Legacy FC 8: Weigh-in Pics and results

Written By: Barry Laminack

With the Legacy Fighting Championship 8 weigh-ins now complete I guess (as the old saying goes) it’s all over but the shouting, or in this case the fighting. All fighters would eventually make weight. I say eventually because, as we reported in the comment section of the live weigh-ins stream page, 3 fighters came in over.

Bubba Bush came in a half pound heavy; Evert Guitierrez and Mark Garcia both had to cut a pound. All three guys would make weight.

I’m told (via Mike Jackson (MikeTheTruth.com)) that Nate Garza came in a couple of pounds over (2.5) but was able to cut to 1.5. He paid $100/lb for the rest.


  • Best face off goes to Macaco and Spratt
  • Best drawers goes to Justin Reiswerg with those bright blue Superman underoos.
  • The “Seems like everybody has to get buck naked to make weight” award goes to, well, almost everybody.

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Enjoy the pics! (we’re about to put a bunch of candid and behind the scenes shots (including the Ring Card Girls) on our Facebook page so check it out)

Justin Reiswerg vs Ken Battle

Mark Garcia vs Lee King

Cody Williams vs Nate Garza

Alex Morono vs Evert Gutierrez

Bubba Bush vs Josh Foster

Ricardo Talavera Vs Rashon Lewis

Larry Crowe vs Ike Villanueva

Jeff Rexroad vs John Malbrough

Steve Garcia vs Steven Peterson

Eric Shambari vs Andrew Craig

Jorge “Macaco” Patino vs Pete Spratt