg kick for Ligon. A couple more as the first round ends.

Rd 2: Verdin with a high kick that hits glove but sounds good. Verdin more aggressive this round, stalking Ligon. Ligon pounces with a left but Verdin continues to push forward. He presses him against the cage and lands knees. They break and reset. Good shot to the body from Ligon and he follows up with a nice left hook to the head. Verdin isn’t backing down though, as he continues to pressure. High kick from Verdin. Good inside leg kick from Verdin. Kick to the body lands for Ligon. Ligon loses his mouth piece and they let him put it back in. Big left hand from Ligon roars the crowd. Nice kicks from Verdin but he slips out on the second. Round ends.

Rd 3: Both guys throwing a lot of punches but not landing. Ligon charges across with punches and puts Verdin to the cage. He is landing to the body but Verdin lands a heavy knee to the head. Ligon stays on him though and knees the body. Uppercut from Verdin. Verdin continues to pepper the head but can’t change the position. Another knee from Verdin sends Ligon’s mouthpiece flying. They keep swinging though and the round ends with a nice flurry from Verdin. Tough fight to call.

Winner: Noel Ligon def. Edgar Verdin by split decision (29-28, 29-28, 28-29)

Carl Perry vs Kyle Simpson

Rd 1: Simpson gets a takedown and starts to work his hands. Perry works his way up but Simpson elevates for another takedown. Perry works to guard and looks for an arm that isn’t there. They are back up and Simpson shoots again. Perry grabs a head but can’t cinch it. Simpson lands a strong right hand that makes Perry shake his head. HARD leg kick from Simpson right before the round ends.

Rd 2: Simpson charges with hands flying and lands. Perry pushes him to the cage but Simpson shoves him off halfway across the cage. Simpson looks for a takedown but it isn’t there. They break and Simpson drives for it again. Simpson lands a knee and Perry claims it was low. Time out. Simpson pushes in again with punches after the reset. He is bullying Perry around right now. Perry reverses his back to the cage and lands a couple of shots before they reset in the center. Leg kick from Simpson. Perry’s face is a bloody mess. Simpson claims a knee hit low as the bell rings, but the ref ignores it and Perry swings a punch that just misses well late.

Rd 3: Two vicious leg kicks start the third for Simpson. Perry answers with a kick to the ol’ teste satchel. We are gonna need a break. Simpson comes out with more leg kicks. Perry is gonna feel those tomorrow. Simpson slips on a kick attempt and Perry tries to attack but Simpson bull rushes him to the fence. Bit right from Simpson hurts Perry. He lands a couple more and some knees. Simpson sloppy in the attack and Perry gets a head and uses it to take the fight down. Mount, and transition to back for Perry. He is working for an arm but Simpson throws him off and they stand back up. Leg kick from Perry answered by Simpson. Both guys bloodied as the fight ends.

Winner: Kyle Simpson def. Carl Perry by unanimous decision.

Matthew Thompson vs Jon Kirk

Rd 1: Kirk with a combo before pressing Thompson against the fence. Thompson gets a clinch and looks for a knee but slips and Kirk is on him. Thompson works and gets full guard. Thompson works a leg up over the shoulder and locks a triangle. Thompson works for an arm but Thompson is out from the choke. Thompson has to tell the ref he is out, and he definitely is.

Rd 2:

Rd 3:

Winner: Matt Thompson def. Jon Kirk by submission (triangle) RD 1

Jay Peche vs Derrick Lewis

Rd 1: Peche immediately pushes for a takedown. A couple of shots from Lewis and Peche is thrown off of him. Lewis on top and starts bringing thunder. Ref stops it quickly. This was never in doubt.

Rd 2:

Rd 3:

Winner: Derrick Lewis def. Jay Peche by mauling (RD 1)

Gilbert Jimenez vs Rocky Long (Texas Title Belt)

Rd 1: Long takes the center quickly. Leg kick from Jimenez. Not much action so far. Right hand from Jimenez. A lot of punches being thrown. Not many landing. Jimenez finally shoots in and gets a takedown. Long works his way up and Jimenez works him over with knees against the cage. Uppercut to the body from Jimenez before the break. Leg kick followed by a 1-2 from Jimenez. They clinch and Rocky spins to take his back. Jimenez spins out and eats a knee but they reset in the center. Jimenez again to the body. Clinch and knees from Long as the round ends.

Rd 2: Long more aggressive to start the second. Leg kick from Jimenez. Long charges and gets a takedown. Ground and pound forces Jimenez to turtle, but he works his way up. Long grabs another takedown but Jimenez has his neck. Long pulls it out and works from top again. Jimenez works his way up and clinches. He lands some knees before they break. Both guys swinging hard, but slow. Jimenez pushes him to the fence but Long lands some good knees and takes his back. Jimenez recovers and it’s back to swinging punches. More good knees from Long out of the clinch. Jimenez drops Long with an uppercut but Long is up quick trying for a takedown. Can’t get it before the round ends.

Rd 3: Long with a leg kick to start. Jimenez throwing the big, jumping punches now. Leg kick from Jimenez. Good right hand lands for Long. Jimenez shoots but ends up on bottom. Long grabs for a heel hook and Jimenez rolls. Hammer fists from Jimenez. They scramble and Long ends up on top in an open guard. Elbows from the bottom from Jimenez. Both guys look exhausted. Jimenez rolls for an arm but Long defends well and keeps top position. Jimenez escapes and sweeps Long. He lands a punch before Long drags him back down. They stand and reset. Head kick near the end of the round. Long tries for a trip takedown but can’t get it.

Rd 4: Leg kick from Jimenez lands flush. Jimenez landing big punches now. Long shoots but Jimenez sprawls. Elbows to the body from Jimenez. He drops for a guillotine again but Long is free and now on top. Both guys are trying to do damage but nothing is landing hard. Long in half guard, but only briefly before Jimenez pulls back to full. Jimenez is doing more damage from bottom now but Long scrambles up and they are back to the feet. Clinch and they exchange knees to the body. Uppercut from Long. Good knee to the body from Jimenez. Long gets a takedown  but Jimenez sweeps him and gets on the back. Jimenez has hooks but can’t finish before the round ends.

Rd 5: LAST ROUND FOR THE TEXAS TITLE! Leg kick lands for Jimenez and he charges in with good winging punches. Long answers but is backing up. More leg kicks from Jimenez. Long lands and Jimenez covers up. Long too tired to take much advantage though. Long with some uppercuts against the cage.  Jimenez grabs a single leg and finishes the takedown. Quickly moves to the back. Long trying to peel the hooks and he does. He turns over onto Jimenez and climbs onto his back. Over-extends and is back on bottom. Big shots from the back landing for Jimenez. Long stands with Jimenez on his back. He dives backward and slams Jimenez down. It gets him off and Long is on top but now Jimenez has a kimura. Long defends well and is now standing over Jimenez. They are up and swing away for the last 10 seconds. No idea who won this fight.

Winner: Judges score the fight 49-46 Jimenez, 48-47 Long and 48-48. A Draw. What the fuck?! Ugh.