Live Coverage: King of Kombat – April 9, 2011

Title: King of Kombat
Location: The Palmer Events Center- Austin, TX
Date: April 9, 2011 8:00pm

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Joey Leyendecker vs Derek O’neil

Joey Leyendecker Name Derek O’neil
5’5” Height 5’8”
145 Weight 145
0-2 Record 0-3
Capital Punishment Gym Capital Punishment

Rd1: Both guys come out aggressive with knees. O’Neil lands a nice punch and shoots for a takedown but Leyendecker has his neck. O’Neil gets free and lands some brutal knees to the head from a clinch before Leyendecker finally drops a knee. O’Neil grabs the neck this time. It looks deep but Leyendecker pulls his head out. O’Neil quickly goes for an arm but then throws up a nice triangle. Leyendecker lifts him off the mat Rampage style but the slam isn’t enough to shake O’Neil. The tap comes at 2:04.


Claudio Rocha vs Josh Scales

Claudio Rocha Name Josh Scales
The Rock Nickname The Cobra
5’8” Height 5’9”
150 Weight 150
3-1 Record 2-2
Lake Travis MMA Gym Austin Muay Thai

Rd1: Scales lands the better leather early on and avoids Rocha’s takedown attempts. Scales scores a takedown of his own but Rocha quickly rolls into a heel hook and Scales is tapping. Rocha with a nasty submission and Scales needs the doctor. Brutal finish in 24 seconds.


Victor Pozas vs Phoenix Camacho

Victor Pozas Name Phoenix Camacho
5’10” Height 5’9”
155 Weight 155
0-0 Record 0-0
Gold Team Gym Relson Gracie

Rd1: Pozas wins most intimidating corner in this match with Cyborg Santos behind him. Camacho comes out aggressive but Pozas recovers and scores a takedown. Camacho up quickly and Pozas shoots again. Camacho takes his back but can’t capitalize and they are back on their feet. Camacho is noticeably bigger, and he is using his size and reach to bully Pozas right now. Pozas lands a cup check, but Camacho is ok and they continue. Camacho presses Pozas to the cage and is scoring with hands and knees. Pozas shoots at the 10 second mark but Camacho shoves him to his back. Round ends, and I scored it for Camacho.

Rd2: Pozas comes out more aggressive with his striking this round but Camacho is still landing. He punches Pozas to the mat and lands a couple of shots from top before backing off and resetting. Camacho stalking Pozas now and still landing. Pozas lands a left hook but it didn’t have much behind it, and he may be gassing. Pozas grabs a single, desperate to get it down, but can’t finish it. Round ends, and Camacho is in total control right now.

Rd3: Pozas out of the gate strong again, and he backs Camacho to the cage with a flurry of punches. Camacho lands and backs him off. Big kick to the body and Camacho pounces with punches. Pozas shoots in but can’t get the single. Back up and another brutal kick to the ribs visibly hurts Pozas. He falls, but again Camacho wants to be standing. Pozas is landing occasionally, but Camacho is walking through his strikes. The bell ends the fight, and the judges will call this one.


Ali Ileiwi vs Warren Stewart

Ali Ileiwi Name Warren Stewart
5’10” Height 5’5”
150 Weight 150
2-2 Record 7-16
Fitness Fight Factory Gym Battle Labs

Rd1: Stewart comes out fast and jumps with a kick but is taken down. He lands elbows from the bottom and rolls to the top where he throws down some bombs. Ileiwi looking for a leg but Stewart is punishing him. Back to the feet and Ileiwi lands nicely. Stewart gets a takedown and is in the guard. Stewart lets him up and again jumps with a Superman punch. Ileiwi grabs the neck but Stewart powers out. He takes the back and lands a belly to back slam a la Kevin Randleman. Big punches to the turtled Ileiwi, but he rolls over and gets half guard. Stewart still landing from top but Ileiwi defends nicely. Stewart gets the back, with hooks, and lands good ground and pound. Ileiwi escapes to his feet but Stewart is instantly back on him. Ileiwi has his arm but can’t bend it back. Stewart gets it free and ends the round pummeling Ileiwi. Lopsided first round.

Rd2: Ileiwi pushes action to the cage and gets a takedown. Stewart defending well from his back and throwing upkicks. Ileiwi grabs for a foot lock and Stewart punishes him for it. Stewart on top now in side control. Ileiwi in the turtle shell just trying to minimize damage. Stewart finally lets him up and Ileiwi comes out with a strong left hand. The two trade head kicks and Stewart charges with a flying knee. Ileiwi is bloodied and the crowd is LOVING this one. Stewart back in the mount and now takes the back. Ileiwi is covering up with no attempt at offense here. Blocking some of the shots, but this probably should have been stopped. The bell ends the round, and Ileiwi takes a few seconds before he gets up.

Rd3: Stewart not letting off the gas as he continues to throw wild strikes. Ileiwi gets a takedown this time but again eats up kicks from the downed Stewart. Ileiwi drops and gets his head, and transitions to his back. He has a rear naked, but Stewart won’t tap. He breaks free and Ileiwi grabs an arm. Stewart spins out and lands a shot before standing back up. He gets the back now and goes back to pounding on Ileiwi. Body shots punishing Ileiwi who is turtled up. Stewart gets a crucifix and lands some short punches before the ref jumps in at 4:12 of the round.


David Roberts vs. James Duece King

David Roberts Name James Duece King

5’8” Height 5’10”
155 Weight 155
5-3 Record 14-9
Team Rage Gym Austin Muay Thai

Rd1: Both guys come out swinging pretty wildly but neither is landing. Spoke too soon. Roberts smashes him with a right. He thinks about it for a second, and King starts to get up. Roberts lands a right hook that drops King back to a knee and the ref jumps in. Quick and brutal. 17 second knockout.


The announcer recognizes the stars in the crowd. Kamal Shalorous and Edwin Figueroa, who have made it to the UFC after getting their starts in King of Kombat. Evangelista Cyborg Santos and his wife Cris Cyborg are also in attendance, as Cyborg is cornering all the Gold Team fighters.

Jose Santibanez vs Rocky Long

Jose Santibanez Name Rocky Long
5’6” Height 5’8”
155 Weight 155
9-3 Record 19-26
Gold Team Gym Rocky Long MMA

Rd1: Both guys come out swinging for the fences, but neither landing big early. Santibanez lands the first bomb and follows it with a shot. He ends up pinning Long against the fence and landing hard shots to the head. They are back in the center and exchanging. Long clips Santibanez with an uppercut and Santibanez comes back with a lunging right hand and an uppercut of his own. He shoots but Long shrugs it off. Santibanez landing better leather in this round so far, but Long still pursuing him. Santibanez shoots for a single but Long sprawls and is on top of him. He lands a punch as they separate. Long lands a strong right but Santibanez responds with a hook that floors Long. He pounces but Long recovers and they are back on their feet. The round ends with a flurry from Long. Back and forth, exciting round. Santibanez had the slight edge with a takedown and a knockdown.

Rd2: Long lands a shot that drops Santibanez but as he rushes in Santibanez grabs a takedown. Neither lasts long and they are back up. Santibanez pushes Long to the cage, but Long reverses and gets a takedown. Santibanez works his way up and tries for a takedown of his own but Long fights it off. Looping right hand scores for Santibanez. Santibanez shoots in as Long kicks and scores a double. He quickly works to Long’s back and gets a hook in. Long fighting the second hook and works his way back up. Long eats a strong uppercut. Both guys landing heavy shots now, and it is tough to say who is getting the best of it. Crazy close round. Could go either way, but if I had to call it I would go with Long.

Rd3: More solid punching exchanges start the third. Santibanez slips on some sweat as he circles, but quickly gets a body lock and scores a takedown. Long works his way up but Santibanez takes him right back down and is on his back. Santibanez landing good punches to the head and he sinks in both hooks. Long spins out but is still taking damage. Santibanez looks for a shoulder lock but gives it up as the opportunity for more punches is there. Santibanez gets the hooks again and rolls him over. The choke is on and Long taps.


Lex Pappas vs Marcus Sursa

Lex Pappas Name Marcus Sursa
Nickname Money
6’2” Height 6’2”
210 Weight 210
2-4 Record 27-19
Gold Team Gym Austin Muay Thai

Rd1: Pappas runs out and throws punches. He slips on a kick and Sursa goes for a neck. Pappas moves to the side away from danger and lands some ground and pound. Sursa works his way up and Pappas presses him against the cage. Sursa gets free and theyare back in the middle. Both guys land some solid punches and Pappas lands an inside leg kick that has Sursa doing the splits. Sursa presses it to the cage now. Pappas backs him off and chases him down with big punches. Sursa clinches and pulls back to the cage. Pappas throws an uppercut style elbow and Sursa is cut on the nose. Sursa lands a punch and pushes Pappas to the fence. Both guys swinging for the fences and landing. Pappas lands a head kick. These guys are brawling. Pappas shoots and Sursa sprawls out. He lands some hammer fists to Pappas’ side as the round ends. Close round and both guys go to their corners bloodied. I liked Pappas in that round.

Rd2: Pappas again aggressive and again Sursa is answering back. Both guys going balls out here. Lots of strikes are landing. Pappas working the inside leg kick. Two body kicks land for Sursa. Sursa shoots in and scores the takedown. He moves to side control but Pappas is avoiding damage. Check that. Crucifix for Sursa and Pappas is in trouble. Eating elbows and punches. Pappas powers out of the crucifix but Sursa grabs an armbar. Pappas hanging on but is forced to tap. Great fight.


Marlon Mathias vs Nick “The Ghost” Gonzalez

Marlon Mathias Name Nick Gonzalez
Nickname The Ghost
5’6” Height 5’6”
153 Weight 153
5-5 Record 14-8
Gold Team Gym Vasquez Academy

Rd1: The two feel each other out early. Gonzalez looks for his range and Mathias stays away. Gonzalez throws a flurry but nothing lands flush. Body kick from Mathias, but neither man wants to commit too much early on. Body punch lands for Gonzalez. Mathias pushes forward now and winging left hooks at Gonzalez. Mathias presses him against the cage and tries for a takedown that is defensed. Gonzalez spins Mathias against the cage. Not enough action and the ref restarts them. Mathias narrowly misses with a huge head kick. Good push kick to the body from Mathias. Gonzalez getting in and out quickly and Mathias is just missing with kill-shots. Razor close round. Too close to call honestly, but Gonzalez pushed the pace a little more.

Rd2: Mathias lands a nasty leg kick early in the round. Gonzalez just misses with an attempt of his own. Gonzalez comes with a combo of punches that miss, but lands a leg kick at the end. Good leg kicks from Mathias high on the thigh. Mathias rushes in and lands a flurry. Gonzalez is backed up against the cage. Both men swinging fists and they back out into the center. Gonzalez pushes forward with a nice combo and Mathias answers with a knee to the body. Spinning back kick attempt misses for Gonzalez. He follows it up with a flurry against the cage. Mathias circles out but Gonzalez pins him against the cage and lets another flurry out. The last right hand knocks Mathias out clean, and Gonzalez wins a great standup battle.


Cleburn Walker vs Jorge “Macaco” Patino

Cleburn Walker Name Jorge Patino
The Spartan Nickname Macaco
5’6” Height 5’6”
170 Weight 170
9-5 Record 23-12
Gym Gold Team

Rd1: Macaco comes out first but deosn’t land anything on a combo. Looping right hand misses from Macaco. Walker seems very cautious early on. Macaco lands a big right hand that stumbles Walker. Walker tries to shoot but Macaco grabs the head. He pulls him down and it looks like Walker clears but Macaco rolls him over onto his back and is in side mount. Macaco works to mount but Walker shoves him back to the side. No real damage from Macaco on top but Walker is smothered. Macaco sets up a neck crank with an arm in and Walker taps. Impressive showing by Macaco!