IMK Fights: Weigh-Ins Recap and Pics

Written By: Barry Laminack

With their first weigh-ins now in the books, we are only 24 hours away from the kick off of the first ever Immortal Kombat Fights. The promotion might be new, but many of the names and faces on the card have been around Houston (and Texas) MMA for a long time. There is a good mixture of veterans and young fighters on the card.

As for the weigh ins, it was not the smoothest in the world, but that’s to be expected from a new promotion. Sometimes it’s out of the promoters hands if the guys don’t make weight.

After the dust had settled there are a total of 9 confirmed fights. The only fight still up in the air is Jared Taylor vs Lex Pappas. Taylor didn’t make it to weigh-ins so the state is giving him until Noon tomorrow to weigh in. If he does not, the fight will be off.

At one point, it looked like the Sam Mohamed vs Ricky Compala fight might not happen because of a huge discrepancy in weight. Compala was at 203 and Mohamed was at 187. After some careful checking and re-figuring, the state said that Compala needed to cut 1.5 pounds to make it official. When I left, he was still running around the parking lot in his sweat suit, but I’m told the fight is going to happen.

Here is the final card, with the one fight in italics still up in the air.

Gilbert Jimenez vs Rocky Long – For the Texas Title Belt
Jay Peche vs Derrick Lews
Corey Salter vs Dale Mitchell
Matthew Thompson vs Jon Kirk
Sam Mohamed vs Ricky Compala
Carl Perry vs Kyle Simpson
Lex Papas vs Jared Taylor
Chris Smith vs Marcus Dupar
Noel Ligon vs Edgar Verdin
Daniel Miller vs Jason Sullivan

OH, Congrats to Dale Mitchell for winning the “Biggest Dude in the Littlest Drawers” award…and for droppin’ it like it’s hot on the scale. If you didn’t watch the live broadcast, you missed it!

Enjoy the pics, we’ll see you at the fights.

Rocky Long vs Gilbert Jimenez

Derrick Lews vs Jay Peche

Corey Salter vs Dale Mitchell

Jon Kirk vs Matthew Thompson

Carl Perry vs Kyle Simpson

???? vs Lex Papas

Chris Smith vs Marcus Dupar

Noel Ligon vs Edgar Verdin

Daniel Miller vs Jason Sullivan