Legacy Amateur Series October 22nd Weigh In Pics and Recap

Written By: Barry Laminack

Legacy Fighting Championship gets ready to kick off another installment of it’s amateur series tomorrow night at 7:30pm (doors open at 6:30)at the Verizon Wireless Theatre in downtown Houston. Before we could get to the fighting though, we had to get the weigh ins done. They took place at the Hooters in Humble. For those of you that tuned in at 1:30 to watch them live, we’re sorry that they didn’t get started until after 3pm, but we can’t control when the doctor shows up (our hopes are one day somebody will hold the doctor accountable, but until then…)

A bit of controversy took place when Brandon Boyd showed up expecting his fight with Kolton Englund to be at 145 only to find out it was a catch weight at 150. Boyd declined the fight and after a bit of searching Englund was matched up with Eric Garcia. Garcia was at weigh ins but was eating like a depressed female, so when he climbed on the scale he weighed in at 170 (well over the 150 Englund was at). After a bit of discussion it was agreed that Garcia could and would cut weight and will make 155 and he and Englund will fight for the 155lb title.

At the time of this writing we still had no word on who Boyd will face, if anyone.

The card is packed with 14 fights and it looks like we’ll still have that many despite a number of changes (yes there have been changes even since we posted the “final” card). Consider this the “final final” card, with a possible “final final final” still to come. The major changes are in red.

145 Kody Williams (0-0) GB North Houston vs Alex Stephens (0-0) Elite MMA
135 Chris Tornero (0-0) Texas Dojo vs Anthony Chang (0-0) 4 oz Fight Club
145 Quentin Kiper (0-0) Revolution Dojo vs Visuaksena “Shen” Castro (0-0) GB North Houston
155 Mark Carlisle (0-0) Bushi Ban vs David Cruz (0-0) Elite MMA
185 Ken Banks (0-0) GB Draculino vs Brandon Hurrington (0-0) Urban Jungle
125 Alex Ramirez (1-1) Bushi Ban vs Ryan Hollis (4-1) Hard Head Hitters
170 Tyler Flores (0-0) GB North Houston vs John Paul Moreno (0-1) Silverback Fight Club
125 Zach McKay (0-0-1) Fly Combat vs Jonathan Stern (0-0) Mezger’s MMA
145 Brandon Boyd (1-1) GB North Houston vs ???
155 Nico Echeverry (0-0) ACS vs Adrian Yanez (0-0) Elite MMA
170 Charles Lloyd (1-0) GB North Houston vs Omar Khosravi (1-0) ACS
185 Raymond “Angelus” McFarland (0-0) Bam Bam MMA vs Mike Eaglin Elite MMA
170 Mike Jackson (2-5) 4 oz Fight Club Fight Team vs Charlie Ontiveros 5-2) Hard Head Hitters
155 Eric Garcia (2-0-0) Team Tooke vs Kolton Englund (1-1) Silverback Fight Club/RSKA TITLE
135 Ramiro Cortino (1-0) Silverback Fight Club vs Manny Lozoya (4-2) Bushi Ban TITLE

Enjoye the pics and we’ll se you guys at the fights!

Ramiro Cortino vs Manny Lozoya

Mike Jackson vs Charlie Ontiveros

Mike Eglan vs Raymond “Angelus” McFarland 

Omar Khosravi vs Charles Lloyd

Adrian Yanez vs Nico Echeverry

Zach McKay vs Jonathan Stern


Tyler Flores vs John Paul Moreno

Ryan Hollis vs Alex Ramirez

Brandon Hurrington vs Ken Banks

Mark Carlisle vs David Cruz

Quentin Kiper  vs Visuaksena “Shen” Castro 

Anthony Chang vs Chris Tornero

Kody Williams vs Alex Stephens