Elite Amateur Combat 1 Live Play By Play

Title: Elite Amateur Combat 1
Location: Legends Sports Complex (Spring, Tx)
Date: December 2, 2011 7:30pm (Doors open at 6:30pm)

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Andrew Musquiz vs Nelson Rodriguez
Jose Gomez
Brandon Hanna

Congratulations to all the above winners. They are now eligible for our end of year awards!


Start is being delayed: We’ll get started at 8:00pm

Luis De Leon vs Bryan Alvarado

125 Lbs.

Rd 1: De Leon appears to have a cup the size of a bicycle helmet. They touch gloves and we start. High kick from De Leon. Active trading from both guys. De Leon catches a kick but can’t get the takedown. Alvarado lands a nice shot and De Leon shoots in with a double. He gets it but lets Alvarado up. Alvarado answers a kick with a right hand. De Leon with a takedown. Alvarado has full guard. He is holding nicely but De Leon postures and lands a few punches. De Leon lets him up with seconds left in the round. Uneventful finish to the round. 10-9 De Leon.

Rd 2: Alvarado charges and gets a takedown. De Leon throws up a triangle. Alvarado defends and ends up on his back. De Leon fights out and is standing over the downed Alvarado. Ground and pound from De Leon and the ref has to stop it.

Rd 3:

Winner: Luis De Leon def. Bryan Alvarado by TKO (RD 2)

Edgar Juarez vs Brandon Hanna

145 Lbs.

Rd 1: Both fighters trading kicks early. Juarez charges in with a strong right hand that pushes Hanna back to the cage. Hanna goes for a double leg. He fights for it and eventually gets it. Hanna in side control. Hanna tries to mount and Juarez kicks him away and stands up. Knee to the body from Juarez and Hanna drops to his knees. Juarez punching the body. Hana turtles up and rolls over. Hanna grabs the feet and sweeps into mount. He stands up and spins into an arm bar. Juarez fights it hard but has to tap.

Rd 2:

Rd 3:

Winner: Brandon Hanna def. Edgar Juarez by submission (armbar) Rd 1

Sijin Kurian vs Dominque Pittman

125 Lbs.

Rd 1: Kurian whipping out right hands early. They tie up and Kurian pushes Pittman to the fence. He is working the body as he can’t get the takedown. They trade knees to the body. Kurian finally pulls the legs and gets the takedown. Pittman looking for a guillotine but Kurian passes to half guard. He works to closed but Kurian is postured and working the body. Pittman shoves him away with his feet and they are back on the feet. Kurian pins him back against the cage. Kurian gets another takedown as the round ends. 10-9 Kurian.

Rd 2: Pittman lands a hard right to start the round. Kurian shoots and Pittman grabs the neck. he clears it and they are back up. Knee to the body and a straight right force another takedown attempt from Kurian. Kurian gets it but loses the position. Pittman briefly has the back but Kurian rolls over into his guard. Kurian working the body. Pittman throws up a triangle but rather than pulling the arm across to submit he throws punches from bottom. Kurian is still firing back and survives the round. 10-9 Kurian.

Rd 3: They both throw right hands that connect and Kurian gets another powerful double leg. He is in side control. He works for a mounted crucifix but Pittman is up. Kurian grabs a guillotine against the fence. He is cranking but can’t finish it. Kurian with another takedown and quickly passes to side control. Pittman works back to guard, but Kurian passes and finishes the round with a knee on the belly. 10-9 Kurian

Winner: Sinjin Kurian def. Dominque Pittman by unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28, 29-28)

David Montemayor vs Daniel Garza

165 Lbs.

Rd 1:  Montemayor circling but landing. Finally Garza pushes in for a takedown. Garza has him pinned against the cage and is landing ground and pound. Montemayor is eating shots with his neck bent against the cage. He can’t work Garza off of him. Round ends. 10-9 Garza.

Rd 2: Montemayor comes out boxing, and Garza is doing a good job defending. Garza catches a finger in the eye, and there is a short break. Garza shoots in but Montemayor shucks it off. Both guys landing on the feet. Montemayor looking for the body. He then follows with two rights to the head. Garza has his hands down, and Montemayor is landing clean. Body lock by Garza and he gets the takedown into mount. A couple of shots land but Montemayor works back to guard. The round finishes that way. Tough round to call, but I will give it to Montemayor for aggression on the feet.

Rd 3: Exchange from both guys and Garza shoots. Montemayor shucks him. Garza tries again and again is denied. Montemayor lands a good jab on the break. Head kick llands on the face of Garza and Montemayor follows it with a one-two. Garza pushes in against the cage and gets a takedown as the round ends. 10-9 Montemayor. Will be interesting to see how the judges see this.

Winner: David Montemayor def. Daniel Garza by unanimous decision (29-28 x3)

Jose Gomez vs Luis Lerma

170 lbs.

Rd 1: Lerma lands a kick early. They tie up and a knee lands low on Gomez. Break in the action. Lerma lands a one-two and Gomez scores a takedown. Lerma up quick and pins Gomez to the fence. A low blow from Gomez and we break again. Lerma comes out strong but Gomez lands a right that floors Lerma. He recovers and gets up to grab a leg. Gomez pushes him down and is in his guard. Vicious ground and pound from Gomez. Lerma works to mount and the round finishes there. 10-9 Gomez.

Rd 2: Lerma kicks and Gomez answers with a right. Spinning back fist from Lerma is short. Gomez lands 4 big knees to the body. The last one drops Lerma and Gomez comes with ground and pound. The ref eventually stops it.

Rd 3:

Winner: Jose Gomez def. Luis Lerma by TKO (RD 2)

Zach Scalf vs Michael Alvarez

178 lbs.

Rd 1: Scalf opens with a leg kick. Alvarez opens up with hands and Scalf drops for a shot. Alvarez has a standing guillotine. Scalf doesn’t tap, but eventually goes limp. Alvarez with the quick finish.

Rd 2:

Rd 3:

Winner: Michael Alvarez def. Zach Scalf by technical submission (RD 1)

Andrew Musquiz vs Nelson Rodriguez

155 lbs.

Rd 1: Leg kick and a shot from Rodriguez. He gets it but Musquiz works to his knees. Rodriguez controls a head and arm and tries to get the back. Musquiz works to guard. Rodriguez landing from the top and Musquiz punching up. Musquiz tries for an armbar, then a triangle . Eventually he sweeps and now he has mount. Heavy punches from top. Rodriguez rolls to his stomach. Ref almost stops it but lets the round finish. Good start for Rodriguez but the dominant position and big damage from Musquiz stole it in the last minute. 10-9 Musquiz.

Rd 2: Musquiz presses Rodriguez to the cage early but Rodriguez reverses. Muzquiz drops for a takedown but Rodriguez defends. Rodriguez shoots and now Musquiz is on top, with Rodriguez on his knees. Rodriguez pulls the leg and is on top. Rodriguez punching from Musquiz’s guard. Musquiz throws up a triangle but Rodriguez clears and grabs a neck in the exchange. He is pulling as the round ends. Rodriguez is looking gassed. 10-9 Rodriguez.

Rd 3: Musquiz throws a high kick that misses and Rodriguez charges in with punches. He drops for a shot. Musquiz defends well but Rodriguez sticks with it and is on top. Musquiz has his back to the cage and stands up. Musquiz throws a knee and they break. Musquiz lands flush and Rodriguez fires back wildly. He is tired. Musquiz lands a one-two and the ref steps in to stop it. Wow. Just a minute left. Terrible stoppage. Strange ending for sure. I don’t know how much Rodriguez had left, but you have to let him finish out that last minute of the fight. Sigh.

Winner: Andrew Musquiz def. Nelson Rodriguez by TKO (RD 3)