October 22 Legacy Amateur Series – Final Card and Preview

Written By: Barry Laminack

It’s fight week!

Tuesday night as we were doing another live broadcast of our podcast (Beyond the Cage Door) we got an email from Legacy Match Maker Collin Cantrell with the final fight card and fight order. We know there are a few of you who don’t listen to the podcast so we figured we’d post it up here with a brief preview.


As you may recall, we initially brought you this card back in August along with an indepth preview of the card. As is the norm with amateur cards, a lot has changed since the initial release of the card, including the main event.

Manny Lozoya

In the new main event, Manny Lozoya will put his 135lb title on the line against Ramiro Cortina. Lozoya is coming off a loss vs Jacob Silva at Cage Combat 4. Lozoya dropped to 125 for that fight and it looked to me like the cut really affected him as he didn’t have that same pep in his step that I’m used to seeing. Cortina is a another Silverback amateur that has that “go forward” style that Silverback is becoming known for. Interesting note regarding game planning is that this will be Lozoya’s 3rd fight in a row against a Silverback fighter, his last two being title fights against David Armas and Jacob Silva. I think it’s safe to say Cortina will have plenty of help getting ready for Lozoya, lets see what he can do with it.

The new co-main event features to lightning fast strikers in Hard Head Hitter Charles Ontiveros and 4oz’s Mike “The Truth” Jackson. Ontiveros is a name you’ll want to remember as I expect him to do big things on the Houston MMA scene. He’s super fast and has great striking. The question is, will he be fast enough to avoid “The Truths” stiff jab and devastating body shots? I don’t see this one going to the ground so I think the key to this one is will be how Jackson defends on the feet. If he sticks with is usual Philly Shell type defense where he keeps his left hand down and uses his left shoulder to roll with punches he could be in for a long night as I would imagine Ontiveros will be able to land kicks at will. However, if Jackson keeps his hands up and fights a more tradition style he has the hand speed to dictate the fight and out point the talented Ontiveros.

[EDITORS NOTE: Just before we posted this article we found out that Eric Garcia will indeed get his chance at the 155lb title as Eric Caminos out of American Combative Sytems has stepped up on 2 days notice to fight Eric. Good luck to both! As for predictions, I see Garcia grinding out a finish in this one. Camino is always attacking but Garcia is too calm to be bothered by that and should use his strength advantage to control Caminos and the fight.]

Charles Ontiveros

If you didn’t read it, or are just too lazy to click the link, here are a few names to keep an eye on at this weekends fights at the Verizon Wireless Theatre.

  • Nico Echeverry – The ACS product hasn’t officially fought in the cage, but I’ve been watching this kid for about a year now. He’s skilled on the ground, a good wrestler and has quick hands.
  • “Angelus” McFarland – McFarland is a big strong guy and he’s been set to bust out on the scene for some time. He’s one of those guys that, if he can learn to control his aggression and not get careless, could give many of the 185′ers in the city fits.
  • KunKao (AKA Anthony Chang) – He has a background in TKD and Muay Thai, so he’s got ridiculous kicks and lighting fast hands. Couple that with his high school wrestling and this youngster has all the potential in the world.
  • Ryan Hollis – Hollis is absolutely explosive. He 4-1 and has already held a title. Expect big slams, good ground and pound and above avergae BJJ from the Relson Gracie standout.
  • Charles Ontiveros – He’s got outstanding striking and is really fun to watch. He kind of reminded me of Angel Huerta when last I saw him.


Oct. 22nd Legacy Amateur Series Fight Card

145 Kody Williams (0-0) GB North Houston vs Alex Stephens (0-0) Elite MMA
135 Chris Tornero (0-0) Texas Dojo vs Anthony Chang (0-0) 4 oz Fight Club
145 Quentin Kiper (0-0) Revolution Dojo vs VisuaksenaShen” Castro (0-0) GB North Houston
155 Mark Carlisle (0-0) Bushi Ban vs David Cruz (0-0) Elite MMA
160 Ruben Martinez (0-1) Silverback Fight Club vs Arturo Delgado (0-1) Team Bailout
185 Ken Banks (0-0) GB Draculino vs Brandon Hurrington (0-0) Urban Jungle
125 Alex Ramirez (1-1) Bushi Ban vs Ryan Hollis (4-1) Hard Head Hitters
170 Tyler Flores (0-0) GB North Houston vs John Paul Moreno (0-1) Silverback Fight Club
125 Zach McKay (0-0-1) Fly Combat vs Jonathan Stern (0-0) Mezger’s MMA
145 Brandon Boyd (1-1) GB North Houston vs Kolton Englund (1-1) Silverback Fight Club/RSKA
155 Nico Echeverry (0-0) ACS vs Adrian Yanez (0-0) Elite MMA
170 Charles Lloyd (1-0) GB North Houston vs Omar Khosravi (1-0) ACS
185 Raymond “Angelus” McFarland (0-0) Bam Bam MMA vs Alex Rendon (0-0) Urban Jungle
170 Mike Jackson (2-5) 4 oz Fight Club Fight Team vs Charlie Ontiveros 5-2) Hard Head Hitters
155 Eric Garcia (2-0-0) Team Tooke vs Eric Caminos (1-0-0) ACS TITLE
135 Ramiro Cortino (1-0) Silverback Fight Club vs Manny Lozoya (4-2) Bushi Ban TITLE

My Award Winner Predictions

Since there has been so many changes to the card, I need to adjust who I think will win our Made to Win “of the Night” awards:

  • Submission of the Night – Nico Echeverry
  • Knockout of the Night – Charles Lloyd
  • Fight of the Night – Alex Ramirez vs Ryan Hollis