Legacy Weigh-Ins – Live Stream

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TheCageDoor.net will be streaming Friday’s Legacy Weigh-Ins live, right here on this very page.  Bookmark it now so you can watch ’em while you work.

The Weigh-ins are taking place at the Hooters on 290 and are scheduled to get started around 2pm.  As with any weigh-in the actual start time really depends on when the doctor(s) arrives, so it could be delayed.

Never the less, check this page and our Facebook and Twitter, as we’ll announce when we are live.

Why on earth would you want to watch a bunch of half naked dudes weigh in?

I hear there is going to be salad again.

Speaking of live, if you can’t make it out to the fights, you can follow our live round by round updates here, or get live results via twitter.

Weigh Ins Are Complete. All Fighters Made weight. Face off pics will be up in a couple of hours!

Here is the video as broadcasted live

Watch live video from TheCageDoor.net on Justin.tv

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For complete coverage of Legacy Fighting Championship on January 29th, check out the Legacy FC section of TheCageDoor.net.