Live Coverage: Legacy Fighting Championship – April 9, 2011

Title: Legacy FC
Location: Houston Arena Theatre
Date: April 9, 2011 7:30pm

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Tim Snyder vs Alex Black
Daniel Pineda

Congratulations to all the above winners. They are now eligible for our end of year awards!


Mark Garcia vs Patrick Greene

Mark Garcia Mark Garcia Name Patrick Greene Patrick Greene
Kant Get Right Nickname
6’0″ / 168lbs Ht/Wt 5’11″ / 170lbs
Not Ranked Rank Not Ranked
1-2-0 Record 0-1-0
Kingwood MMA Gym Revolution Dojo

Rd1: Here we go!! Garcia opens with a couple of head kicks that are blocked. Greene shoots, backs up garcia to the cage and takes him down. Garcia now sitting on his butt with his back against the cage.  Greene trying to pass but Mark is stalling nicely. Danny D stands ’em up.  Greene’s corner asking for pressure.  Teep kick countered with a right by Greene.  Now working from the clinch, Greene attempting a single and gets it.  Greene now trying to work in Garcia’s closed guard.  Domingo Pilarte in Greene’s corner shouting instructions. Peppering punches by Garcia who now is working for a triangle but greene with a NICE escape, moving his left leg over the body of Garcia. Theres the bell.

Rd2: Garcia opens with more kicks. Greene with a nice counter right that causes Garcia to begin bleeding from the mouth.Greene shoots again and gets another take down into half guard.  Greene trying to pass but again, garcia doing a good job not controlling his leg. NICE sweep by Garcia. lets see what he can do with half guard.  Greene’s turn to stuff the passes as Mark can’t do much from here…and just like that Greene with great sweep. Greene now has Garcia’s back but can’t do much with it as the round ends.

Garcia is looking much improved on the ground thus far.

Rd3: Greene trying to establish a jab lands a nice 1,2 knee, now a takedown. working from half guard again…well, I say working, but Garcia is doing a good job controlling him.  Pilarte calling for body shots but Garcia is doing a great job of hold Greene.  Sweep by Garcia. Greene with nice wrist controll now. Both guys are tired but doing a great job. That’s it. Good opening fight. Gonna be close!

WINNER: Mark Gacia wins via Split Dec.

Patrick Hutton vs Pat Bierschwale

Patrick Hutton Patrick Hutton Name Pat Bierschwale
Bam Bam Nickname The Bison
5’9″ / 170lbs Ht/Wt 5’10″ / 183lbs
Not Ranked Rank #5
2-2-0 Record 1-0-0
Rising Sun Karate Gym West Side MMA

Rd1: Glove touch and here we go. Hutton with his trademark light on his feet bounce. He really cuts of the ring well, that’s that boxing background.  Pat B being patient letting the fight come to him, not wanting to get caught by the heavy handed Hutton. 1,2 by Hutton lands nice but the bison circles out. Lead hook by Hutton misses.  Now it’s The Bison cutting off the ring backing up Hutton against the cage slowly.  This reminds me of a cowboy on a hourse how the control the cows left to right.  The Bison shoots in hands high but manages to get ’em on Hutton and take him down.  Now The Bison is in his comfort zone, but don’t sleep on Hutton here,he’s super strong.  Bierschwale in side control. That’s the round.

Rd2: After a lull, Hutton charges forward and lands a nice right (I think, I was looking down sorry, haha).  I think I just saw Hutton motion to the Bison like “bring it on”. Hutton looks like he is feeling it, but Pat B is VERY patient.  JDF telling Hutton to change levels and shoot. Lead hook to cross by Hutton misses. Pat B. now trying to slow down Hutton with a few leg kicks. Crowd booing a bit at the pace.  Hutton lands a nice combo on The Bison but it looks like it might have woke him up as agains he’s back to moving hutton around the cage rodeo style.  The Bison dev. looking for a take down. Pat B throws a hook with nothing on it and Hutton shoots underneath and gets the takedown at the bell, securing the round.

I have it 1-1.

Rd3: The Bison comes out with a purpose now. Hutton is doing a nice job of sticking and moving. As the Bison tries to shoot, Hutton throws hooks.  The Bison with another shot but a nice sprawl by Hutton.  Hutton is looking fresh, but also looks to be avoiding Pat B and content with riding out this round. Well maybe not, he just cut Pat B on the forehead with a counter right.  10 sec. left.  This is going to be close!

WINNER: Pat Hutton def. Pat Bierschwale via Split Dec.

Hutton ripped his bicep off his arm in the first round. I’m told him, “shoot on him” was a code word from Hutton’s corner. It meant duck and throw a hook..he did plenty of that! Great fight by Hutton.

Artenas Young vs Jonathan Mack

Artenas Young Artenas Young Name Jonathan Mack Jonathan Mack
Machine Gun Nickname The Mack Truck
6’2″ / 205lbs Ht/Wt 5’8″ / 185lbs
#2 Rank #7
4-2-0 Record 1-1-0
Hoger MMA Gym No Gym on File

Rd1: OHHH SNAP. Here we gooooo! Gotta say, both walk out songs kind of sucked. Sorry guys! 🙂 Smattering of boo’s for Artenas. Cheers for Mack…crazyness! “do not chase” are the first words out of Coach Tony’s mouth for Mack. Young looks very focused.  Young  with an inside leg kick countered by a right by Mack. Tony very firm with mack about NOT FOLLOWING HIM.  Young working hte legs seems to bother Mack a bit.  Mack checked that kick. Trading leg kicks now. nice 1,2 by Mack lands.  WOW, I think mack just pulled a muscle trying to teep kick Young in the face. he’s flexing his leg like it hurts.  Another leg kick by Young bothers Mack as he looks at Youngs corner. There is the bell.

Rd2: Chico is faster but seems to have a bit of respect for Mack’s power. Mack rushes in and chico lands a hook that wobbles him. Both fighters look at eachother and do a little show boating.  Spinnig back kick and back fist by Mack! This is awesome! Young yelling at Mack in the ring “DONT CHASE ME!”. that’s the same thing Mack’s coach is saying oddly enough.  Young working that leg over and over.  Mack with his hands very low. Mack checks another kick. Young gets inside and lands a nice left hook but mack absorbs it.  Young with a flurry but mack covered up nicely and none of them did damage.  Young does a dance on the outside and the crowd boos a little. Going to the third.

Rd3: Both fighters looking at eachother not doing much. Young with 1,2,3 but it does nothing. Lots of movement by Chico before he goes in, Mack covering nicely.  Young just dropped Mack with a right but Mack pops back up. Mack keeps looking at his corner as they shout.  Mack working Youngs legs now with Kicks. Mack with his back against the cage but Young is hesitant to attack. Left right by Young counter hook by Mack.  10 sec left. Young with a lead left and mack answered with a nice right hook. Going to the judges.

WINNER: Artenas Young def. Jonathan Mack via Un. Decisioin

Crowd booing Young. Collin Cantrell says that Young might get a title shot against the winner of Andrew Craig vs Bubba Bush.


John Malbrough vs Jonathon Harris

John Malbrough John Malbrough Name Jonathon Harris Jonathon Harris
The Maniac Nickname The Hulk
6’1″ / 193lbs Ht/Wt 5’10″ / 175lbs
#6 Rank Not Ranked
2-0-0 Record 4-1-0
Kingwood MMA Gym Submission Boxing Academy

Rd1: We are back! No glove touch…duh. Harris throws a left right that misses and Malbrough counters with a HUGE left hook that drops harris.  Malbrough pounces and gets his back. Harris does a good job of not panicing and rolls Malbrough over.  Body body head from the top from The Hulk. Malbrough with the closed guard.  Harris doing a nice job of continuing to work that body.  Malbrough with a triangle attempt but they are too close to the cage for him to lock it in.  Harris is out and goes back to working the body nicely.  Harris stacks Malbrough a bit buck then back down. Another triangle attempt by Malbrough with 10 sec left. Harris punching from the choke and malbrough is punching form the bottom as the bell rings. Nice first round.

Rd2: Harris opens with a leg kick and the rushed in behind a looping hook that misses. Nice knee from Malbrough in the clinch.  Harris with the takedown. Malbrough still going for triangles. Malbrough re-tightens the choke but Harris is hanging in there.  harris still trying to work the body, but doesn’t seem like if he wants to pound the body or get out of the choke attempt. Malbrough looks to be etting it tighter and tighter but can’t put Harris away. There’s the bell.

Rd3: Harris opens with a teep kick, malbrough responds with a counter right that backs him up. malbrough with the trip attempt, but it’s harris who gets the takedown.  Harris with his head in Malbroughs chest, working the body body head again.  BOth guys landing little punches that aren’t doing much damage. the real fight here is for wrist control now. Harris tries to mount an atack iwth a big body body head. Malbrough attempts another trianlge and harris sneaks out the back into side control. Malbrough puts him back into guard qucikly. At 10 seconds let both guys open it up.

WINNER: Jonathan Harris via Unanimous Decision

Tim Snyder vs Alex Black

Tim  Snyder Tim Snyder Name Alex Black Alex Black
5’6″ / 140lbs Ht/Wt 6’0″ / 143lbs
#2 Rank #4
11-7-0 Record 1-1-0
Paradigm Training Center Gym Bushi Ban – World Headquarters

Rd1: Here we go. Glove  touch and we’re off. Tim trying to get inside quickly.  Missed with a hook. Nice Leg kick by Black and then he lands a nice right hook. head kick by Black blocked. AXE KICK BY BLACK! it didn’t land but that’s fun!!  Black going for the single.  Black now working knees from the clinch. He pulls guard and the crowd comes alive. Triangle attempt. Looks deep. this could be it. Tim turning red. but continues to punch.  AND HE IS OUT OF IT, Nice Job! Now lands a nice shot while black is on the ground. Upkick by black lands flush! Tim works the legs while Black up kicks from the bottom. GREAT FIRST ROUND!!

Rd2: Alex was bleeding at the end of the first but seems to be cleaned up now.  nice 1,2 head kick by black.  Snyder landing and backing up black who covers up. working against the cage now in the clinch. Black is head hunting with these head kicks!Snyder rushed in. Knees by both guys Both guys have a plum and are landing nice knees. GOOD Uppercut by Snyder. Great dirty boxing by both guys here.  Now black with his back aainst the cage, spins around and it’s Snyder’s turn to feel the steel.  Black must have a good plum becuase Tim hasn’t been able to get out of it for half this round.  There is the bell. fight of the night so far. this is great!

Rd3: lead right by snyder followed by a counter left by Black. head kick misses by balck. Tim lands a 1,2. Another 1,2 head kick by Black. Tim fires back and backs black up.  Back to the clinch we go.  Black with the plum again. Good knees by black. Oh, nice uppercut by Snyder. Snyder has really nice uppercuts fro the clinch, black has great knees. Both are landing and both doing damage.  Somebody is bleeding, I can’t see who.  Might be Black again. Black lands a massive leg kick while hold the plum. Snyders corner yelling “he’s cut bad, he’s cut bad” I gues that answers my question. with 10 seconds left both guys let is go. WHAT A GREAT FIGHT! No doubt fight of the nigh so far!

WINNER: Tim Snyder wins via split decision

Alex Morono vs Jeff Rexroad

Alex Morono Alex Morono Name Jeff Rexroad Jeff Rexroad
5’11″ / 170lbs Ht/Wt 6’3″ / 170lbs
#10 Rank #7
2-0-0 Record 2-1-0
Gracie Barra – The Woodlands Gym Paradigm Training Center

Rd1: Glove touch by both guys and here we go. Head kick lands by Morono. follows with a teep kick. Alex working the jab and teep and lands a leg kick. Another head kick by Morono. Both guys trading but missing and Rexroad decides he wants to do this on the mat and takes Alex down. HUGE crowd here cheering for Alex, chanting his name. But, now a great cheering section for Rexroad slowly chants his name.  mean while both guys not doing much on the ground. Rexy stands up and Alex is trying to upkick him into the lights. Rexroad passes and gets side control, but not for long. Morono doing good from his back not allowing Rexroad to mount an attack. 10 sec left and Rexroad attack. Alex sneaks out the back and lands a few shots of his own as the bell rings. Good first round.

Rd2: Alex using his kicks to keep the longer Rexroad at bay. Superman punch attempt to a head kick by Morono.  Rexroad rushes in himself. Spinning hook kick by Morono. He’s got some pretty kicks (they hurt too, he’s kicked me with them a time or two). I was looking down so I don’t know how it happened but thy are on the ground now. Rexroad gets mount Alex does a GREAT job getting out of it, quickly too. Rexroad is sooo calm. Nice elbow by they man known as sexy Rexy. Rexroad decides to stand again. Morono has a mouse under his eye.  Very technical fight so far.

Rd3: Both guys trading. Alex loving him some kicks tonight. Rexroad tries a head kick of his own after they both trade looping hooks. Alex shoots for double. Rexroad ends up on Morono’s back. Diggin his heel into Morono’s hip over and over.  Body triange now.  Morono isn’t gettin gout. Rexroad rolls him over and goes to work, but Morono turles nice and neutralizes the attack quickly. Rexroad still with the body triangle peppering Morono from the back. There is the bell. Great fight!

WINNER: Jeff Rexroad via Unanimous Decision.

Angel Huerta vs Nate Garza

Angel Huerta Angel Huerta Name Nate Garza Nate Garza
Nickname Nate Dogg
5’9″ / 135lbs Ht/Wt 5’6″ / 135lbs
#2 Rank #7
3-0-0 Record 3-3-0
Paradigm Training Center Gym No Gym on File

Rd1: Tis should be a good one. Feeling out going on. Anges rushes in behind a couple of stiff punches. good work by Huerta landing tons of knees as he has Garza against the cage. And there you go BIG slam by Nate. Nate in full guard now. Angel looks to be setting up  a triangle, soon as I say that Nate stands up (he must have seen it too). Nate standing over Herta trying to land . OHHH nasty foot stomp by Huerta. Now he (Huerta) gets a takedown of his own.  and back up again.  Awesome,  both guys touch gloves and nod in approval at their work so far. Man, huerta’s kick are lighting fast! There is the bell. Deep breath by Garza as he walks back to his corner.

Rd2: Nice head kick by Nate, doesn’t land but looked good bouncing off Huerta’s forearm. Angel working the leg a bit now with kicks. Both guys clash shins trading kicks. Nate with a little inside leg work himself.  Nate’scorner telling him not to stay in outside kick range…good advice. head kick by Huerta doesn’t land flush and Nate shakes his head “no no”. Huerta with anohter inside leg kick but Nate counters and lands a straight right. Clinch work now.  Both guys working for position.  back out into the center of the ring with 10 sec. left.  Huerta gets a leg kick or two end at the bell. Garza gives him a look as they pass each other on the way to their corner.

Rd3: Angel goes back to wrking hte outside leg. Angel attacks with a jab, cross, head kick..nate backs up and motions to bring a little more of it.  Nate shoots in for a single. Nope. Huerta has him back against the cage again.  Thai plum by Garza but Huerta slips out. Nate with his back against the cage again. Agnel def. doing more work and damage in the clinch. Foot stomp by Huerta again. Crowd starting to chant “ANGEL ANGEL ANGEL”. 10 sec left. Angel lands a few more as the bell sounds.

I have Huerta winning this one

WINNER: Angel Huerta via Unanimous Dec.

Andrew Craig vs Bubba Bush

Andrew Craig Andrew Craig Name Bubba Bush William Bush
Smiles Nickname Bubba
6’1″ / 185lbs Ht/Wt 6’0″ / 185lbs
#1 Rank #2
4-0-0 Record 2-0-0
Team Tooke-Houston Gym Brazos Valley MMA

This title fight is a battle of UT vs TAMU. Craig = UT Bush = TAMU.

Rd1: Bush misses on a shot and Craig lands a HARD head shot. Bush pops his head up and continues in.  Against the cage, Bush takes Craig’s back. Bush working for mount now, but Craig is able to sit up and put his back against the cage. Now, Craig seems to have decided that h wants to stand up, so he does. they back out and start slugging! Craig is landing some nice shots, but Bush had a great chin.  Bush come is behind a lead right but is reaching.  Clinch work and Bush sneeks in a takedown before the bell. Close round.

Rd2: Clinch work to open the round. Bush trying for a single, then BOOM, nice trip. on the ground for a moment almost sitting in Criag’s lap.  They stand and bush with a nice throw.  I missed some of the ground work but they are back up standing again…sorry. Another slam by Bush, but Craig stands back up and lands a STIFF right. They back up and Craig shoots, but Bush stuff’s it. Now Bush going for the single. Good balance by Criag. He gets out and rocks Bush. I think the rocked him because he looked away. I don’t think Craig knows it. There is the round.

Rd3: Bush with a couple of nice takedowns to open, but I think Bush is resting…inside a possible guillotine. Not a good idea.  Bush tires to take Craig’s back, they stand up and Bush with another slam. Craig taking his time not really trying to get out but not pressing. Craig appeared to want to stand, on his way up, he sucked out Bush’s hips and some how got mount. Back out they are standing. Bush looks tired and Craig is bouncing around and looks fresh. Nice stiff left hook by Craig. One more hard takedown for bush before the Bell.

hell of a fight. Time for the championship rounds now! Does Bush have enough in the tank? Can Craig stop the shots and takedowns?

Rd4: Craig stuffs the first shot from Bush. Bush’s hands are low. Well, there you go, his corner just yelled to put is hands up, they must be following the live play by play on  Craig lands a couple of nice rights, then another BIG right. Craig appears to be grabbing Bush by the throat and holding on to it while he punches him in the face. Another stiff right almost drops Bush. I think that one might have taken the life out of Bush because he seems to have slowed down and dropped his hands. Craig now landing at will. Craig bouncing on the balls of his feet. He continues to move it, land and then circle out. Rounds over.

Rd5: Craig looking fresh, but Bush still has some life. Nice takedown by Bush, pulling Craig to the mat.  Bush gets his back on the mat, but as they stand up Craig with a big slam of his own! …right into a guillotine attempt. Criag works his head out, but that looked tight. No sure what happened but I just had blood land all over me. knee by craig followed by punches in bunches. Over and over and the ref steps in. I think the ref might have messed this up, but I kind of missed what happened as I was freaking out over the blood flying all over me. Sorry.

WINNER: Andrew Craig via TKO Ref. stoppage at  2:47 in the 5th

Daniel Pineda vs Ray Blodget

Daniel Pineda Daniel Pineda Name Ray Blodget Ray Blodgett
The Pit Nickname Sting Ray
5’7″ / 145lbs Ht/Wt 5’9″ / 155lbs
#1 Rank #2
12-7-0 Record 5-0-0
4 oz Fight Club Gym Elite MMA-Houston

I can NOW report that sources close to Blodget’s camp are telling me that his back is hurt pretty bad. Let’s see if that is going to be an issue.

Rd1: Ray working from the outside. Daniel misses a head kick. as they engage Daniel lands a stiff right, dropping Blodget. He pounces a few more and it looks over. Not yet. Blodget stands up, and Daniel takes his back, slams him, side control and is pounding on him. Elbows now. Blodget covers this one is about over…yep there is the stoppage. WOW! Dominate performance by Pineda!





WINNER: Daniel Pineda via TKO at :58 in Rd 1

LEGACY JUST ANNOUNCED THAT Carlo Prater will be fighting Daniel Pineda for the 155lb title!