Legacy Fighting Championship 9: Post Fight Recap

Written By: AJ Hoffman

Legacy FC 9 was billed as the biggest card in Houston MMA history, and it may have actually lived up to the hype. There were great fights early in the night, and the televised HDNet card was even more impressive, with 5 of the 6 TV bouts ending in finishes. A recap of the night is below.

Patino Retains Title In War With Bronzoulis

Macaco vs Bronzoulis

Macaco on the attack against Mike Bronzoulis

No one doubted that the main event featured two of the toughest guys in Houston history, and they left it all in the cage Friday night. Macaco started the fight strong charging in with his hands and feet flying. Bronzoulis weathered the early storm, gauging what Macaco wanted to do. The first two rounds both had Macaco scoring takedowns and working into dominant positions. Mike B came out strong in the third, which would be the closest round of the fight. Macaco evaded a flurry from Mike with a takedown attempt. Mike rolled over Macaco and briefly had his back.He would get up and score a takedown of his own though. The fourth round had Bronzoulis looking like he knew he needed a finish.He landed head kick to an obviously gassed Macaco. Bronzoulis went through the entire round without being put down, and it looked like maybe he would be able to take advantage of a tired Macaco in the fifth. Both guys were tired though. Punches came from both guys, but they were slower and neither guy looked like he would be finished. Macaco drug Mike down late and tried to finish, but Mike B would not be finished. All the judges gave it to Macaco 4 rounds to 1, but the fight was closer than that. Both fighters put on a great show, worthy of two of the best fighters ever to call Houston home.

Rexroad Wins Brutal Fight, Submits Crowe Late

Rexroad vs Crowe

Jeff Rexroad forcing Larry Crowe to tap

Larry Crowe, who took the fight on short notice, came out looking very strong in the first. He was punishing Rexroad with standup for the first round, even putting him on the run for a brief moment. A takedown by Rexroad gave Crowe a guillotine attempt,which he held on to for a good portion of the second. As the round drew to a close, it was obvious that Crowe was exhausted, and he finished the round with his hands on his hips. Crowe looked revived as the third started, but Rexroad would eventually start to get through with hands and knees. Crowe was eating hooks, and just didn’t have enough gas to keep his hands up. Rexroad would be taken down by Crowe late in the last frame, but Rexroad immediately put his superior ground game to work. He threw up a triangle, and when he saw that it wouldn’t finish, switched to an armbar to secure the win. The performance was good enough to earn our Made To Win Fight of the Night as well as giving Rexroad our Made To Win Submission of the Night.

Garcia Survives Early Onslaught, KO’s Williams

Garcia vs Williams

Cody Williams dazed after Steve Garcia dropped him

Cody Williams started the fight looking every bit like the top prospect in Houston. He frustrated Garcia with standup, landing kicks to the head and body. Williams controlled Garcia against the fence, but Garcia tripped Williams down and found himself in mount. Williams worked his way up quickly. After more leg kicks from Williams Garcia landed a left hook out of nowhere that crushed Williams. His face hit the mat and Garcia looked at the ref assuming the fight was over. Williams tried to recover before Garcia landed the last shots that would force the official’s hand. The tide turned so quickly in this one. It was a good performance from Williams, who still appears to be one of the best young fighters on the scene. For Garcia, the spectacular win puts him back on the 145 map after his quick submission loss at Legacy FC 8.

Harris Cuts Talavera, Gets Stoppage Win

Harris vs Talavera

Jonathan Harris forces a stoppage against Ricardo Talavera

Jonathan Harris proved everyone wrong. Again. After a couple of takedowns, Talavera nearly finished with a keylock. Harris swept into guard though and landed elbows as the round ended. The second was a different story for Harris, as he controlled the fight on the ground, avoiding submission attempts from Talavera. There were multiple standups with Harris in a strong position and working, but Harris maintained composure. In the third he got a takedown and again worked the elbows. Talavera was opened up badly on the side of his head as Harris reigned down with the elbows. The ref was forced to stop it. The win moved “The Hulk” to 4-1.Talavera, fighting on 5 days notice, dropped to 2-3. He was gracious in defeat, stating that he fought for something bigger last night, with his purse going to the same HeartGift charity that Frost Murphy donated his winnings to.

Pineda KO’s Jimenez In Battle Of The “Pits”

Pineda vs Jiminez

Daniel Pineda's spinning backfist KO'ed Gilbert Jiminez

Daniel Pineda showed once again why he is one of the top fighters in the Houston scene. He put on a good performance on the ground in the first round, nearly taking Jimenez’s arm off with one submission attempt. Pineda’s superior wrestling had him looking like he was in control. Jimenez came out strong in the second and landed some clean punches on Pineda. Pineda looked rocked a couple of times, but just when it looked like an upset was brewing, Pineda landed a killshot. He nailed Jimenez with a knee, and as Jimenez lifted his head up from the blow, Pineda was winging a spinning back fist that knocked Jimenez out clean. The finish earned Pineda our Made To Win Knockout of the Night.

Lewis Overpowers, Finishes Cleveland In Rematch

Lewis vs Cleveland

Derrick Lewis with ground and pound on Rakim Cleveland

Derrick Lewis is still the best heavyweight in Houston. Rakim Cleveland looked slimmed down and improved, but in the end Lewis was just too strong for him. He threw him around the cage a couple of times in the first round before a second round where Cleveland looked like he may not be done. Cleveland had some good moments on the ground on top of Lewis. Going into the third a round a piece, Lewis looked for the kill. He landed a crushing right hand that sent Cleveland back toward the fence. Lewis charged and ended up on top punishing with ground and pound. The ref had to stop it, giving Derrick Lewis the TKO win.


Chop Rucker def. Frost Murphy by unanimous decision (29-28 x3)

Jeremy Morris def. Justin Murray by split decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)

Jesus Rivera def. Randy Hauer by submission (Rd 2)

Noel Ligon def. Patrick Hutton by submission (Rd 2)

Jeremy Mahon def. David Armas by unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28, 29-28)

We will have a full photo gallery plus post fight interviews up in the next 24-48 hours so stay tuned to TCD!