Legacy Amateur Series (October 22, 2011) Live Play by Play (including Live Audio!)

Title: Legacy Amateur Series
Location: Verizon Wireless Theatre (Houtson, Tx)
Date: October 22, 2011 7pm (Doors open at 6pm)

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Nico Echeverry vs Adrian Yanez
Jonathan Stern
Charles Lloyd

Congratulations to all the above winners. They are now eligible for our end of year awards!


We’ll be broadcasting the play by play of the last 5 fights of the night LIVE!


Kody Williams (0-0) vs Alex Stephens (0-0)

Fight takes place at 145lbs

Rd 1: Stephens starts the action with a one-two. Williams shoots as Stephens throws a knee. Williams grimaces and you could hear it hit cup but they fight on. Williams clinches and throws him down. Williams now working from Stephens’ closed guard. Williams throwing punches from the top and Stephens answers from the bottom. Ref stands them up. Williams lands a little on the standup before moving to the back. He drags him down and puts in hooks. Rolls to the top and Williams goes for an arm triangle. Stephens spits out his mouthpiece but the sub isn’t there. Stephens gives a thumbs up and survives the round. 10-9 Williams

Rd 2: Both throw some nice hands to start but Williams shoots and scores a takedown. Stephens looks for a triangle but it isn’t there. He has to let it go, but Stephens sweeps. Can’t finish it and Williams is on his back now. No action and the ref restarts them. Another takedown from Williams and this time he starts unloading with knees to the body from side control. Stephens recovers guard as the round ends, but it goes to Williams again. 10-9.

Rd 3: Williams shoots to start the round. Stephens defends but Williams takes his back and pulls him down again. He goes again to the arm triangle, but again Stephens is fine. He can’t finish the sub and he restarts them. Again a shot from Williams but Stephens sprawls. He looks for a choke but he doesn’t have time to finish it before the round ends. 10-9 Williams.

Winner: Kody Williams def. Alex Stephens by Unanimous Decision 30-27 x3

Anthony Chang (0-0) vs Chris Tornero (0-0)

Fight takes place at 135lbs

Rd 1: Tornero comes out firing and lands. Chang gets a clinch and does some damage against the fence. Tornero leads with a kick and drives in. Chang defends the takedown and the two take turns pushing backs to the cage. Chang pulls Tornero down but he rolls it and Tornero lands on top. He briefly has mount and lands but Chang gets up and lands a nice kick. Tornero sends one back. Good round. 10-9 Tornero.

Rd 2: Flying knee starts the round for Tornero. Chang gets a clinch and unloads knees to the body. They are landing hard but Tornero punches him off. Tornero jumps in with a left hand. Then a Superman punch. Chang again gets a clinch and is working knees. Chang goes for a guillotine but it isn’t there. He tries a triangle but Tornero is on top in side control. Chang with a reversal and is in Tornero’s guard. Chang landing from the top. Chang works to side control as the round ends. 10-9 Chang.

Rd 3: Chang comes out with a knee to the face. He throws and just misses with a head kick. He then lands a head kick. They grapple against the fence and Chang lands a big throw. Chang lands from the top and then Tornero lands an upkick. They stand up. Tornero pulls guard but Chang is in a better spot. He is landing from the top. Tornero reverses and is in mount. He lands a couple of shots before Chang rolls him over as the round ends. 10-9 Chang in my book.

Winner: Chang def. Tornero by Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 29-28)

Quentin Kiper (0-0) vs Visuaksena ”Shen” Castro (0-0)

Fight takes place at 155lbs

Rd 1: Kiper comes out swinging heavy and landing. Castro throws back and lands but Kiper is overwhelming him. Castro recovers a little and throws a kick. Kiper catches it and punishes him with a left hand. Castro slumps but doesn’t go down. Castro throws another kick that is caught, but this time the bomb comes up short from Kiper. Kiper is just punishing Castro with standup. Castro is throwing back but is definitely taking the worst of it. Kiper’s pace has slowed a little. Another strong right hand lands for Kiper and Castro claps his hands. Another caught kick by Kiper and this time he punches and shoves him down. Kiper swings but Castro works his way up. Kiper is chasing with punches as the round ends. 10-9 Kiper.

Rd 2: Castro lands a nice right to start. Kiper is still the aggressor though and he is landing in every exchange. He is just bullying Castro around the cage. Castro is tough as hell though. He lands a stiff jab on Kiper but he is still backing up. Chang works it to the ground and looks for a choke but can’t finish. Castro is in a vulnerable spot but he is up before Kiper can punish him. More swinging as the round ends. 10-9 Kiper.

Rd 3: Kiper lands a strong left early and is bouncing Castro around. A knee lands low on Castro. They break but his corner wants him to not give Kiper a break. Castro lands a strong kick. Kiper keeps pushing and Castro pulls him down. Ref stands them up and more of the same from Kiper. Not much to say about this. Dominant performance by Kiper, but credit Castro for surviving. 10-9 Kiper.

Winner: Kiper def. Castro by unanimous decision (30-27 x3)


Mark Carlisle (0-0) vs David Cruz (0-0)

Fight takes place at 155lbs

Rd 1: Cruz lands first but Carlisle unloads with a head kick and some violent punches. Cruz pushes him against the fence and Carlisle has a guillotine. He can’t finish and Cruz is on top. Nice sweep by Carlisle and he is on top. Carlisle works for an armbar but he can’t get it and Cruz does some damage. Carlisle working for a takedown now. He takes it across the cage and gets a slam. Cruz quickly back up. Good action in the first round. 10-9 Carlisle.

Rd 2: A brief standup exchange before Carlisle shoots in. He has Cruz against the cage and uses a double to pick him up and slam. He easily moves into mount but Cruz shucks him off. Cruz now has side control, but again Cruz works his way up. Carlisle shoots again but this time Cruz defends and is on top. He can’t hold him down though. Back on the feet and Cruz lands a hard right that forces another shot from Carlisle. Cruz defends and works to mount. He takes the back and tries to choke but can’t sink it. Switches to ground and pound. Round ends. 10-9 Cruz.

Rd 3: Good strikes from both guys to start. Cruz with a big slam but is instantly swept. After a scramble Carlisle is looking for a takedown. He gets it and Cruz gives up his back. Good defense by Cruz though and he spins around and now Cruz drives for a takedown. He gets it and is in side control. Cruz moves to the back now and has hooks in. He is landing as he looks for the rear naked. Carlisle tries to roll out as the rounds end but Cruz keeps the back. 10-9 Cruz.

Winner: Carlisle def. Cruz by unanimous decision (29-28 x3) *** CHECK THAT- RING ANNOUNCER MISTAKE- CRUZ WINS 29-28 x3

Ken Banks (0-0) vs Brandon Hurrington (0-0)

Fight takes place at 185lbs

Rd 1: Hurrington drives in with a punch and pushes Banks to the cage. He gets a takedown. Banks quickly works his way up. Hurrington drags him down again and works from half guard. Banks again works his way up and gets a double leg. Hurrington quickly up and now Banks presses him against the cage. Hurrington reverses but Banks lands a knee. Slow round. 10-9 Hurrington.

Rd 2: Banks presses him into the cage but Hurrington gets him down and mounts. Banks avoids big damage and moves him to side control. Banks is cut and Hurrington controlling from the top. Overextends to one side and Banks rolls him over and takes his back. Banks can’t get anything and they roll around for the last :45 seconds of the round. Slow fight so far. 10-9 Hurrington.

Rd 3: Hurrington gets a body lock but gives it up. Now Banks works for a takedown. Hurrington trips him down and he is on top. Banks has half guard. Not much action and the ref restarts. Banks jumps straight up in the air for a flying knee that is nowhere near. Hurrington gets a takedown and works to mount. Again not a lot of action, even from the mount. Round ends in mount. 10-9 Hurrington. Really slow fight.

Winner: Hurrington def. Banks by split decision. (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)

Alex Ramirez (1-1) vs Ryan Hollis (4-1)

Fight takes place at 125lbs

Rd 1: Leg kick from Hollis. Ramirez pawing in but not connecting. Big reach advantage for Hollis. Leg kick from Ramirez countered with a right hand. Head kick from Hollis blocked. Slow action so far. Ramirez throwing leg kicks. Hollis throws a push kick toward the face, but he slips and Ramirez pounces. He grabs a guillotine. Will be tough on the much taller fighter, but he drags him down. Hollis jumps to the side but his head is still controlled as the round ends. 10-9 Ramirez.

Rd 2: Hollis landing strikes and he grabs in and gets a body lock. He spins down and Hollis is in side control. He works his way to mount and starts throwing punches. Hollis doing a good job controlling from the top. Hollis switches to a knee on belly position and is landing good ground and pound. Back to mount and Hollis is unloading as the round ends. 10-9 Hollis.

Rd 3: They are trading leg kicks to start the third, but no one is committing. Jumping front kick lands to the face of Ramirez. Looked cool but not much damage. More leg kicks from both guys but again no one is eager to really go at it. Hollis catches a kick and takes him down.Ramirez has a guillotine. Hollis spits out the mouth guard and gives the thumbs up at the 10 second mark. He survives the round. 10-9 Hollis for me.

Winner: Hollis def. Ramirez via unanimous decision (30-27 x3)

Tyler Flores (0-0) vs John Paul Moreno (0-1)

Fight takes place at 170lbs

Rd 1: Both guys active to start. Good leg kick from Flores. Nice left from Moreno. Flores lands a good combo. Moreno leaning back and Flores taking advantage of the reach. Moreno looks for a takedown but it isn’t there. Flores throws a kick and it’s caught. Moreno throws a right hand that drops Flores to a knee. He chases with punches but Flores recovers. Flores shoots in at the 10 second mark but Moreno has a guillotine and pulls guard. He survives. Close round. 10-9 Moreno.

Rd 2: Flores lands a good low kick. Good left hook by Moreno. Another one lands in an exchange. Leg kick from Flores. Moreno lands another nice left that snaps his head back. Now Flores backs Moreno against the cage with punches. A left hand backs him off and they reset in the middle. Flores lands a couple of punches and Moreno reaches for a takedown as the round ends. 10-9 Moreno.

Rd 3: Good hands from Flores and a nice leg kick. Moreno backing up now. Flores chasing him with punches and Moreno shoots. Doesn’t have it. Good body shot from Flores. Flores wings a right hook but it’s slow. He may be gassing. He chases a takedown that isn’t close. Flores controlling the third round but isn’t really going for the kill. Round ends. 10-9 Flores in the last round.

Winner: Moreno def. Flores by split decision (30-27, 28-29, 29-28)

Zach McKay (0-0-1) vs Jonathan Stern (0-0)

Fight takes place at 125lbs

Rd 1: Stern comes out with strong hands and McKay grabs a double. McKay has a guillotine on a standing Stern. He can’t finish it and drops McKay who instantly grabs another double. This time he finishes and lands a huge slam. He can’t take advantage though and they are back up. McKay with a beautiful judo throw. Stern works to the top but only briefly. McKay gets his back and as they are headed down Stern lands a nice shot that drops McKay. He pounces and lands some heavy ground and pound. McKay recovers for a second but can’t avoid the barrage. Exciting fight!

Winner: Jonathan Stern def. Zach McKay by TKO (punches) RD 1

Nico Echeverry (0-0) vs Adrian Yanez (0-0)

Fight takes place at 155lbs

Rd 1: Nico rushes in and gets rocked but he grabs for a double leg. Nico elevates and slams and works quickly to mount. Yanez turns over and Nico pulls him back to his back, hooks in. He tries to take the top but Yanez reverses.Nico works for an arm but Yanez clears. Yanez rolls over into a triangle. It looks deep. Nico stands and tries to slam. He can’t shake him but he makes some space. Yanez switches to an arm but Nico gets out and is now on top. Round ends before much else happens, but that was the best round of the night. 10-9 Nico, but it could go either way. Really close round.

Rd 2: Yanez comes out blazing and is landing big shots on Nico. He grabs him and throws him down and Yanez chases in. Nico almost has an armbar but Yanez moves to his guard. A couple of big punches and he picks him up to move him to his corner. More big punches from Yanez. Nico looks for an arm but it isn’t there and Yanez is still on top. The ref stands them up with 10 seconds left and there is no more action before the round ends. 10-9 Yanez

Rd 3: Nico with good hands to start the round but Yanez gets a takedown. He is standing over him dropping bombs but Nico ties up. Yanez with more hammerfists and again Nico looks for an armbar. Yanez defends well and pins his leg to prevent it. Yanez nearly mounts but Nico grabs half guard. The ref stands them again. Good body kick from Nico. He shoots but misses and Yanez punishes him. He is back on top and in control. Nico grabs for a leg as the bell sounds to end the fight.

Winner: Yanez def. Echeverry via Un. Dec.

Main Card

We’ll be live broadcasting the main card (listed below) via LIVE AUDIO broadcast. The player below should show “LIVE” when we are on the air. 

Charles Lloyd (1-0) vs Omar Khosravi (1-0)

Fight takes place at 170lbs

Winner: Lloyd def Khosravi via RNC at 1:18 in the 3rd

Raymond “Angelus” McFarland (0-0) vs Mike Eaglin 

Fight takes place at 185lbs

Winner: McFarland def. Eaglin at 2:20 in Rd 2 via Americana

Mike Jackson (2-5) vs Charlie Ontiveros (5-2)

Fight takes place at 165lbs

Winner: Ontiveros def. Jackson via TKO in Rd 1

Eric Garcia (2-0-0) vs Kolton Englund (2-1) TITLE


Fight takes place at 155lbs

Winner: Garcia def. Englund via Un. Dec (30-27, 29-28,29-28)

Ramiro Cortino (1-0) vs Manny Lozoya (4-2) TITLE

Fight takes place at 135lbs

Winner: Cortino def. Lozoya via TKO at  2:53 in rd 2 

Collin Cantrell saying it was a head but that broke Manny’s nose in the 1st round.