Legacy FC 7: Live Play By Play and Results

Title: Legacy FC 7
Location: Houston Arena Theatre
Date: July 22, 2011 Doors Open at 6pm. Prelim Card starts at 7pm. Televised Main Card Starts at 9pm.

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Justin Reiswerg vs Marc Ramirez
Pete Spratt
Jonathan Mackles

Congratulations to all the above winners. They are now eligible for our end of year awards!


David McClung vs Tony Orozco

David McClung David McClung Name Tony Orozco
5’9″ / 172lbs Ht/Wt 5’8″ / 170lbs
Not Ranked Rank Not Ranked
1-4-0 Record 0-1-0
Brazos Valley MMA Gym Silverback Fight Club


RD 1: The guys touch glove and we are underway. McClung is testing the range with low kicks. He has thrown probably 50 through the first minute and a half of the fight. He loses his balance and Orozco pounces. He lands some punches but McClung works for a kneebar. Orozco is out and in side control. He moves to the back and flattens McClung out. Tony delivering big right hands and McClung’s head is bouncing off the mat. Lights out. 2:33

Winner: Orozco def. McClung by TKO

Shelby Sheehan vs David Armas

Shelby Sheehan Name David Armas
5’0″ / 145lbs Ht/Wt 5’10″ / 145lbs
Not Ranked Rank Not Ranked
0-0-0 Record 0-0-0
Gracie Barra Texas Gym Silverback Fight Club


RD 1: Sheehan with a Superman punch that stuns Armas. They start banging against the cage and Sheehan shoots for a takedown. Sheehan gets to his back but Armas slides him off. Sheehan quickly back on the back though. Armas rolls him over and into half guard. Sheehan with a sweep and again works for Armas’ back. They are back on their feet and Sheehan has Armas against the cage. Armas throws a knee and scores a suplex takedown and lands three big punches on the ground before the round ends. Close round.

RD 2: Armas comes out punching and Sheehan shoots in. Armas defending the takedown with a kimura. Sheehan not backing off the takedown attempt though. Sheehan works a trip and is mounted but Armas rolls him over and is in full guard. Sheehan throws up a triangle. Armas starts to try and slam out. Three mini-slams that don’t break the hold, but the round ends.

RD 3: Sheehan trips Armas down and is quickly in side control. Sheehan works to his back and Armas is turtled. Armas rolls and gets half guard. Armas pulls full guard and throws up a triangle. Armas tries to transition it into an armbar. Sheehan shakes him off and is hovering over him. Upkick lands to the face of Sheehan. Sheehan dives back on top. Armas upkicks furiously as the fight ends.


Jared Chaffee vs Alex Black

Jarred Chaffee Name Alex Black Alex Black
5’10″ / 145lbs Ht/Wt 6’0″ / 143lbs
Not Ranked Rank #5
0-0-0 Record 1-2-0
Gracie Barra North Houston Gym Bushi Ban


RD 1: They touch gloves and Chaffee shoots in for a single. Black defends for a moment but Chaffee elevates and slams him into side mount. Black still hanging onto the head. Chaffee rolls over and takes the back. In the same movement he grabs a rear naked and a body triangle. Bad spot for Black. Chaffee lets go of the choke and turns to punches. Chaffee landing nicely to the body but Black continues to defend the choke nicely.

RD 2: Round two underway. Black lands a punch and shoots for the takedown. He elevates and slams but is rolled over. He locks up guard and Chaffee is on top. Black breaks his posture and controls the wrists. Thet scramble briefly and they are back up. Chaffee works him back to the ground. He stacks Black and passes. He gets to the back and locks in a rear naked choke. It is deep and Black is struggling momentarily before he is forced to tap.

RD 3:


Jermaine Anugwom vs Larry Crowe

Jermaine Anugwom Name Larry Crowe Larry Crowe
6’1″ / 205lbs Ht/Wt 5’11″ / 205lbs
Not Ranked Rank #3
0-0-0 Record 3-1-0
Wind Sport and Fitness Gym Silverback Fight Club


RD 1: Crowe actually throws the first punch and backs Anugwom against the cage before picking him up and spiking him. Crowe unloads on the ground and Anugwom takes a few shots before the ref jumps in and ends it. Quick and brutal.


Justin Reiswerg vs Marc Ramirez

Justin Reiswerg Justin Reiswerg Name Marc Ramirez Marc Ramirez
5’10″ / 155lbs Ht/Wt 5’9″ / 155lbs
#7 Rank #6
2-1-0 Record 2-1-0
Bam Bam Martial Arts Gym Urban Jungle Self Defense


RD 1: There is a brief feeling out process. Ramirez tags Reiswerg with a right and Reiswerg shoots in and scores a big takedown into side control. Ramirez works his way back up. Reiswerg lands a good jab and the two exchange leg kicks. Good right cross from Reiswerg. Body kick from Reiswerg connects but Ramirez counters. A body kick from Reiswerg and a jab from Ramirez. Good kick sequence from Reiswerg that is topped off with a push kick that lands hard. Ramirez bleeding from the nose. A takedown at the end of the round likely seals it for Reiswerg.

RD 2: The round starts off with quick punches from Reiswerg. He lands a good shot and shoots in with a body lock. He can’t score the takedown though. Ramirez pressuring now and has a clinch on Reiswerg. A couple of good knees force a shot from Reiswerg. Ramirez punishing with hammerfists. They are back to the feet and Ramirez is cut bad. He charges in and backs Reiswerg to the fence. Quick takedown from Reiswerg but he can’t do much with it. Back to their feet and again Ramirez is the aggressor. Reiswerg lands a big kick high. Uneventful last 5 seconds but this is a hell of a pace.

RD 3: Body kicks from Reiswerg start the third. Reiswerg throws a high kick. Ramirez throws a nice combo. Reiswerg answers with an overhand. High kick from Reiswerg is short. Ramirez lands nicely but Reiswerg lands a hard counter. Ramirez’s face is looking rough. Ramirez comes in with punches and Reiswerg shoots and scores a takedown. He is in half guard but works his way up and out. They throw a little more before the bell rings. They embrace and finish off an awesome fight.


Rey Trujillo vs Jesus Rivera

Rey Trujillo Rey Trujillo Name Jesus Rivera Jesus Rivera
5’9″ / 155lbs Ht/Wt 5’10″ / 155lbs
Not Ranked Rank #5
8-5-0 Record 5-2-0
Bushi Ban Gym 4 oz Fight Club


RD 1: Trujillo slips early but Rivera can’t capitalize. Big shot from Trujillo but Rivera answers with a good leg kick. Trujillo looks for a takedown. It’s not there but Trujillo lands a good elbow on the break. Trujillo again backs Rivera away with punches. Rivera’s back is to the cage and Trujillo gets a takedown. Rivera has full guard and is looking for a kimura. He can’t finish it but it is enough to get Trujillo off of him. Back to the feet and Trujillo lands a spinning high kick that probably looked a lot cooler than anything.

RD 2: Big kicks from Rivera but Trujillo pushes forward and is landing good punches. Rivera gets a takedown but Trujillo flips him off of him. Rivera pins Trujillo against the cage and lands knees to the ribs. Trujillo tries to trip him down but Rivera keeps his feet. Good clinch and right hand on the break for Rivera. Trujillo wants a takedown but Rivera fights it off. Trujillo still working hard for the takedown but is tripped and Rivera lands on top with mount. He rolls him over and takes the back. Trujillo rolls over and Rivera has mount. Trujillo rolls over and gives his back. Ground and pound coming from Rivera and Trujillo again rolls over into mount. Rivera over-extends and Trujillo is on top now in his guard. Good round for Rivera.

RD 3: Leg kick from Rivera to start the round. Trujillo looks for a takedown but Rivera moves to his back and pulls him down. Mount for Rivera and Trujillo looks exhausted. Brutal elbow from the top for Rivera busts Trujillo wide open. Blood flying with punches from Rivera and the ref jumps in and saves Trujillo from more damage.


Chad Robichaux vs Jonathan Mackles

Chad Robichaux Name Jonathan Mackles
Robo Nickname
5’4″ / 131lbs Ht/Wt 5’7″ / 135lbs
#1 Rank Not Ranked
11-1-0 Record 6-2-0
Gracie Barra – The Woodlands Gym


RD 1: Mackles drops Robichaux with the first punch and lands a questionable knee on the way down. Robichaux sweeps out and is in Mackles’ guard. Mackles postures up and grabs a neck. It looks tight and Robichaux has to tap. Wow. 35 seconds in.


Robichaux’s manager Kelly Crigger just informed me that they are filling a complaint with the state in hopes that the decision is overturned, noting that they reviewed the fight and the knee that Mackles hit him with was indeed illegal.

Pete Spratt vs Antonio Flores

Pete Spratt Name Antonio Flores Antonio Flores
Nickname King Kong
5’9″ / 170lbs Ht/Wt 5’10″ / 170lbs
Not Ranked Rank #4
21-19-0 Record 5-2-0


RD 1: Flores goes first and lands a kick in front of a couple of punches. Spratt throws a left hook that floors Flores and his eyes are googly. Ref jumps in. It’s over fast. Wow. Unbelievable knockout by Pete Spratt!

RD 2:

RD 3:


Daniel Pineda (C) vs Frank Gomez – Title Fight

Daniel Pineda Daniel Pineda Name Frank Gomez
The Pit Nickname
5’7″ / 145lbs Ht/Wt 5’10″ / 145lbs
#1 Rank Not Ranked
13-7-0 Record 8-2-0
4 oz Fight Club Gym Jackson’s MMA


RD 1: Gomez grabs a body lock on Pineda and presses him against the fence. He lands inside knees as Pineda lands punches to the head. Gomez drops down to a double leg but Pineda defends and rolls into a crucifix. He can’t hold it and Gomez is on top in his guard. Gomez lands a good elbow from the top. Pineda rolls and Pineda has a kneebar. He can’t finish and they are back to the feet. A cut from Pineda’s forehead is bloodying the scene. Pineda holds Gomez against the cage but there isn’t much going and they restart. Pineda counters a body kick with a right hand. A leg kick spins Gomez. Another solid leg kick before a trip takedown that ends the round. Pineda is having a hard time seeing with the cut.

RD 2: High kick from Pineda. Gomez tries to answer but is just short. Flying knee lands from Gomez but it allows Pineda to take him down. Gomez looks for a gogoplata but Pineda shucks him off and is half guard. Pineda passes and lands a solid elbow to the mouth. Gomez works his way up but Pineda rolls for a kneebar. Again it’s not there but after a scramble Pineda is back in half guard. Pineda lets him up and they trade right hands. A good left lands for Pineda and Gomez clinches. Pineda spins him against the cage and has a body lock. Again the action slows and they restart. Pineda lands a good left to the body. Another leg kick from Pineda draws oohs from the crowd. Pineda tries a flying elbow. It’s short but gives him another body lock. Pineda holds him against the cage for the last 10 seconds.

RD 3: Body kick from Pineda starts the round. Gomez throws a high kick that slaps Pineda’s arm. Diving punches and spinning kicks from Pineda don’t land but another big leg kick thuds off Gomez’s thigh. Pineda tries a jumping push kick and slips. Gomez tries to pounce and actually has Pineda down. Pineda works his way out and takes the back. He lands ground and pound until Gomez gives hinm an opening for the neck. Pineda takes it and locks in a rear naked choke. The tap comes.


Carlo Prater vs Cameron Dollar

Carlo Prater Name Cameron Dollar
Neo Nickname Money Man
5’11″ / 160lbs Ht/Wt 5’11″ / 155lbs
Not Ranked Rank Not Ranked
13-7-0 Record 10-2-0
Metro Fight Club Gym


RD 1: Dollar comes out strong early and grabs a body lock. He drops down for a double leg and Prater shucks him off and gets Dollar down to his knees. Prater looks for a choke but can’t finish it. Dollar works his way back up and Prater scores a double leg. Good right hand lands for Prater. Dollar spins for an arm but Prater pulls away and dives right back into guard. Elbows from Prater as he has Dollar mashed against the fence. Dollar doing a good job controlling the wrists and minimizing damage. Dollar eats another elbow and has a nasty cut. The ref stops it so the doctor can take a look.They restart them in the same position. Dollar working for something from the bottom but Prater is not letting him have it. Dollar’s best armbar attempt comes as the bell sounds. Big first round for Prater.

RD 2: Dollar comes out swinging for the second round and he lands nicely. Prater re-opens the cut on Dollar with a jab. Spinning back kick to the body from Prater. Dollar is winging shots and landing but Prater shoots in and instantly passes to half guard. He passes to side control. He has a kimura locked in deep. Dollar tries to hold out but is forced to tap.

RD 3:

Winner: Carlo Prater def. Cameron Dollar by submission (RD 2)