Legacy Fighting Championship 9 Live Play by Play and Results

Title: Legacy Fighting Championship 9
Location: Houston Arena Theatre
Date: December 16, 2011 Doors Open at 6:30pm. Prelim Card starts at 7:20pm. Televised Main Card Starts at 9pm.
TV: LIVE on HDNet (Main Card Only) 

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Larry Crowe vs. Jeff Rexroad
Daniel Pineda
Jeff Rexroad 

Congratulations to all the above winners. They are now eligible for our end of year awards!


Rd1: Mahon misses a leg kick, and Armas lands one. A right hand from Armas drops Mahon and he steps into Mahon’s guard. Mahon controls his right hand. Armas tries to elbow and Mahon has an armbar. Armas stacks him and slams him, but Mahon still has the arm. Armas pulls out but Mahon scrambles onto top. Armas works his way up and they reset. Armas lands, not cleanly, but Mahon goes down. Armas again pounces and Mahon tries to lock in a triangle as the round ends. 10-9 Armas.

Rd2: Leg kick from Mahon. Armas answers with one of his own. He kicks high but Mahon checks and lands to the body. Mahon swings and misses. Armas lands and Mahon grabs a plum. He works knees to the  body but Armas breaks loose. Mahon trips him down with a body lock. He gets his back and locks a body triangle on. Mahon is holding him there but not damaging. Mahon throws his leg up to try and grab an arm. It is deep but Armas clears. Mahon lands an upkick to Armas, who looked down, but the ref doesn’t mention it. Round ends. 10-9 Mahon.

Rd3: They again trade leg kicks to start the round. Armas lands a big right hand and Mahon is down again. Armas has side control and is working to mount. Mahon recovers guard and again looks for an arm. He stretches it out but Armas doesn’t tap. He gets clear but Mahon is right back at it. Armas picks him up and slams. He is still holding the arm but it looks safe. Armas lands big knees to the body and picks him up for a slam. Mahon tries to stretch the arm again as the round ends. 10-9 Armas.


Rd1: Both fighters bouncing. Hutton jumps in with a combo. Leg kick from Ligon. Another one. Hutton ducks down and the kick lands low. They are gonna give him five minutes, but hard to say that wasn’t his fault. They restart. Leg kick and again it lands low. Another break in the action. Outside kick lands flush from Ligon. He lands another and Hutton throws a high one that just misses. Another big leg kick from Ligon. Hutton comes in swinging and tries to shoot but Ligon sprawls out. They reset. Another outside leg kick thuds on Hutton’s lead leg. Inside kick to the body from Ligon. Body kick lands for Hutton as the round ends. 10-9 Ligon.

Rd2: Missed winging punches from both guys to start. Ligon throws a kick. Hutton catches it and works for a takedown. Ligon hopping around on one leg as Hutton holds the leg. Ligon grabs the neck and locks up the guillotine. Hutton taps quick.



Rd1: Traded leg kicks start the round. Hauer throws a combo that lands. Rivera backs him up and Hauer grabs a body lock. Rivera turns him and presses him against the cage. Hauer turns Rivera’s back to the cage. Rivera spins again and backs out. Hauer throws a jab that just comes up short. Body kick from Rivera. Big right hand just misses for Hauer. Another body kick from Rivera and a leg kick. Hauer jumps in with a superman punch as the round ends. Close round. 10-9 Rivera.

Rd2: Uppercut from Hauer just misses. Rivera is stalking Hauer, who is bouncing around the outside of the cage. A left hook lands for Rivera and Hauer drops. Rivera ounces but Hauer recovers and is back up. Hauer doesn’t look right. Rivera is landing and he throws a head kick that lands. Rivera is pushing him around and I am not sure Hauer has recovered fully yet from the first big punch. Rivera works to his back and locks in a rear naked. Hauer taps out.



Rd1: Morris lands a body kick. Murray tries to grab it but can’t take him down. Murray pushes him against the cage and trips him down out of a body lock. Morris half half guard while Murray looks for a head and arm. Murray works to mount, and Morris rolls over. Body triangle. Murray flattens him out and tries to choke but Morris survives. Murray lands some punches and finishes the round punching from the back. 10-9 Murray.

Rd2: Morris keeping Murray away with his jab. Inside leg kick from Murray. Morris rushes in and lands a big right hand. Murray is stunned. Morris is landing and spins Murray down. Murray works up and eats an uppercut on the way. Morris is landing and chasing. Murray trying to get his wits but he is keeping his hands down. Morris shoots in with a double and takes him down. Murray has a head but Morris pops it out. Murray looks for a kimura. He can’t finish it and switches to an omoplata that he uses to sweep. Elbows from the top as the round ends for Murray. 10-9 Morris.

Rd3: Inside leg kick from Murray. Morris pushes in with a 1-2. Murray looking for punches. Nothing landing clean this round. Morris with a jab. Winging right hand just misses for Murray. Inside leg kick again from Murray. Body kick from Murray answered by a body kick. Right overhand from Murray is short. Takedown from Morris. Murray up quick and he has a neck. He uses it to swing a takedown. He is on top as the round ends. This round will decide the fight, and I can’t even venture a guess.


Rd1: Murphy comes across quickly and Rucker throws him down. Rucker backs away and lets him up. Rucker again shoves him and Murphy shoots. They go down but Rucker is on top. Murphy is cut. He works for a heel hook while Rucker punches him. Murphy is a mess and he drops for a leg. Rucker looks like he is comfortable. Two hard punches from the top from Rucker aas the round ends. Murphy looks like a horror film. 10-9 Rucker.

Rd2: Murphy shoots in and scores but Rucker is up as he goes for an arm. Just misses an uppercut. Murphy shoots again. Rucker lands on top and is elbowing. Rucker now in Murray’s guard. Rucker stands out and lets Murphy up. Murphy shoots in but can’t finish before the round ends. 10-9 Rucker

Rd3: Murphy with a shot but can’t get it. He goes again but Rucker is on top. Rucker backs away and again Frost goes for a single. Again he has a leg looking for a heel hook. Rucker is still punching him in the face and gets his leg free. Murphy has guard but again Rucker pulls out and stands. Another missed shot by Murphy. Round ends uneventfully. 10-9 Rucker.


Rd1: Leiws feigns a shot and grabs his body and throws a knee. Cleveland spins Lewis to the ground and grabs a neck. Lewis throws him off and is on top. Cleveland has guard, and Lewis stack passes the guard. Cleveland is up an eats a knee. Lewis trips him down and is on top. Lewis climbs on his back and looks for an arm. Cleveland is out and on top. Cleveland has his back. Cleveland pulls Lewis back but lands on bottom. Lewis’ ass comes out right in Rakim’s face. Lewis turns around and smashes some heavy ground and pound shots. Round ends in mount. 10-9 Lewis

Rd2: Lewis comes in with knees. Cleveland with a kick. Lewis looks for a shot. Cleveland shucks it off. Lewis tries to pull guard. (I think) Cleveland on top in half guard, then works to side control. He elbows Lewis in the stomach. Switch to north-south and Lewis is up. They both land big right hands. Both guys look tired. Cleveland lands a right hand and gets a takedown. Cleveland in side control. Cleveland tries to work to mount but Lewis uses a kimura to sweep. 10-9 Cleveland

Rd3: Left jab from Lewis lands. Both guys moving slow. Breathing heavy. High kick from Lewis draws oohs from the crowd. Lewis lands a crushing right hand and charges in. Cleveland is down, and too tired to defend himself. Heavy ground and pound and the ref jumps in.


Rd1: Pineda gets the best of the first exchange but Jimenez take it well. They reset and a big right lands for Pineda. He gets the takedown and is on top. Jimenez works to the top but only briefly. A scramble has Pineda in side control. Keylock from Pineda. He isn’t letting go and he is yanking hard. Jimenez grimaces but survives and gets half guard. They both look for feet and Pineda is up and back on top. Jimenez works his way up but eats a knee and is back down. Pineda on top, but Jimenez has a butterfly guard. Pineda stands and is punching down. Pineda drops for a toe hold, and Jimenez has one too. They break and Pineda is on his back. He rolls over and Pineda is on top. He tries to get hooks but Jimenez fights it and Pineda stands up and knees the body. They scramble and Jimenez grabs for a neck as the round ends. 10-9 Pineda.

Rd2: Pineda just misses with a push kick. Jimenez lands a right hand, hard. Pineda swings back. Pineda is swinging a little wild early in this round. Clinch from Pineda to a head kick. Another big right from Jimenez. He wins an exchange. Right knee lands hard but Jimenez shakes it off. Spinning back fist lands behind the ear and Jimenez drops. Completely out.



Rd1: Harris drives in with punches but Talavera lands a trip. Harris has a butterfly guard. Talavera switches to the back. He has a hook but he is too high. He gets back on after falling off and Harris stands and shakes him off to the side. Now they are in a clinch. Harris lands a knee. Harris looks for a guillotine but can’t get it. Talavera looks for a single. Harris avoids and presses Talavera to the cage. Talavera reverses but nothing is happening and they reset. Harris drives in and lands punches and a knee but Talavera locks him up and gets a takedown. He is in half guard. Talavera goes for a keylock but Harris sweeps and is on top. Talavera with guard. Talavera looking for an armbar but Harris stacks nicely and hits the body. Round ends with Harris on top landing elbows. Wasn’t enough to get the round back, but made it interesting. 10-9 Talavera

Rd2: Harris landing hard to the body. He gets in and pulls Talavera down. Harris in half guard, but Harris is landing nicely. Harris punishing the body from top. Talavera looking for a submission, but Harris’ corner is coaching him well and warning him of what is coming. More big shots to the body from Harris. Ref restarts them. Talavera looks for a takedown and Harris pulls his leg out. Harris back on top. Ref restarts them again and Harris unleashes with his hands. Talavera drops for another shot but Harris won’t have it. Talavera grabs an arm this time and Harris struggles, but gets it free. Another restart and Harris lands big punches and knees as the round ends. The standups were confusing. 10-9 Harris.

Rd3: Harris with big hands and a takedown. He is landing big punches and elbows from the top. He works to side control. Elbows. Talavera is cut badly. Harris keeps the elbows coming. Ref jumps in and stops it.


Rd1: They touch gloves. Big leg kick from Williams. Williams finishes a combo with a head kick. Garcia throws a kick and Williams punches him and floors him. Garcia up quick with Cody pushing him against the cage. They break and are back in the center. Leg kick lands but Garcia checks the follow up head kick. Body kick from Williams. Garcia jabs, then reaches out to the body. Williams throws a head kick and his foot slips out, but he is up quickly. Good leg kick from Williams. Inside leg kick caught Garcia low, but he says he is good and they are back at it. Williams comes in punches and lands a head kick to the face. Williams pins Garcia to the fence. Knee lands for Williams to the head. Now one to the body. Garcia trips him down and is on top in mount. Williams throws up an armbar attempt and uses it to spin up and out. Leg kick from Williams. Body kick from Williams. Garcia lands a left hand out of nowhere and drops Williams. He is hurt! Garcia looks at the ref, then realizes the fight is still on. He attacks and the ref jumps in to stop it. WOW! What a comeback!




Rd1: Early jabs from Crowe. Leg kick from Rexroad and a right hook that is short. Rexroad lands a good counter left. Rexroad lands a kick low on Crowe. Crowe is down and hurting. They restart. Axe kick is short from Crowe. Leg kick slaps hard against Rexroad’s calf. Rexroad slips on a kick and Crowe jumps on his back and suplexes him. Crowe decides he doesn’t like the ground and pushes Rexroad away. Crowe with a jab. Rexroad checks a high kick. Kick to the leg from Rexroad. Crowe lands and Rexroad fires back a counter. Crowe throws and lands low on Rexroad, though he comes over and denies it. Low kick from Crowe and Rexroad catches and counters. Good left hand lands for Crowe and he swarms. Rexroad tries to punch out of it then just runs away. He smiles but he was in trouble for a minute. Rexroad lands a good combo. He throws one too many and Crowe gets on his back just for a moment. Spinning back kick from Rexroad doesn’t land hard. Round ends. 10-9 Crowe.

Rd2: Big left hand from Crowe. He reaches with it again but Rexroad backs out of range. Leg kick from Crowe. Rexroad goes for a takedown. He gets it but Crowe has a guillotine and stands with it. Rexroad’s legs are dangling. Jeff gets his hands together and trips Crowe down. Crowe won’t let go of the guillotine, even with Jeff on his side. Jeff works to the back and works for a rear naked. Crowe is defending well but Rexroad has a body triangle now. Rexroad switches for an armbar but Crowe pulls it out. They reset. Crowe has his hands on his hips. Rexroad is short on a head kick. Crowe paws with a right hand. Leg kick from Rexroad. Right hand from Rexroad. Inside leg kick from Crowe. Crowe’s corner tells him to move, and he tells them he is tired. Big right hand from Rexroad as the round ends. 10-9 Rexroad.

Rd3: Crowe opens up aggressive. Maybe the break refreshed him.Rexroad not throwing much early but is stalking Crowe, looking for an opening. Right hand from Rexroad. Leg kicks from Crowe checked. Rexroad lands a right and Larry touches his eye. Rexroad lands a knee. He is coming now and landing lefts and rights. Crowe nods at Rexroad. Whipping right hand crushes Crowe. Blood on the nose of Crowe. Rexroad finding the range. Another big right from Rexroad. And again. I am surprised Rexroad isn’t going full throttle. Crowe is totally gassed. Rexroad gets a finger in the eye and they break. Good break for Crowe. Rexroad recovers and they are going. Crowe goes for a takedown and eats a knee. Both guys are swinging. Rexroad has Crowe backed up to the fence. Crowe looks for the takedown and gets it. Rexroad immediately throws up a triangle. Crowe fights out but Rexroad switches to an armbar. He has to tap. Great finish!


Rd1: Macaco charges and kicks the body. Leg kick and flurry. Bronzoulis throws his hands up and asks if that is all he has. Another flurry from Macaco. Leg kick from Bronzoulis. He throws a high one and almost falls but keeps his balance. Patino lands again and drives Bronzoulis to the cage. He works for a takedown but Bronzoulis defends well. Second effort and Macaco trips him down. Bronzoulis has half guard. Macaco to mount. Macaco landing to the head, but nothing too damaging. Bronzoulis holding his posture well. Bronzoulis spins and lands in Macaco’s guard. Macaco pushes with his feet and they are up and restarted. High kick blocked by Bronzoulis. Macaco lands a knee and pushes in with punches. Goes for a takedown before the round ends but he can’t finish it. 10-9 Patino.

Rd2: Another glove touch starts the round. Macaco with a hard right. Bronzoulis charges in and Macaco catches the kick and works for a takedown. Macaco pulls him down and is in half guard. Bronzoulis covering Macaco’s mouth. Macaco working the body. Bronzoulis works the body from bottom. Macaco traps an arm and lands punches to the face. The ref stands them up. Bronzoulis lunges with a punch and Macaco slips it and gets a single leg. He jumps onto Bronzoulis’ back. Bronzoulis walks him over to his corner and Macaco climbs down and goes for a single. They reset. Macaco to the body with a punch and a kick. Round ends. 10-9 Patino.

Rd3: Kicks from Bronzoulis to open the third. None land flush. Macaco throws to the body and lands. Bronzoulis goes for a head kick. Macaco ducks under and takes Bronzoulis’ back. Bronzoulis works him off his back. Macaco now has him against the cage working for a takedown. Bronzoulis with an impressive roll over Macaco’s back and is on the ground with Macaco’s back. Macaco escapes quickly and they reset. Macaco again works his way onto Bronzoulis back. He can’t do anything with it and he slides off. Macaco working for a takedown and Bronzoulis with elbows. Macaco finishes the takedown anyway. Bronzoulis works his way up and lands on top in a scramble. Bronzoulis pounds Macaco as Macaco looks for a heel hook. Round ends. 10-9 Patino.

Rd4: Bronzoulis lands a strong punch to start the fourth. Bronzoulis lands a high left kick to the head. Macaco looks tired. Bronzoulis is pushing. He misses another head kick. Leg kicks from Macaco. Macaco misses a takedown and is on his back. Bronzoulis backs away and lets him up.Left hook lands for Macaco.Left hook misses. Bronzoulis rushes in. Macaco with an uppercut. Bronzoulis with a knee. Right hand for Bronzoulis. Another right from Bronzoulis. Macaco lands a left. Bronzoulis blocks another. Neither guy is landing anything really hard right now. Body kick from Mike B. He charges in and Patino grabs a body lock. Round ends. 10-9 Bronzoulis

Rd5: Glove touch and a hug before the last round. Bronzoulis backed up by punches. Macaco looks for a takedown. Bronzoulis defending well. Macaco drags him down but Mike is up instantly this time. Left right from Macaco. Mike B slips a punch and lands. Left hand lands for Macaco. Both guys are exhausted. Macaco winging punches that are well short. He grabs Bronzoulis and drives him to the fence. Macaco moves to his back. Macaco drags him down and has side control. He jumps onto the back. He is too high and slips off. Bronzoulis is on top now. Macaco slides out and wings punches. He gets another takedown and again works to his back. Macaco stretches him out and works for the coach. Bronzoulis spins over as the round ends. He chases Macaco at the ten second clapper but can’t land a killshot.