IMKF 2 Live Play By Play And Results

Title: IMKF 2
Location: The Edge
Date: January 28, 2012

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Yonny Osuna vs. Kyle Simpson
Dale Mitchell
Justin Ledet

Congratulations to all the above winners. They are now eligible for our end of year awards!

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Edgar Verdin vs. Lex Pappas – 185lbs

Rd 1 – Pappas comes out pumping the jab. Lex grabs for a takedown but Verdin defends. Pappas pins him against the cage. Pappas again working for a single leg. Verdin lands a knee to the head. Big elbow to Pappas’ head. Pappas lands a judo throw. Verdin ends up with a triangle from the back though. Pappas is up and Verdin getting the better of the standup. Leg kick from Pappas is answered by a left hand. Pappas again pushes him to the cage. Knee to the body from Verdin. Pappas gets a double leg at the ten second mark. He avoids a triangle and armbar attempt and jumps to side control before the bell sounds. Good action in the first round, and it’s tough to call. Pappas looks tired. 10-9 Verdin.

Rd 2- Verdin opens with a 1-2. Pappas pushes in for a takedown. Verdin defending well though. He lands elbows while Pappas keeps working for the takedown. Ref resets them in the center. Verdin throws a head kick that doesn’t land. Pappas again pushes for a takedown and gets it. Verdin has half guard. Pappas landing shots from top, but nothing too damaging. The takedown is enough to take it. 10-9 Pappas.

Rd 3- Head kick blocked by Pappas. Leg kick lands for Verdin. Pappas again on a leg. Verdin defending the takedown well once again. Knees to the thigh from Pappas. Verdin punching underneath. It isn’t enough and they restart again. Pappas backs him up with punches and again looks for a single. He switches to a double and gets it. In Verdin’s half guard. Pappas warned for shots to the back of the head. Pappas going for a keylock as the fight ends. 10-9 Pappas.

Winner: Edgar Verdin def. Lex Pappas by split decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)


Matt Jones vs. Carl Perry – 205lbs

Rd 1 – Jones lands the first big blow and stumbles Perry. Perry punches his way out but Jones grabs a double leg and gets it. Lones landing from top but Perry works his way to his feet with a slick sweep. Jones has him against the cage and working for a takedown. Good defense from Perry, who lands a solid elbow. He clears the leg and they reset. Perry lands a flurry of looping hooks that find the mark. Jones is backed up against the cage but he punches out. Perry is bleeding as they reset. Leg kicks from Jones. Perry answers with a leg kick. Theey trade bombs as the round ends. Good action in the first round. Perry needs the doc between rounds. 10-9 Jones.

Rd 2- Perry with a cut under his eye. Winging right misses for Jones. Leg kick from Perry is caught and Jones takes him down into side control. Perry pushes him away with his feet and they are back standing. Perry’s back is against the cage. Right hand from Jones and another takedown. Jones is in mount. Jones has hooks and rolls Perry over with a rear naked choke. Perry has to tap.

Rd 3

Winner: Matt Jones def. Carl Perry by submission (RD 2)

Drew Ratichek vs. Dale Mitchell – HWT

Rd 1 – Both guys swinging early. Big right from Ratichek and a good kick from Mitchell. Mitchell lands a big right hand. Another big right from Mitchell and he grabs a double and gets it. Mitchell works the body. Ratichek spins out and grabs a foot. He can’t finish it and Mitchell lands two more good shots. He is on top of Ratichek and landing. Ratichek escapes out the back and is on his feet. Mitchell gives him space and Ratichek falls down. Ref waves it off. KO win for Mitchell comes just after the 10 second clap.

Rd 2

Rd 3

Winner: Dale Mitchell def. Drew Ratichek by KO (RD 1)

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Yonny Osuna vs. Kyle Simpson – 205lbs


Rd 1  – Leg kick from Simpson. Osuna lands a right hand. Another leg kick from Simpson. Simpson ducks under a punch and gets a takedown. He is over aggressive though and now Osuna is on top. Simpson fights his way up and they reset. They trade big hands and Simpson kicks a leg out from under Osuna. Simpson with a front headlock. Osuna clears and tries a push kick. Another flurry and Osuna pins Simpson to the fence. Simpson changes position but Osuna moves to his back. Simpson gets away and the two charge at each other again. Big hands from both guys. I will be shocked if this goes much longer. Both guys let out a deep breath as the round ends. Close, exciting round from the big boys. 10-9 Osuna, but the other way wouldn’t shock me.

Rd 2- Again the guys come out swinging. Osuna runs out of an exchange and gets leg kicked. They reset and it happens again, only this time Simpson lands a solid kick to the body and grabs for a takedown. He can’t get it and now Osuna spins Simpson’s back to the cage. Knees from Osuna. He punches out and they break. A left hand lands flush for Osuna. Simpson recovers but another shot hurts him and he drops. Osuna jumps on him and lands a few hammers from the top before they stop it. Simpson is down in a pool of blood. Broken nose. Wild finish.

Rd 3- 


Winner: Yonny Osuna def. Kyle Simpson by TKO (RD 2)

Rey Trujillo vs. Randy Hauer – 145lbs

Rd 1 – Trujillo with a kick then a back kick. Neither lands. Spinning back kick from Rey hits Hauer and Hauer grabs a takedown. He scores it. Trujillo works his way up against the cage. Trujillo switches and pushes Hauer to the cage. Trujillo backs Hauer all the way across the cage with punches. Knee to the body from Trujillo. Head kick from Trujillo is blocked. Trujillo pushes in again and Hauer grabs a clinch and throws a knee. Close round. 10-9 Trujillo.

Rd 2- Trujillo aggressive early but Hauer avoiding damage. Trujillo grabs a takedown and lands a couple of heavy shots before Hauer works his way up. Another takedown from Trujillo. He goes for a leg and Hauer spins out and takes the back. He is on top for only a second though. Now Trujillo is backed up to the cage. They break and reset. Spinning back fist from Rey is short and he presses Hauer against the cage. They reset again. Trujillo lands a 1-2. Leg kick from Hauer is solid. Trujillo rushes in again. He is landing and pushing Hauer around a little now. Trujillo with a takedown but Hauer works his way up quickly. Trujillo lands a head kick and a 1-2. Hauer slumps down against the cage and the ref jumps in.

Rd 3

Winner: Rey Trujillo def. Randy Hauer by TKO (RD 2)

Noel Ligon vs. Sam Mohamed – 185lbs

Rd 1 – Mohamed aggressive early. Ligon keeping distance but eats an inside leg kick. Leg kick from Ligon. Head kick from Mohamed is short. So is the flying knee. High kick blocked by Ligon. Body kick from Ligon. Inside leg kick lands for Ligon. Push kick from Mohamed and Ligon kicks the plant leg. Leg kick from Ligon. Body kick from Mohamed lands. Mohamed catches a kick and takes Ligon down. Sweep from Ligon and he is up. Now he gets the takedown. He works to mount and to the back. He is high though. He jumps off and lands an uppercut on the break. Ligon with elbows and knees out of the clinch. Big punches and a head kick from Ligon. He drops for a guillotine but Mohamed pops out. No mouth piece for Mohamed. He is eating big shots from Ligon. Mohamed is taking too much damage in the clinch and the ref has to stop it. This is a HUGE win for Ligon. Puts him in the elite conversation for 185’s in Houston.

Rd 2

Rd 3

Winner: Noel Ligon def. Sam Mohamed by TKO (RD 1)

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Ike Villanueva vs. Justin Ledet – 205lbs

Rd 1 – Both guys landing early. Knee out of the clinch from Ledet. Uppercut from Ike. Ike has him pinned against the cage. Ledet gets outside and throws his arms up. Ike grabs a body and pushes it to the cage. Ike with a big shot out of the clinch. He shoots but Ledet defends. Big shots landing for Ledet in the standup game. Ike grabs him and works for another takedown. Ref restarts them and Ike comes out swinging. He pushes Ledet back against the cage. Super close round. 10-9 Ledet. But it could EASILY be the other way. Super close round.

Rd 2- Ike comes out swinging and grabs a takedown. He gets it and is on top of Ledet. Ledet with half guard and Ike is doing work from top. Elbows and punches. Ledet finally works his way up and they reset.  Body shot lands for Ledet. Ike shoots but it is short. They are back up and Ledet has Ike’s back to the cage. Knee to the body from Ike. They reset. Ike again with a knee and drives him to the fence. The ref resets them at the 10 second clap but Ike instantly grabs a body lock and drives him back to the fence. 10-9 Villanueva

Rd 3- Ike bull rushes and gets a takedown in the first 10 seconds. Ike punching from the top.He leaves an arm in and Ledet grabs it. He stretches it out and Ike has to tap. Ike is pissed as he gets up. Things were going his way to that point. Big win for Ledet.

Winner: Justin Ledet def. Ike Villanueva by Submission (RD 3)