Live Coverage: Legacy Fighting Championship – January 29, 2011

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Title: Legacy Fighting Championship

Location: Arena Theater

Date: January 29, 2011

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TCD Fight Awards
Fight of the Night Ricardo Talavera vs Jeff Rexroad
Knockout of the Night Angel Huerta
Submission of the Night Justin Reiswerg

Congratulations to all the above winners. They are now eligible for our end of year awards!


Mark Garcia vs Alex Morono

David McClung Mark Garcia Name Alex Morono Alex Morono
Kant Get Right Nickname
5’9″ / 170lbs Ht/Wt 5’11″ / 170lbs
Not Ranked Rank Not Ranked
1-1-0 Record 1-0-0
Gym Gracie Barra – The Woodlands
Sub. of the Night cand.


Morono takes the center of the cage and Mark offers up a few feeler jabs. That didn’t take long, Alex gets Garcia in a triangle. Garcia tries to get out but Alex transitions into an armbar and forces Garcia to tap.

41 sec round 1 via arm bar



WINNER: Alex Morono via Arm Bar at :41 in the 1st

John Malbrough vs Patrick Greene

John Malbrough John Malbrough Name Patrick Greene Patrick  Greene
The Maniac Nickname
6’1″ / 193lbs Ht/Wt 5’11″ / 170lbs
Not Ranked Rank Not Ranked
1-0-0 Record 0-0-0
Kingwood MMA Gym Revolution Dojo


Malbrough rushes in with a flurry of punches, clinch work now and Greene gets a trip.  Greene landing body shots from in the guard of Malbrough.  Malbrough attempting a triangle cant get it.  Lull in the action now as both aren’t doing to much from the guard. Just as I say that Greene lands a nice elbow.  John tries again for a triangle but Greene stuffs it again.  John is busy from the bottom but the Ref stands them up with 10 sec. left.  Round ends and Malbrough’s eye is bloody.


Fighters trade punches. Malbrough with a HUGE take-down. Now it’s John’s turn to work from guard.  John covering Greene’s mouth and trying to cut him by slicing across his eye. Now back no their feet, Green gets a single but WOW john reverses it and start pounding on Greene. Malbrough now in full mount..just a matter of time til they stop it…and there it is.  Ref calls the fight.


WINNER: at 2:30 in the 2nd John Malbrough wins via TKO.

Jordan Rivas vs Justin Murray

Jordan Rivas Jordan Rivas Name Justin Murray Justin Murray
6’0″ / 168lbs Ht/Wt 6’0″ / 170lbs
#7 Rank Not Ranked
3-0-0 Record 2-0-0
Elite MMA-Houston Gym Bushi Ban – World Headquarters
Fight of the Night cand.

Rd1:Fighters touch gloves, lets see how long this takes to get to the ground. Jordan lands a nice lead hook Murray pulls guard and tries a guillotine but Jordan powers out of it. Rivas lands a nice elbow as he pops out.  Both fighters busy  now that it’s in their comfort zone on the mat. Rivas with a nice slam didn’t seem to do much. Back on their feet now Murray lands a few knees from the clinch.  Nice upper cut lands by Rivas. Good first round. Both fighters look a bit tired from being so busy on the ground. This one is gonna be close the whole way I have a feeling.

Rd2:Murray catches Rivas with a teep kick as he comes in . Rivas got caught coming in now they work with Justin’s back against the cage. Oh, nice reversal by Murray. Murray’s corner telling him to widen his base. Murray takes Rivas down. Nice elbow by Murray.  Back on theri feet. Murray catches Rivas with a very nice hook that lands flush. More clinch work as Rivas has his back against the cage. Justin landing some nice shot. Thai clinch now and Rivas is landing some nice Knees. On the break Murray fires several shots.  Rivas ends the round with several straights that look to have stunned Justin a bit.

so far, media row has it 1 round each.

Rd3:Both fighters come out trading shots. Technique is out the window but hey, it’s a fight! Murray tries to take Rivas’ back.  NOT! Jordan rolls and now in half guard.  Elbow landing by Rivas as Murray tries to pull Jordan close to his chest. Wild reversal by Murray to get on top! Both fighters are gutting it out. This is one hell of a fight! Murray in half guard. WOW another transition by Rivas and now he’s on top.both guys really neutralizing the others ground game.  10 sec. and theirs not much action.

Def. Fight of the Night Candidate.

WINNER: Split Decision win for Jordan Rivas

Angel Huerta vs Andy Sandoval

Angel Huerta Angel Huerta Name Andy Sandoval Andy Sandoval
5’9″ / 135lbs Ht/Wt 5’6″ / 125lbs
Not Ranked Rank #2
2-0-0 Record 0-1-0
No Gym on File Gym Death Row MMA
KO of the Night Cand.

Intermission is OVER! Here we go!!!

Holy shit, Angel has a HUGE cheering section.

Rd1: Touch gloves and hear we go.  Inside leg kick and then a side kick by angel.  HARD kicks so far landing by Angel.  Andy takes the fight to the ground.  Angel has his back against the cage but no wall walk  up.  Andy working from half guard as Draculino yells instruction to Angel. There is the first strick that Andy lands. Nice transition by Angel who rolls Andy, who then rolls Angel and back against. Andy working for an ankle lock.  Angel doing a good job keeping his leg bent and knee on Andy’s chest.  Angel working now lands a few strike s from this awkward position.

Rd2:Damn! Crazy left hook lands that Andy tries to whip off his face.  That hurt.  Angel looks like he is feeling it. Bouncing light on his fight dancing around and landing straight rights and jabs.  Angel misses a 1,2 , andy tries to take him down but gets stuffed.  Another jab lands. And another. Angel looks relaxed but Andy isn’t backing down. The lady next to me just said that Angel is to good looking to be fighting.  I have no idea why I just added that to this but I did.  Nice right cross from Angel. 10 sec. left and Huerta tries a take down. Nope. Their is the bell.

Great footwork in that round from Huerta. I have it 2-0 Angel but the first round was REALLY close so it could have gone either way.

Rd3: Here we go Touch gloves and here we go. Several punches land by Angel. They separate and POW! Angel drops Andy with a head kick. WHOOOPS, looks like he might have kick him while he was on the ground but I couldn’t see if he was all the way down.

WINNER: AT :51 in RD 3 via TKO Angel Huerta wins.

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Rey Trujillo vs Justin Reiswerg

Rey Trujillo Rey Trujillo Name Justin Reiswerg Justin Reiswerg
5’9″ / 155lbs Ht/Wt 5’10″ / 155lbs
#3 Rank Not Ranked
8-3-0 Record 1-1-0
Paradigm Training Center Gym Bam Bam Martial Arts

DAMN, Justin is huge!

Rd1:Here we go! Feeling out process here. Rey with a take down. Justin now gets an arm and it looks deep. Ray gets out kind of but now Justin has a triangle.  Getting tighter but now Trujillo is out.  Little GnP from Rey now. Nice elbow from Rey, lands flush while they are on the ground. Another triangle attempt but Trujillo say NAH AH. Round ends on the ground. Good round. Close one, but AJ Hoffman of the Houston MMA Examiner says Trujillo eeked it out.

Rd2:Justin misses a head kick. Both fighters exchange nothing real meaningful or anything that did any damage.  Trujillo with a nice take-down after having another one stuffed. Trujillo working from Justin’s guard now postures up, but as he does Justin goes for another triangel. Nope. Trujillo keeping his head planted into the chest of Justin emerging only to throw a couple of blows. Justin attempts a sweep. at the 10 second mark the fight ends up standing again and Justin gets a take-down just before the bell.

Rd3:No glove touch for the final round. Rey looks like he wants to bang but Justin forces a clinch.  Now Rey takes it to the ground….and just like that they are back up.  Apparently this lady behind wants Rey to “come on” and “go”. WOW, where did that come from. Justin just pulled of an arm bar! Didn’t even see it coming!

WINNER: At 1:08 in the 3rd rd Justin Reiswerg via arm bar.

Justin Reiswerg just announced himself to Houston and with that win says “I’m here”.

Ricardo Talavera vs Jeff Rexroad

Ricardo Talavera Ricardo Talavera Name Jeff Rexroad Jeff Rexroad
6’0″ / 170lbs Ht/Wt 6’3″ / 170lbs
#5 Rank #9
2-0-0 Record 1-1-0
Elite MMA-Houston Gym Paradigm Training Center

This should be a good one. Rexroad said I could call him Sassy Pants…and so I will.

Rd1:If the fight goes like the stare-down, this will be a war.  jab jab kick by Rexroad. Talavera working from the outside but Rexroad has landed a couple of nice kicks.  Both fighters land a couple of nice hooks in an exchange. Nice left hook from Senore Sassy Pants. Good advice from the crowd, “whip his ass”. WOW, Rexraod just DROPPEd Talavera with a right hook. Ricardo recovers nice as they work from the ground. Rexroad going for a gogoplata, nope.  Back on their feet Rexroad is dancing. Their is the bell. Great first Round. I give it to Rexroad.

Rd2: Oh my, nice uppercut lands by Talavera. Kick by Rexroad. As they step back, Ricardo throws a HUGE uppercut that missed. both fighter smiling about it.  Another exchange and AGAIN just like in round one Rexroad drops Talavera with a beautiful counter hook.  But again, Ricardo, though dazed keeps his composure. Some work from the ground but nobody does much. Now back on their feet Ricardo landing some nice 1’s and 2’s.  Rexroad bleeding now. Thai plum by Rexroad lands a knee. Rexroad drops Talavera one more time before the bell.

Rd3: Talavera comes out very focused and Rexroad looks a little tired but still ready. Both land a hook at the same time. SLAP! Not sure if he was faking but Rexroad looks like he just got his second wind. OH WOW left hook right hook left hook lands by Talavera. Jeff with his back against the cage and both fighters throwing like CRAZY! They separate and Ricardo is now bleeding from the nose and mouth…but so is Rexroad. Nice head kick lands by Rexroad.  Back and forth both fighters are landing hooks and staights. Now Rexroad landing on his own several more blows.  MAN THIS IS A DAMN SLUG FEST!!!!  WHAT A GREAT FIGHT! 10 seconds left. BELL THATS IT. Both guys hug. What a hell of a fight! Next time, those of you reading this at home better get a ticket…that was worth the price of admission.

WINNER: Winner via Unanimous Decision Jeff Rexroad.


Happy Birthday to Mick Maynard. Just announced that the fight was the 2nd sell out in Legacy history.

Brian Melancon vs Derrick Krantz

Brian Melancon Brian Melancon Name Derrick Krantz Derrick Krantz
Nickname D-Rock
5’8″ / 160lbs Ht/Wt 5’10″ / 170lbs
#2 Rank Not Ranked
4-1-0 Record 10-3-0
Paradigm Training Center Gym No Gym on File

we’re back. Get ready, cause these big boys are gonna bang!

Rd1: After some feeler jabs both guys clinch and and work against the cage. Not much really happens. Brian lands a nice leg kick. Kratnz looks very composed.  Couple of wild punches miss by both guys.  Brian looks to be pushing the action a bit more, but just as I say that D-Rock fires back. Nice jab by Krantz and an over hand right misses by Brians. Left hook lands by Melancon. Now he works the body . Melancon starting to work the leg and it looks like D-Rock doesn’t like it. 10 seconds left and D-Rock gets a take down trying to steal the round. That was weird they stopped the round but forgot it was a 5 min round, so they have brought the fighters back out to finish the round. Sucks for Krants who had a take-down.

Rd1 pt 2 – We see Krantz land a couple of leg kicks. few jabs here and there BIG hook grazes D-Rock. Probably lucky that one missed. Krants shoots but it’s stuffed. Round ends…yeah right, we’ve heard that one before.

Rd2: Here we go. Nice leg kick by Melancon and Krants actually shakes his head as if to say, please don’t do that again.  POW shit, that one was even harder. For real, Brian is tearing his leg UP! Every time he kick Krants, krants spins around like he is on ice skates.  This is like Aldo v Faber at 170. Krantz decides that thes kicks are a bunch of BS and goes for a take-down. Stuffed. Now against the cage hanging on to one leg, Krantz finally gets Brian down, but he’s not doing much with it. D Rock standing over Brian but cant do much. Brian pushed him back and stands up, but Krantz is after another take-down. I dont’ know if Krants just went for a knee or to pull guard but it missed. Back up here is another take-down by krants. Doesn’t do much with it.  Krants is REALLY TIRED. Mouth piece out he’s gasping for air and has dropped his hands. Both fighters land and it pops kratz’s mouthpiece out of his mouth. Action stops to pick it up. BIIIIIGGGG right misses from Brian, but he sends Krantz back to his corner with one more leg kick as the bell rings.

Rd3: Lets see how Krantz’s cardio is this round.  Crowd chanting BRIAN BRIAN.  Krants checks a kick for the first time to night. Both guys look tired.  Krantz is dropping his hands and Brian’s are too a bit.  Somebody might go night night if one of these big dudes can find the jaw line.Both land a straight, but as the separate, Krants starts to bleed from above his eye. Leg kick then jab by melancon. 1,2 by Brian. Krantz shoots but it gets stuffed again. Justin Trapp, ringside photographer just got blood on his arm from Krantz.hahaha. Krantz’s eye is visibly swollen and he is now blinking as if it’s hard for him to see out of it.  Krantz lands a hook that looked like it moved Brian back but he can’t follow it up. He just stood there with his hands at his side. His tanks in empty.Couple more take-downs stuffed by Melancon. Krantz is GASED. He’s throwing punches from his side. Now he’s walking backwards with his hands at his side.  Crowd is booing. That’s it bell rings.

Melancon wins this one going aways, we just need to make it official.

WINNER: Brian melancon wins Via Unanimous Decision.

Daniel Pineda vs Levi Forrest

Daniel  Pineda Daniel Pineda Name Levi Forrest Levi Forrest
The Pit Nickname The Barbarian
5’7″ / 145lbs Ht/Wt 5’11″ / 170lbs
#1 Rank #1
11-7-0 Record 6-0-0
4 oz Fight Club Gym Gracie Barra – The Woodlands

I was told from a reliable source that somebody from Greg Jackson’s camp is here to watch Daniel Pineda tonight. Pineda came up from 145 for this (where he is the Legacy champ) to take this fight. Forrest gave up his 170lb title to come down for this fight. Forrest looks BIG at 155.

Rd1: Pineda lands first with a leg kick. Head kick by Pineda is blocked. Both fighters just feeling it out. Leg kick by Forrest and .  Pineda looks to be good with leading with a hook. Another head kick by Pineda. Looks like Pineda got poked in the eye but they keep fighting.  Forrest gets a DEEP standing guillotine but some how Pineda pops out. Now on the ground, Pineda works from side control.  Transition and Pineda grabs a hell. Twisting, twisting, that’s it! Forrest taps.



WINNER: At 2:49 in Rd 1 via Heel hook is Daniel Pineda

Pineda just said in post fight that he is “coming for Blodgetts title at 155!” somebody get me some popcorn!

Joe Christopher vs Mike Bronzoulis

Joe Christopher Joe Christopher Name Mike Bronzoulis Mike Bronzoulis
Jitsu Nickname
6’0″ / 170lbs Ht/Wt 6’0″ / 170lbs
Not Ranked Rank #2
11-5-0 Record 10-2-1
No Gym on File Gym Paradigm Training Center

Mike Bornzoulis just walked over here, pointed to his mom sitting in the row behind me and said, “I love you mom”.  Gotta love that! Both of these guys shorts look like an advertising bomb exploded on them.

Rd1:Bronzoulis comes out and engages quick. Joe looks to shoot but it’s stuffed by Mike.  working against he cage now.  Mike landing some elbows to Joe’s ear and side of head. quick taked downs by Joe but Mike gets right back up. Still working in the clinch, Bronzoulis lands several body shots as Joe continues to work on a double. Joe is bleeding on the side of the head…looks like those elbow did some damage.  Joe has a leg and just won’t let it go.  Mike fighting on 1 leg now landing shot after shot after shot. Joe trying desp. for a takedown but Bronzoulis ain’t havin’ it.  More elbows to the head, Joe looks like it hurt. Mike is just pounding and pounding as Joe STILL has hold of one leg.  This is crazy. he won’t let go of that leg.  Joe finally lets go and is laying on his back.  Bronzoulis motions for him to get up. He does but the bell rings.  Joe’s face is BLOODY. Round ends.

1-0 Bronzoulis.

Rd2: Bronzoulis starts with his hands by his side…Ali style.  he throws a couple and backs up. Joe tries to counter but Mike moves his head back. That happens again and now Bronzoulis holds his arms out, palms up as if to say, c’mon man, is that all you got?  Well, here we go again, Joe going for a single and Mike is pounding his bod like his ribs are steak and he’s tenderizing them.  Stop me if you’ve heard this before. FINALLY, joe gets the take down. Wow, for a second, it looks like Joe might get a leg but Bronzoulis pulled it to safety quickly.  More GnP from Mike. Joe is trying to get that heel but Bronzoulis wont give it up.  Woops, Bronzoulis now in full mount. doesn’t doo much. now Joe gives up his back.  Bronzoulsis stands up and backs away, he wants this one standing.  Both guys are GASSED as both have their mouths open gasping for air….this is how KO’s happen.  Sloppy punching and now Joe gets a take-down.  Didn’t last long as the stand again. Mike has Muay Thai clinch but it’s Joe who’s throwing uppercuts from it.  finally at the bell Mike throws a knee. Rounds over. Both guys are gassed. Mike just walked to the wrong corner.

Rd3: Glove touch and here we go.  Both guys land some hooks. Deep breath by Joe Jitsu.  Right cross by the Greek lands flush.  Joe is backing up and Bronzoulis is stalking a bit.  Head kick…kind of. Looping left lands by Mike. WOW he just cooled Joe off with a BIIG hook that misses. Over here by us (and his family) as they shout to Bronzoulis he looks at thim as if to say, I got this.  Man, Joe is DEAD SET on getting a single leg in this fight.  Mike is working hard to GnP him.  Joe ends up on his back and again Bronzoulis invites him to stand. They do and Joe shoots in, all be it really sloppy. They kind of fall to the ground in a heap. Back up again and AGAIN Joe is going for a single and AGAIN Bronzoulis is peppering his face. Joe on his back and again Mike backs away, but as he does he says something to the ref, who stops the fight and invites the Dr. in. Joe looks like he said something back to Bronzoulis, but I don’t know what. The Dr. stops the fight. Mike B wins.



WINNER: Mike Bronzoulis via Dr. stoppage at 3:34 in the 3rd.

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