Legacy Fighting Championship 10 Preview

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Written By: Barry Laminack (follow me on twitter – @BarryLaminack)

It’s fight week, so I wanted to share with you my preview of the upcoming Legacy Fighting Championship 10 card, taking place on Friday February 24, 2012 at the Houston Arena Theatre, and airing live on HDNet!

A couple of things stand out to me about this card:

  • We are seeing more out-of-town (read non-Houston) fighters than we ever have before. That’s a great sign for Legacy. It means they are growing!
  • We have two guys fighting on the card (Beebe and Njokuani) who’s brothers are more well-known in MMA, but they could go further.
  • Several of these fights could are main event worthy.

OK, enough chit chat, lets break down the fights!


Alex Morono is perhaps one of the most underrated and underestimated fighters in Houston MMA. Maybe it’s his unassuming looks or his quiet demeanor, but anybody that is sleeping on Morono in the cage is making a huge mistake. He’s as strong as an ox and is very skilled. Don’t let his age or his looks fool you, he is very talented and very well-rounded. Morono can bang, but he can also submit people so when you here him say he’s comfortable where ever the fight takes place, he’s probably one of the few fighters who means it.

Rashon Lewis is a physical freak! If you were going to create an MMA action figure, you’d want to use Rashon as the model. His muscles have muscles, and other than me, he’s probably got the best abs in Houston. But much like Morono, don’t let the looks fool you. He’s not just all show and no go. Lewis can fight, and he’s still very new to the sport. He’s a talented athlete and a fast learner, so this former college quarterback is having no trouble adjusting to life inside the cage.

I think this fight is a real estate fight. What I mean by that is, it’s all about location, location, location. Rashon should do well standing up, but if it goes to the ground, he’ll need to out muscle the more technical Morono. 

Tim Snyder has been around the Houston MMA scene for a long time. He’s what you might call a savvy veteran. With nearly half of his fights ending in KO or TKO, Snyder is always looking to finish and he’s got the power to do just that. The heavy-handed featherweight can put anyone to sleep, but doing that against Beebe may not be that easy.

The Beebe name is fairly well-known in MMA, but it’s Carson’s brother Chase who put it on the map. That said, Carson is looking to prove that he’s not the only Beebe that can fight. He’ll most likely look to get this one on the ground where he’ll be looking to give Snyder his 9th loss.

Jonathon Harris is the real deal. He’s improved his ground game tremendously after working with the famous Draculino, so much so that he’s made a habit out of proven the “experts” wrong after being labeled the underdog in his last two fights at Legacy. Harris owns the fastest KO’s in Legacy amateur and pro history, but the now well-rounded fighter is more than just a KO machine, he’s a well-rounded fighter looking to prove he belongs in the upper echelon in the Legacy stable of fighters.  A win over Chidi Njokuani could go a long way in proving just that.

If the name Njokuani sounds familiar, it’s because he is the brother of UFC fighter Anthony Njokuani. Like his brother Chidi is a muay thai specialist who loves to strike. This could be a stand up war if Harris decides to stand with Chidi.

This should be a fun fight to watch, but don’t blink, it could be over quickly!

Get ready for some fist-a-cuffs, this one has all the makings of an instant classic. Bronzoulis has the heart and will power to fight for days, it’s his cardio that can sometimes fails him. The good news is it’s never really effective him enough to cost him a fight. He’ll be looking to bounce back after dropping his last fight to current Legacy Welterweight champion Jorge “Macaco” Patino. I talked with Bronzoulis a few weeks before his fight and he seems focused and determined to get back to his winning ways.

That won’t be easy as he’ll be facing one tough dude in Eric “Big Head” Davila. Houston fight fans will remember Davila from his fight on Shark Fights against Houston’s Alex Cisne. At the time Cisne’s stock was rising faster than an old mans blood pressure at a strip joint, but the big-headed one sent it crashing down after breaking Cisne’s nose, and then his will.

Both fighters are coming off a loss, so expect this to be an all out WAR as both guys look to get back on the winning track.

How do you know when a local/regional promotion has made it? When they start booking matches that don’t include local talent. Legacy, my friends, is making things happen. Harris vs Linderman is an INSANE match-up and has main event potential.

Harris is a flat-out stud and could be considered the best fighter on this card. He is certainly the most experienced having gone 3-1 in the UFC before being cut…after winning. That NEVER happens. Ask anybody that follows the UFC and they will tell you, Harris should still be there, he’s that good.

Ask those same people what they think about DJ Linderman and they will probably tell you that he SHOULD be in the UFC soon…real soon. Linderman is an up and comer who could be making a splash on the national scene in no time. He went 1-1 in his brief stay at Bellator.

Both guys have UFC aspirations, and Legacy is proving to be a feeder organization for the UFC.

Legacy has been known to include what I call tester fights on their cards ever since they started bringing in fighters from out-of-town. To me, this is one of those “tester” fighter for Justin Reiswerg. Justin is an outstanding talent and should be considered on the short list of fighters to become the face of Legacy, replacing names like Daniel Pineda and Andrew Craig. Reiswerg is very well-rounded, tough as nails and has a ton of talent. His only loss is to Bellator vet Adam Schindler. If MMA was the stock market, Reiswerg is a strong buy!

With a name like “Awesomely Awesome” you better be good. Fortunately for him, Pat Audinwood is good. Really good. He’s got a ton of talent and has fought in the UFC, going 0-2 (losing to Thiago Tavares and John Makdessi). Outside of the UFC Audinwood is undefeated (with only 1 draw). One thing about Audinwood is you know he’s going to be involved in a decision or submission as he has no TKO’s or KO’s on either side of his record.

This fight is going to be crazy fun to watch. If Reiswerg wins this, he could be on the fast track to the UFC (he’s got the skills for it).

THE PRELIMS (in the 3 sentences or less.)

Munil Adriano (7-7-0) vs. Rey Trujillo (9-6-0)

Word on the street is that Adriano has ridiculous stand up. Trujillo is 1-0 in 2012, after going 0-4 in 2011. This should be a fun fight to watch.

Shawn Machado (2-1-) vs. Lee King (14-17-1)

Machado is as wide as King is tall. King has great striking but Machado has a great chin. One will prove better than the other in this battle of the 40 year olds.

William “Bubba” Bush (3-1-0) vs. Patrick “Bam Bam” Hutton (3-3-0)

I like Patrick Hutton a lot, he’s a great guy, but I don’t think this one ends well for him. Bush is one of the best fighters nobody talks about in Houston. This fight will be like me arguing with my wife, totally one sided.

Jesus Mendez (0-1) vs. Cody Williams (2-1)

Mendez is an unknown commodity in the Houston MMA world. Williams is a rising star. Can Williams keep the pressure on, and his right hand up this time?

Angel Huerta (4-0-0) vs. Mike Sierra (4-5-0)

Huerta could be the new face of Legacy soon, replacing Daniel Pineda and Andrew Craig who have moved on the UFC. Sierra is unknown, but unless he’s got ridiculous stand up, he’ll be out matched. Get on the Huerta bandwagon while there is still room.

Still don’t have your tickets to Legacy FC 10? Get ‘em HERE!

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