Live Coverage: Legacy Amateur Series – February 18, 2011


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Title: Legacy Amateur Series
Location: House of Blues
Date: February 18, 2011 8pm

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TCD Fight Awards
Fight of the Night Joe Trevino vs Jacob Silva
Knockout of the Night Luis Ibarra
Submission of the Night Evert Gutierrez

Congratulations to all the above winners. They are now eligible for our end of year awards!

Looks like we are ready to go!! Won’t be long now!


Steele West vs Charles Lloyd

Rd1: Charles comes out and misses with a head kick and Steele gets a take down. On the ground, Charles manages to transition over and get Wests back as they are standing. That choke looks deep.  He hasn’t tapped yet…must not be that deep. Now on the ground Charles can’t seem to finish, nice job by west not getting tapped.  Back up now both guys look a bit tired. Charles with some BIG knees.  Clinch work now. Big slam. West dropping BOMBS now. 10 secs. Rounds over.

Rd2: Both fighters dancing now. That rest ust have done some good. West attacks the body, and Lloyd counters with a hook upstairs.  This cage is small so neither guy is going anywhere. Kick to the body by west and countered by a stiff right by Lloyd. Lloyd does an Ali shuffle…looking confident.  TAKE DOWN. West tries to work from guard…oops, guillotine by Lloyd, can he finish? nope.  West is out and works the body from the closed guard. West’s corner telling him to get his hand off the mat.  Good advice, don’t get caught now.  Round ends on the ground.

Rd3: lloyd faints an inside leg kick throws a nice switch kick. West wants to land a hook, but he is tellegraphing it.  Both fighters trading . Nice take down by West.  Lloyd with another guillotine attempt but West is too sweaty.  working from the ground but not much action.

Winner: Charles Lloyd wins via U. D.

Brannen Jones vs Ruben Martinez

Rd1: Nice kick by Martinez , Jones answers with a couple of counter jabs.  OUCH! Nice body kick by Martinez.  Clinch work now and Jones gets the take down. Macaco yelling instructions to Martinez…but too late, he just ate a vicious leg kick by Jones.  Another take down by Jones.  Martinez tries a heel hook but he’s not even close with it.  Jones continues to land kick while Martinez lays on the ground. TWO STIFF STIFF straight rights from Martinez and Jones’ nose is bloody.

Rd2: Martinez with a nice combo.  Jones just THROWS martinez to the ground. Last round he was kicking him IN The ass, and now he’s doing it again. Martinez is spending the round on his back…and Jones is content to keep kicking him in the butt…literally. Martinez has good boxing and needs to try to keep this standing. Jones FINALLY throws those Martinez’s legs aside and pounces on him. Now in mount, Jones (A Muay Thai fighter) doens’t exactly overwhelm Martinez from here. 10 seconds and there is the bell.

Rd3:  Jones opens up and is landing at will. Martinez is backed up against the cage and can’t circle out.  Woopsi, Martinez just got caught in a guillotine. That’s it, Martinez taps.

Winner: At :55  in the 3rd Round Brennan Jones wins via Guillotine choke.

Luis Ibarra vs Brandon Boyd

Rd1: Ibarra is on the attack early. Lands a straight right but is does littel damage.  Both guys keeping space, trying to find their range. Ibarra pressing more now. Boyd backs up. CRACK that was loud. Head kick by Ibarra knocks Boyd smooth out. It’s over.



Winner: Luis Ibarra via KO at :49 in the 1st RD

Kamel Saleh vs Kolton Karl Englund

I’m told Saleh didn’t have his hands wrapped yet. Not sure why…I’m also told he wasn’t feeling it yet.

Rd1: Englund with a HUGE takedown attempt. Saleh going with a standing guillotine attempt. Eglund is head hunting but Salesh has somethin for him. Oh snap these guys are SLUGGING now. both guys landing WILD shots. Somebody is about to get KTFO! OHHH big double leg by Englund. now on the ground working from half guard, Englund postures up now stands up. He better watch that upkick . Englund stacks him up…BAM he lands a huge right while Saleh is on the ground. pound, pound, pound, pound. This could be done soon. YEP, there it is. Ref stops the fight.



Winner: Koltong Karl Englund wins via TKO at 2:54  in the 2nd round.

John Wible vs Drew Elder

Rd1: 1,2 kick by Elder. Over hand right by Wible lands. Clinching now. Knee by Elder. Now against the cage, both doing some lazy dirty boxing with no damage. 1,2 by elder is countered by a nice overhand right by Wible. Superman punch ends with Wible getting pocked in the eye. Both fighters touch gloves as they come back.  Elder looks like Tim Kennedy’s kid…that’s real talk.  Nice kicks by both guys as the rounds end.

Rd2: Both guys trying to land but not really able to find the rane.  Nice inside leg kick by Wible. Elder with a inside and outside of his own. Wible now checking those kicks, good thing too cause they look like they are hurting. Knees from the clinch from Elder. Elder tries a throw but Wible lands in his guard.

Rd3: leg kick lands by Elder but a nice overhand right by Wible lands and backs up Elder. Jeff Rexroad is sitting here next to me…and just told me he is going to buy every DVD of Fraggle Rock. There you go.  Wible misses with looping overhand right.  Wible just took a DEEEP breath. He’s telegraphing that overhand. Tim Kennedy Jr (aka Drew Elder) is stealing htis round. Wible is GASSED but he’s handing in there. Check the elder kick. 10 sec left. Wible shoots, stuffed, takes several body shots and that’s the round.

Winner: Drew Elder wins via Split Decision

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Tony Orozco Jr. vs Mike Dunn

Rd1: Mike lands first with a couple of leg kicks. Tony with a teep. Knee by mike is caught by tony. Tony jumps off the cage ala Showtime Petis but misses! Dunn with a superman punch but it didn’t land flush. Dunn with some big kicks but they keep missing. tony lands a few kicks of his own. If that name looks familiar, it’s Coach Tony Orozco’s son from Silverback.  Bock guys had the same idea and clash knees on a flying knees. Tony got caught in the hehe’s and needs a moment. back at it it’s Tony that lands a nice straight but Dunn with a HARD body kick. Both guys are exchanging nice punches now.  Superman punch meets flying knee and nothing happens.  Good round.

Rd2: Straight right backs up Tony and Dunn follows it with a flying knee. Dunn on back…back up now. Tony with a takedown. working for mount. Kneebar attempt by Dunn. Transition and Tony gets mount. Dunn is bucking but he can’t get him of. Over and over and over and over Tony is dropping punches. Finally the ref steps in and stops the fight.


Winner: Tony Orozco Jr wins via TKO at 1:46  in the 2nd RD.

Mike Alvarez vs Trent Draper

Rd1: Both guys working it early. Mike lands several blows but Trent walks through them.  Draper dropping his head a bit, but is able to avoid major damage. Draper now has Alvarez pinned agains the cage. Mike lands a couple of nice body shots but not much action. Draper trying for a single…well…maybe a high crotch. Now trent working for a double. finally gets it and pulls mike down. 10 seconds left. Not

Rd2: Both guys again trade and again draper drops his head. Mike looks like he landed and drops draper. Just found out that Alvarez is only 18! he looks like he’s 25! POW both guys are trading. Check this out…Mike was in school today before he came up here to fight. Nice. Both guys trading and both guys landing but they are kind of sloppy. Mike just landed several on the jaw line and still couldn’t drop him. Draper is GASSED but he won’t stop! You gotta love that! Round ends, but man, hand clap for both guys!

Rd3: Both guys are tired and not looking to engage just yet. Draper pins Mike agains thte cage…trying to spin out, Mike gives up his back. Does Trent have enough to take advantage of it? Mike trying to just maintain wrist control. Draper with a take down now, that might have just won the round.  Lul in the action as guys are landing small body shots that are doing very little damage. Trent tries to posture up but can’t, Mike is doing a good job keeping him close. There’s the bell. Going to be close.

Winner: Mike Alvarez def Trent Draper via split decision

Chris Rucker vs Ryan Durand

There is a big bowling pin walking around…courtesy of Lucky Stike. I took a picture humping its leg. Check my facebook later.

Rd1: Ruckers IS BIG!  Durand goes for a take down but doesn’t get it. Chris throwing some violent shots but none connect.  Durand trying to work from the top. Back up and Durand gets his back. Rucker tried a slam of some kind, didn’t work.  Durand is again trying to get his back after they stood back up. Now down again and Durand lands some body shots from guard. Dirand missed a head kick and his leg got caught. Rucker dumped him. Back up it happend again and Rucker lands solid but Durand lands again. AGAIN missed head kick followed by straight right, this time, it sends Durand crashing to the mat. Ref stops it and maybe a bit soon, but it might have been over anyway as Durand looks out. game over.

John Malbrough sitting cage side doing video for us just came over and said he heard his nose break. OUCH!



Winner: Chris Rucker def. Ryan Durand via TKO

Vince Serrano vs Ramiro Cortina

Rd1: Both guys have a ton of energy. Cortina drops Serrano temp. but Serrano bounces back up.  Trading now SLUG FEST! YEAAAH. hooks and straights from both guys are landing. Serrance keeping his cool but is backing up a bit. DOWN GOES SERRANO! That’s it!



Winner: Ramiro Cortina def. Vince Serrano via TKO in Rd 1



David Armas vs Casey Jones

David Armas forgot his cup. LOLOLOL I’m gonna mess with him about that later hahaha!  Ring Card Girl of the Year Jenna Johnson just threw some TCD beanies into the crowd!

Rd1: Both guys feeling it out…Jones shoots and Armas cataches him in a guillotine. Jones pops out. Jones working form the top..oh, nice reversal by Armas.  Armas now gets mount. he’s got Jones pinned against the cage and is dropping bombs. I don’t see Jones getting out of this one.  20 seconds later, ref stops the fight.



Winner: David Armas wins via TKO at 2:03 in Rd 1

Jordan Gaza vs Kristy Kester

2 min rounds for this one. Kristy PACKED this place with fans, Huge cheering section! Good for her!

Rd1: Stiff right by kester lands. teep moves Gaza back. Kesters stand up looks good so far. Gaza is a wiz on the ground so lets see if Kristy keeps it standing.  Kristy with a plum but Gaza gets out. Lance just remarked how accurate Kristy’s striking is. True statement.  Solid knee by Kester…that hurt Gaza.  Clinch work at the bell. Kester wins that round.

Rd2: Gaza charged after kester threw some nice shots. Again Kester throwing.  Gaza goes for a single. Nope. Back up and Gaza jumps gaurd.UH OH DEEEEEP standing guillotine by Gaza. this could be it. That is deep…Oh my. Kester is out. WOW. crowd goes nuts.

Rd3:  Gaza tries to jump guard. Kester pulls her up…walks 2 steps JUMPS IN THE AIR AND SLAMS HER! in mount, Kester pounds her face until the ref stops it! OH MY

Winner:  Kristy Kester via TKO in Rd 3

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Word from the back is that there has been an altercation involving Jason David Frank. Looking for info.

Just confirmed, JDF did in fact get into an altercation with somebody. Not sure why but the altercation happened but the kid is going to need stitches. Sad news on an otherwise great night of fights.

Joe Trevino Name Jacob Silva
125lbs Weight 125lbs
#1 Rank Not Ranked
2-1-0 Record 0-0-0
4 oz Fight Club Gym Silverback MMA
Justin, Lance, Mike, Rich PICKS

Rd1: Silva with some Rock like shorts. Silva catches Joe clean but Joe recovers gets a nice plum and lands a nice knee.  Clinch work now. Silva with a knee. Silva tried for mount, didn’t get it, now in mount. Uh oh…Joe just cought him slipping, triangle attempt.  he’s gotta get a leg. nope. Didn’t get it. Silva rolls out and is up.  Back down. Nice sweep by Joe. Trevino going for an arm now.  Wow, Joe is punching him in the face AND going for the arm bar. Silva stacks him so he doesn’t.

Rd2: Damn, this is a slug fest form the bell. Both guys landing. Oh, Joe looks rocked by an overhand right. Joe shoots, nice take down. Jacob now in guard. Sweep form the bottom Joe gets mount! WOW Sweeps again Silva on top. great fight. Joe with the rubber guard! Joe going for the Omaplata. Nice job by Silva to roll out. Silva in half guard. Bell.

Rd3: THIS IS A GREAT FIGHT! Both guys come out a little tired but ready to go.  After some back and forth, Trevino gets Silva’s back and has a body triangle. Silva doing a good job of controlling the wrist.  Joe can’t quit get his arm under Silva’s chin. Silva doing a good job of avoiding the sub. Crowd chanting JOE JOE JOE. Silva punching over his head but nothing that does damage. Silva escapes the round.


Winner: Joe Trevino via Split Decision

Crowd throwing beer and stuff into the cage. CLASSLESS!!

UPDATE FROM STRIKEFORCE: Lee Higgins loses via RNC in the 3rd at Strikeforce.

Fight in the crowd here. Why do people have to be so classless. If you’re reading this and that was you, Houston MMA doesn’t need that. Go move to Dallas or something. THIS IS WHY WE CAN’T HAVE NICE THINGS!!!

Corey Allmand vs Evert Gutierrez

Corey Allmand Name Evert Gutierrez
170lbs Weight 170lbs
#3 Rank Not Ranked
2-0-0 Record 1-0-0
Hoger MMA Gym Paradigm Training Center
Picks Justin, Lance, Mike, Rich

Rd1: This should bea good one. Evert catches Corey but I missed with what, sorry, but it did rock him that much I saw. Now on the ground, Ever going for an RNC. nope, Corey is out. Body lock by Evert…RNC again. This one is tight. That’s it! Corey taps.



Winner: Evert Gutierrez via RNC in the 1st

Cody Phillips vs Austin Franks

Cody Phillips Name Austin Franks
155lbs Ht/Wt 155lbs
#2 Rank #5
2-0-1 Record 2-2-0
Bam Bam Gym Gracie Barra – The Woodlands
Justin, Lance, Mike, Rich Picks

Rd1: That was not a nice glove touch. This is going to be a WAR! Here we go, no 1-2 misses by Franks. Again 1-2 misses by Franks. Both fighters trying to find their range.  so far Austin has thrown a couple of 1-2’s but there not close to landing.  straight right misses by Franks and cody lands a body kick. BIG head kick misses by Phillips. Phillips rocks Franks DAAAM! He dropped him. Back up he attacks again. Frank is stunned! I’m not sure he know where he is as the bell rings. 10-9 Phillips

Rd2: Cody opens with a superman punch, but it misses. Franks is tough and game and still looking to trade but he’s telegraphing his punches. Franks finally lands flush phillips circles out. Both guys measuring now. Frnaks moving in closing and throwing from awkward angles but landing more now. Philips is stalking and looks really fresh. Franks looks a bit tired. 10-9 Phillips.

Rd3: Franks comes out firing this round. Cody lands a nice right cross to the jaw line. NICE, Phillips changes level mid kick and lands a nice head kick. Cody starting to work his kicks more. Phillips is the faster fighter right now. Franks seems to be waiting for the action to come to him . 10 sec. left and both guys engage and land. Phillips smiles and give a semi high five to Franks. 10-9 Phillips

Rd4: Open up and both guys land. Phillips lands a hard body kick. Phillips is in a zone right now. Phillips lands 3 leg kicks and laughs..then point to Austins leg again…and goes for a head kick. It missed but you get the idea. Phillips is 70% kicks now. Phillips cutting of the cage and that’s easy to do in the small cage. 10 seconds again and Philips unloads more…again. Big head kick misses at the bell by Phillips. 10-9 Phillips.

Rd5: here we go. Austin needs a KO or a tap. Franks with a couple of his onwn kicks. Phillips with a kick and Franks catches it and lands a straight right. Franks isn’t moving on his leg good…these kicks from Franks are landing now too, but they aren’t very technically sound. Franks has really picked up the pace, but it might be t little too late. 10 Seconds and Cody stay on the outside. 10-9 Franks.

Phillips told me at cage side that he broke his foot and his arm.

Winner: 49-46 Cody Phillips def. Autin Franks.


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