Legacy Fighting Championship – March 20, 2010 – Results Page (Live)

Title: Legacy Fighting Championship

Location: Houston, Tx

Date: 2010-03-20

Tickets: www.legacyfights.tv

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TCD Fight Awards
Fight of the Night Rey Trujillo vs Jesus Rivera
Knockout of the Night Jonathon Harris
Submission of the Night Greg Bellomy (Anaconda choke)

Congratulations to all the above winners. They are now eligible for our end of year awards!


Here is what our panel of experts think about some of the matchups on this fight card.

BLUE = Correct Pick

RED = Incorrect Pick

MikeCalimbasMike Calimbas
Justin Trapp
RichardBurmasterRich Burmaster
Patrick Hutton Vs. RJ Knepp Hutton Hutton Hutton
Artenas Young Vs. Brian Lightfoot Young Young Young
Ray Blodgett Vs. Arron Barringer Blodgett Barringer Barringer
Humberto Deleon Vs Brian Garmon Deleon Deleon Deleon
Ray Trujillo Vs. Jesus Rivera Trujillo Trujillo Rivera
Mike Bronzoulis Vs. Levi Forrest Bronzoulis Forrest Bronzoulis

Read the details here about each prediction here.


David_McClung David McClung Name Scotty Juarez Scotty_Juarez
11 (@155) TCD Rank Not Ranked
160 Weight 160
1-2-0 Record 0-0-0
Brazos Valley MMA Gym Silverback MMA

We are LIVE from the Arena Theater for the Legacy Fighting Championships! Bell to ring with Silverback’s Scotty Juarez taking on BVMMA’s David McClung.

RD1: Round 1 starting with both fighters amped and they touch gloves. Fighters move to the center and a front kick from McClung followed by more kicks starts the match. Takeout down attempt by Juarez but thrown off. Clinching against the cage now and a takedown by Juarez! Side control by Scotty followed by a scramble. McClung now on top and an escape by Juarez. Back attempt by McClung. Juarez rolls out. Knees from  Juarez. And the froqd is cahnting for Scotty! McClung looking to take down Juarez now. Juarez now moving towards the back and flattening McClung out. Punches from the back. McClung tape for the TKO victory for the Silverback fighter! 2:57 Rd1.



Winner: Juarez by TKO from punches in back mount. 2:57 Rd1.

Dominic_Rodriguez Dominic Rodriguez Name Jason Carter Jason_Carter
Nickname Karate Man
Not Ranked TCD Rank 12
155 Weight 155
0-0-0 Record 0-1-0
4 oz Fight Club Gym 646 MMA

RD1: Damage Fight Gear vs. Furia in the second fight of the night as Dominic Rodriguez takes on Jason Carter. This could be a fight of the night contender as these guys both love to swing for the fences. Bells rings as both fighter look to measure. Low kick by Carter followed by a straight left. High kick by Carter  followed by another attempt. Both fighters looking to get comfortable with the distance. Straight right by Jason.  Low kick by Rodriguez and a straight blast of punches by Carter. Takedown by Dominic and now looking to pass half guard. What a comeback from that flurry of hits! Reversal now and another as Carter is now in Dominic’s full guard. Carter looking to sweep as Carter looking to ground and pound. 10 seconds left and this fight goes to the second round.

RD2: Round 2 starts wirh Carter being the aggresor and a beautiful takedown by Carter. Rodriguez working butterfly guard. Dominic looking for a hip bump sweep and  now a kimura into a reversal! Side control by Dominic. Now back to full guard with Dominic looking for the ground and pound. Carter looking for an elevator sweep as Dominic moves his opponent towards the cage. Standup by the referee and another takedown for Rodriguez. Now in Carter’s half guard, Dominic looking to pass as round2 ends. Moves into mount and a reversal and a punch by Carter to end Round 2.

RD3: Straight right hand and a side kick drops Rodriguez momentarily. Strong kicks to the body by Carter as he looks to be a counter-fighter. High kick by Carter and a high kick followed by spinning kicks by Dominic. Overhand right by Dominic as the crowd chants for Carter. More high kick attempts checked by Dominic Rodriguez. Dominic now stalking his opponent and now a takedown by Carter into side control. Dominic escapes and moves to mount. Dominic punching from mount to try to finish the fight at the bell. End of round 3.

Winner: Now to the judges’ scorecards…. 30-27, Unanimous decision for Jason “Karate Man” Carter.

Greg Bellomy Greg Bellomy Name Leo Torres Leo Torres
Not Ranked TCD Rank Not Ranked
145 Weight 145
0-0-0 Record 0-1-0
Gracie Barra Texas Gym Silverback MMA
Sub candidate

The lightweights are up for the first time as Gracie Barra”s Greg Bellomy takes on Leo Torres of Silverback. Both fighters are looking for their first professional win in the cage so this fight should be an exciting one!

RD1: Referee Kevin Hancock giving final instructions to the fights and they move to the center of the cage with Bellomy looking to establish his jab. Big punches by both fighters as they move into the clinch. Trip takedown thwarted by Bellomy. Leo looking to go low but Bellomy preventing in with his underhook. Both fighters looking to establish control against the cage. Stalemate followed by both fighters exchanging punches. This is turning into a nice brawl as we are back in the clinch with Leo against the cage. Knees to the legs by Bellomy. Elbow by Bellomy. Both fighters looking to drop each other with wild hooks now. Upercut missed by Bellomy. Action to the other side of the cage with now a muy thai clinch from Torres and more wild punches by both fighters to end Round 1.

RD2: Both fighters looking to exchange hooks again as round 2 starts.  Wow, looks like any fight can end this fight but both fighters are game. No signs of fatigue so far but they are setting a frantic pace. Anaconda choke from a sprawl from Bellomy and WOW, Torres is out! He was out for awhile and now we get the stoppage. Torres is finally coming to after a minute and he is okay! Amazing. submission of the night contender for sure for the Draulinho product, Greg Bellomy!


Winner: Rd 2, 1:27, by anaconda choke. Greg Bellomy!

Jeff Rexroad Jeff Rexroad Name Danny Taylor Danny Taylor
Not Ranked TCD Rank 4
170 Weight 185
0-0-0 Record 1-2-0
Metro Fight Club Gym Bushi Ban

Wow, Danny Taylor enters the cage to Color Me Badd’s “I Wanna Sex You Up.” Thanks to Ragan McDaniel for that one. LOL! Lesson learned, make sure you get your music in.

RD1: Danny Taylor with an intense look in his eyes as they await the ref’s instructions. Bell rings and bout #4 starts! Rexroad starts looking for strikes and takedown by Taylor. Thai clinch and punches by Rexroad followed by more knees from the thai clinch. Punches to close and Taylor turns his back. Explosive TKO victory for the highly-touted, and newly minted, professional fighter from Metro Fight Club!



Winner: Jeff Rexroad by TKO victory after knees followed by a flurry of punches. 44 Seconds into Round 1.

Artenas Young Artenas Young Name Brian Lightfoot Brian Lightfoot
Machine Gun Nickname
Not Ranked(debut) TCD Rank Not Ranked
205 Weight 205
0-0-0 Record 1-2-0
Hoger MMA Gym Gracie Barra Texas

Arteneas Young set to make his professional debut freshly-back in town from his training camp at Jackson’s MMA in New Mexico. “Chico” rocking the Atama White Belt Shorts. Lightfoot comes out to Survivor of Rocky fame! Nothing like some good old Rocky to get the crowd riled up.

USACA Lonestar Beatdown 205-lbs champ makes his professional debut. Strong crowd applause for this KO artist. Brian Lightfoot gets an equally loud applause from the crowd as the fighters are set to start swinging.

RD1: Lots of reach and power for these two. Both fighters trying to find their range. Low kick attempt by Lightfoot starts the action. Lots of measuring by both as they are looking for the perfect moment to initiate the fight. Crowd wanting more action and both fighters seem a little careful in round 1. Crowd chanting for Chico but both fighters still trying to find their range. Takedown attempt by Lightfoot shrugged off by Young. Crowd starting to boo for more action.  Lightfoot gets into Chico’s distance around the 10-second mark. Young tries for a flurry of punches but defended well as the round ends.

RD2: Roudn 2 starts and hopefully, both fighters are a little more comfortable in their range. Seems like they are both timing for knockout strikes. Low kick by Lightfoot followed by more circling. Big punches being thrown by Machine Gun returned with kicks from Lightfoot. Side kick by Lightfoot as Chico looking to find his distance. Strong body shots by Young . Hogar coaching Chico to stay on Lightfoot and calling for combinations. Lightfoot doing great timing his patience and measuring with low kicks. Young looking to trade. 10 seconds left as Chico stalks his Gracie Barra opponent.

RD3: Lightfoot with his hands in the air as they start the final round. Brian looking to distract Young who is looking for knockout punches once more. No significant strikes though. Young looking to flurry and throws a low kick. Lightfoot staying composed as he backs away from the flurries. Low kick by Lightfoot. Brian looking for a takedown to finish round 3!

Winner: Another fight hits the scorecards. Split decision victory for Brian Lightfoot!

Jonathon Harris Jonathon Harris Name Tony Concepcion Tony Concepcion
The Hulk Nickname
4 TCD Rank Not Ranked
170 Weight 170
2-0-0 Record 3-1-0
Submission Boxing Academy Gym Muay Thai G.R.I.P. Academy
KOotN Candidate

RD1: Sixth fight of the evening set to start. Here we go with the bell! Fight number 6, here  we go as Harris gets the quick takedown. Immediately to the mount goes Harris! He has a rear–naked choke sinked in but Tony gets out! Conception reversing it and now working from the full guard of Harris. Tony stands up from the guard and looking to throw punches. Kicks to the leg of his downed opponent for Conception. Crowd looking for a standup and Harris is up! Against the fence now and Harris is full of agression. Harris going for the double-leg and gets it! Working from Tony’s half guard and landing punches! Strong GNP from Harris as the round closes!

RD2: Here we go in round 2. Strong left hooks from Jonathan “Hulk” Harris sends Tony Conception crashing to the ground for the KO victory!


Winner Jonathan “Hulk” Harris, left hook for the win at 16 seconds into Round 2!

Patrick_Hutton Patrick Hutton Name RJ Knepp RJ_Knepp
Bam Bam Nickname
2 TCD Rank 5
170 Weight 170
2-0-0 Record 1-1-0
Rising Sun Karate Gym 646 MMA

RD1: We’re not leaving our seats before the start of this one folks! Could go very quickly with these two guys typically looking to end the fight on their fight! And here we go! Fighters circling and looking to find their range with jabs. Duck under double leg takedown by Knepp straight into side control executed beautifully! Hutton on the fence now as Knepp looks to posture up from the top. Knepp climbs into high mount against the fence! Hutton holding on pretty type and avoiding punishment. Looking to bridge but Knepp does a good job on controlling so far. Reversal by Hutton! Fighter back on their feet. Another beautiful duck under double leg from Knepp off Hutton’s punches and we end with Knepp controlling from top position as the round ends.

RD2: Bell rings and Knepp takes the center of the Legacy cage. Circling now as Knepp looks to counter punch. Hutton moving forward and low kicks from RJ Knepp. Strong right straight by RJ. Hutton shakes it off. Low ankle pick and another takedown for RJ. Hutton now giving him his back to escape to his feet and RJ now changing levels againt to grab for the single. He gets it but Hutton looking for a guilottine as well. He’s on the opposite side though so there should be no danger for the finish here. And he’s out. RJ on top of side control. Hutton pushing off the fence to get away but RJ now moving him back against the cage. 10 seconds left. RJ, knees from top of side control to end the round.

RD3: Final round begins with both a superman punch attempt from Hutton. Another duck under and RJ looking for the double leg takedown. Hutton fighting the takedown by tying up RJ’s left arm. RJ in deep for the takedown, turning it into a single but Hutton defends well. Good sprawl. Back on their feet and under takedown by RJ Knepp. Hutton looking to stand but another takedown by RJ. Up against the cage once more and big time knees from Huttton, who is now sprawled out fighting another double leg. Guilottine attempt by Hutton and fight is over!

Winner: SPLIT decision for the victory by RJ Knepp!

Ray Blodgett Ray Blodgett Name Arron Barringer Arron Barringer
Nickname Bad Man
4 TCD Rank 6
155 Weight 155
3-0-0 Record 4-0-0
Elite MMA-Baytown Gym Hoger MMA
Sub, FOTN Candidate

RD1: Two undefeated fighters enter the cage for this match and one is guaranteed to walk away from this fight with their first blemish in the 155 class. Big crowd applause for both fighters and here we go! High kick and ounch from Blodgett and returned with punches from Aaron. Strong exchange by both men and Aaron looking to clinch. Turned against the fence by Ray and a low blow. Stop in the action by the ref and Aaron shakes it off. Restart. Straight left followed by high kick attempted by Ray. Both fighters trading and now looking for muy thai clinch. Big knees by Ray! More knees against the body from the fence. Huge hooks thrown by Baringer and both fighters trading big shots now! Inside cup kick by Ray and Aaron closes in for the single leg! Going for the takedown now and 10 seconds left. Choke attempt by Ray to close the round.

RD2: Low kick by Blodgett to start round 2. Aaron stalking in. Low kicks by Ray. Ray’s nose is bloody now. And Ray is on the ground as Aaron looks to pass the guard. Ray trying to set up a triangle. Aaron lookin for some GNP. Kimura attempt from the bottom being attempted by Blodgett.  Turned into a sweep and still on kimura. Reversed but still on the arm. TAP to a kimura and Ray for the win!


Winner: Ray Blodgett via kimura in Round 2!

Marcelo Acevedo Marcelo Azevedo Name Charles Byrd Charles Byrd
Not Ranked TCD Rank Not Ranked
170 Weight 185
3-5-0 Record 2-1-0
Gracie Barra Texas Gym Saekson’s
Sub Candidate

Word from the back is that RJ Knepp popped his shoulder out of socket in his victory over Patrick Hutton. Ahh, the price of victory!

Now on to the special attraction of the evening. Highly-ranked BJJ fighter Marcelo Azevedo over Saekson Janjira protege Charles Byrd.

RD1: Clinch to the fence and takedown attempts for Marcelo. Byrd sprawls out and now has an underhook. Acevdeo with the over/under and now to the ground! Marcelo passes into side control quickly. Now looking to control Byrd and moves into mount. Byrd gives his back up. Could be a mistake. Flattened out now by Marcelo, who moves to attack with the RNC. Working for the throat now and he gets the TAP!



Winner: Round 1, 2:04, via rear-naked choke, Marcelo Azevedo!

Title Fight

Humberto Deleon Humberto Deleon Name Brian Garmon Brian Garmon
2 (145 & under) TCD Rank Not Ranked(debut)
125 Weight 125
4-1-0 Record 0-0-0
Bushi Ban Gym Silverback MMA
Sub Candidate

What a great night of fights and we’re now into the championship part of the evening!

RD1: Humberto De Leon vs. Brian Garmon! And here we go. Garmon throws a head kick and Humberto straight to the single leg. Several quick reversals on the ground and Humberto is looking for his patented armbar…and he gets it. This is Humberto’s 18th victory via armbar! ..And now, you’re 125 lbs. Legacy title holder, Humberto De Leon!





Winner: Humberto De Leon wins the 125 lbs. title via armbar, Round 1 in 44 seconds!

Title Fight

Rey Tujillo Ray Trujillo Name Jesus Rivera Jesus Rivera
The Truth Nickname
1 TCD Rank 2
155 Weight 155
6-0-0 Record 4-1-0
Metro Fight Club Gym 4 oz Fight Club
FotN Candidate

RD1: The Legacy Fighting Championship 155 title on the line in this highly anticipated matchip between undefeated Ray Trujillo out of Metro FIght Club versus Jesus Rivera of IVoz Fight Club. Big hooks to start the fight by Trujillo! Superman punches and now fighters are in the clinch. Back off the cage. Some strong swings by Trujillo. Big time double attempt by Ray but Jesus sprawls away. Trujillo certainly pushing the action. Now against the fence, Trujillo with the takedown. Jesus kicks away and stands up. Combinations by both fighters. Spinning back kick from Trujillo. Jesus with the muay thai clinch. Knees by Jesus against the fence and reversal. Trujillo now against the fence. Knees and punches exchanged by both fighters. With this kind of action, round 1 seems like it went in a hurry!

RD2: Ray moving forward with strikes to begin round 2. Spinning back kick by Jesus.  Ray stalking. Back against the fence with knees is Jesus but Ray is just coming forward viciously with those hands. Ray with the takedown and now looking to pass. Jesus looking to butterly sweep and Ray now stands out of his guard. Ray looks to be letting Jesus get up but standing over him with leg kicks now. Ref standing Jesus up and the action resumes on the feet. Kicks by both fighters and Ray dives in for another takedown attempt. Spinning cresent kick by Jesus and Ray pressing forward into the fence. Exchange in clinch grips by both man and hooks by Jesus. Big knees by Trujillo and returned via punches by Jesus. Bell. What a battle!

Could be 1 round each right now!

RD3: Will this go 5 rounds? The third starts with both fighters exchanging strikes again! Good strikes by Jeus but Ray once again closes in for a takedown attempt. Up against the fence now with Jesus throwing knees and Ray ching to change levels. Big straights moving  forward by Trujillo! Big strikes against the fence! Jesus covers up! Now Jesus with the muay thai clinch and now Jesus drops Ray for a second with a big strike! Ray recovers. Now looks like Ray is a little tired but he pushes ahead for a HUGE takedown. Looks like there is still gas in that tank after all. Jesus back up. Over/unders by both men. This might come down to who wants it more. Ray swinging for the fences as the round ends!

RD4:  On to the championship rounds for these two warriors! Both guys have fought their hearts out so far! These guys are putting on a show for Houston’s MMA fans! Both fighters swinging for the fences again with Ray throwing straights! Jesus is hurt and covering up! He ties Ray up and muay thai clinch on Ray against the fence! Jesus’ turn! Looks like a broken nose for him but he rocks Ray now! Insane exchanges by both fighters. Both fighters look exhausted against the cage. Thai clinch by Ray now as Jesus throws punches from the clinch. Ray with knees and punches against the fence now. Body shots by Ray! High kick attempt by Jesus. Ray with hooks as Jesus is now on the ground looking for open guard. Back to their feet now and Jesus is bleeding bad from his nose!

RD5: Fifth an final round now for the championship! Both fighters swinging for the fences. This is incredible. What a display of heart by two of the most talented fighters in Houston. Jesus Rivera now with the takedown. Trujillo working from his open guard with less than four minutes to go. Jesus with GNP from the top and now Ray looks to wall climb back to his feet and he does! Ray teeing off against the fence! Where do these guys get their endurance?! Ray with a takedown now and Jesus was looking for an elevator sweep. Both guys back on their feet and the bell rings! Excellent fight! Now off to the judges’ scorecards!

Winner: Judges decision now. Huge applause from the crowd before the cards are read. All three judges score the fight 49-46 for the NEW Legacy 155 lbs. champion, Ray Trujillo!

Title Fight

Mike Bronzoulis Mike Bronzoulis Name Levi Forrest Levi Forrest
2 TCD Rank 1
170 Weight 170
8-1-1 Record 6-0-0
Metro Fight Club Gym Gracie Barra – The Woodlands

170 lbs. title on the line in our last fight of the night. What a GREAT night of fights at the Arena Theater!

RD1: Big crowd pop for Mike Bronzoulis! Lots of Metro fans in the house! Gracie Barra brought their fans as well. HUGE crowd reaction for Levi the Barbarian. Now let’s see who wants it. Mike B. probing to find his range and leg kick. Another leg kick attempt. Levi focused but yet to throw. HUGE high kick attempt by Levi misses. Levi circling. Mike looking for leg kicks. Both fighters being patient with their setups. Both of these guys respecting each others’ standup so far. Levi circling on the outisde and shoots a low single! It’s deep but Mike defends. Bronzoulis now has Levi against the fence. Uppercut atempt as Mike backs off the cage. At center cage now. Mike with a high kick attempt. Leg kick and high kick by Mike. Not too many punches but lots of kicks for their guys. 10 seconds left. Levi with high kick as he slips to the ground at the bell. Close fight so far.

RD2: Second round begins. Both fighters touch gloves. High kick attempt by Mike B. Lefi with a straight left. Big leg kick by Levi, who is fighting on the outside. Mike trying to find an angle but Levi circling well. These guys still feeling each other out, Big right hook and knees from the clinch by Mike. Levi going for the takedown and gets it. Circling outside but Mike B. back on his feet. Whizzer by Mike and he’s back square. Levi looking for the single. Trying to hook the leg and turn it into a double. Mike B. is down and Levi is looking to get around to side control while Mike is posting his hand to get back up against the cage. Mike now in bottom half guard and Levi up with a knee and a right hook as the round ends. Another close round!

RD3: Here we go in round 3.  Both fighters looking to stick to the game plan. Exhange followed by a guillotine attempt for Levi. Mike pushes him against the cage and Mike B. with the ankle pick for the takedown! Levi in his closed guard now controlling Mike’s posture. Mike pushing Levi against the cage. Ref stands them up. High kick attempts exchanged by both guys! Levi boxing well now. Levi looking like he’s imposing his will on the feet at the end of the third. Round ends.

RD4: We’re into the championship rounds for the 2nd time tonight. Mike going for the takedon against the cage. Levi effectively defending the takedown but Mike gets in deep and sucks in for the takedown. Saul calling for elbows from Bronzoulis in his own corner. Levi looking to keep Mike’s posture down and a standup by the ref! Levi swinging and kicking for the fences now and goes for a single leg of his own. He gets it! Mike looking to stand against the fence now. Levi going for his back! Another takedown by Levi! Mike looking to wall walk again. Now Levi with huge kicks, knees, and punches! Mike B answers with a takedown and some GNP as the round ends! This fight is going to the last round!

RD5: Last round of the night for Legacy Fighting Championships!  Both fighters touch gloves. Mike B. shooting across the ring for a takedown. GNP by Mike B. now on top with Levi defending from his guard. Mike with punches. He’s trying to finish the fight now. He might need to finish Levi to win the fight. Ref standing them up again. Crowd boos. Mike with the double leg gets Levi down! Short elbows from the top for Mike. 10 seconds left! Levi holding on from his guard as the bell rings! Looks like it’ll be a judges decision for the 170 lbs. title!

Winner: Levi Forrest via judges decision victory for the win and the 170 lbs. title!