Legacy Fighting Championship Results – Robo Wins

Legacy Fighting Championship - Houston, TX MMA

Legacy Fighting Championship - Houston, TX MMA

Last Updated: 10:52pm (Nov 7)

Card: Legacy Fighting Championships

Location: Houston, TX – Houston Arena Theater

November 7, 2009 –

TheCageDoor.net is cage side and will be updating results on the site live all night.  We’ll do our best to recap each fight as we go too.

9:07 – So far, every fights is a candidate for fight of the night!

Fight Results* – Winners in bold

125lb – Humberto “The Kid” Deleon Bushi Ban vs. Andy Sandoval Death Row MMA (Debut) – 52 seconds in Round 2 via Arm Bar

Explosive Start.  Deleon gets a HUGE knockdown then gets a very deep armbar (it  looked like it was going to break).  Somehow, Sandoval escapes with out tapping.  Deleon came out in the second round, took control, got another arm bar and this time he finished it.

155lb – Kierre Gooch Bushi Ban vs Ray Blodgett Elite MMARound 2 via Arm Bar

Tremendous amount of action early on.  Blodgett controls the fight early, but gets caught in an tempted standing guillotine. Great action on the ground.  The Ref has called time out in the fight, checking Blodgett’s arm as he thought it was broke.  In round 2, Blodgett get’s Gooch’s arm.  Gooch slams Blodgett trying to break loose.  A few seconds later, Gooch taps.

155lb – Aaron Barringer Hoger MMA vs Kenny Burke Westside MMA – 2:12 in Round 2 via Guillotine Choke

Burke with the takedown.  Working from the top.  Burke with a couple of passes and goes for the anaconda choke, but Barringer some how gets out and attempts a guillotine.  Burke wins the first round.  Round two, Burke drops Barringer with a straight right and attacks as Barringer is obviously dazed..  Barringer recovers, gets another guillotine and gets the tap.

170lb – Danny Taylor Bushi Ban vs. Ricardo Talavera Elite MMA – Unanimous decision. (29-28,30-27,30-27)

Talavera opens with a flurry of punches and a knee, but is quickly countered by Taylor.  Talavera get Taylor in a beautiful Muay Thai clinch and delivers several punishing knees.  Both fighters are showing good stand up.  At the end of round 1  Talavera has swelling around his left eye and Taylor is cut.  Talavera wins round 1.

Good action to start round 2.  Both fighters traded , then Talavera gets a take down.  Minimal work on the ground from both fighters.  Talavera works to full mount and begins to land big shots. BIG ELBOWS by Talaver with 10 seconds left.  Talavera wins round 2.  Taylor needs to finish this fight to win.

Taylor knows he needs  to finish to win and comes out with a full head of steam, but then gets rocked by a right hook.  Big take down by Talavera.  Good action to finish the fight.

155lb – Ken Battle Hoger MMA vs. Jason Carter World MA – 33 sec Rd1 – Ref stoppage

Carter starts in a karate stance.  Kicks to stomach.  Battle takes him to the ground and pounds until ref stops.  Battle doesn’t stop and ref has to tackle him.  Crowd boo’s.

185 – Larry Hopkins Missouri City Boxing vs. Patrick Hutton RSKA – 1:53 Rd 2 – Ref Stoppage

Hopkins sits down and waits for Hutton in the cage.  Multiple shots by Hutton but Hopkins motions to bring more.  wild left by Hutton misses.  Hutton with his back to the fence again.  Every time Hopkins gets hit, he shakes his head as if to say “it doesn’t hurt”.  Huge Takedown By Hopkins.  Hutton rolls to dominate position and pounds out Hopkins.

155 – Jace Pitre Tooke MMA vs. Jesus Rivera 4oz (30-27 Jesus, 29-28 Jace, 30-27Jesus)

Jesus lands at will at the end of the 1st  round.  Jace is cut.  Jace is eating multiple viscious shots in round two.  Jace eats a big left and is dropped, but gets back up, proving he has a chin.  At the end of round 2, Jace rocks Jesus.  Jesus is showing great takedown defense.  Both guys are exchanging solid leg kicks.  Good combo by Jace.  At the end of the fight, Jace rocks Jesus with a big right, too little too late..  This was a GREAT kickboxing fight.

155 – Rey Trujillo Metro vs. Lane Yarbrough Death Row MMA – Rd 1 KO

Yarborough is rocked at the opening of the round by a huge right.  WOW, Trujillo faked a body punch on the ground, jumps over Yarbrough as he lays on the ground and punishes him.


135 LFC Title – Lewis McKenzie vs. Chad Robichaux Gracie Barra – 1:46 1st rd Rear naked Choke

Lewis comes in dancing like a wild man, throwing his shirt down.  The crowd is going nuts in anticipation of Robo’s ring entrance.  NBC is hear filming.  The crowd starts chanting “ROBO ROBO ROBO”

McKenzie opens with an Ali Shuffle.  Chad rushes in, gets the take down and gets McKenzie’s back.  Robo works and get’s a rear naked choke.  McKenzie taps.  Fight over.  Robo moves to 8-0 and is the new LFC 135lb champion.

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