LAS (July 29, 2011)- Live Play by Play and Results

Title: Legacy Amateur Series
Location: House of Blues
Date: July 29, 2011 Doors Open at 7pm. Card starts at 8pm.

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Kristy Kester vs. Monica Earnshaw
Ricky Turcios
Roberto Sanchez

Congratulations to all the above winners. They are now eligible for our end of year awards!


Rd 1: Good exchanges early on and both guys land. Rodriguez grabs the body and the two exchange body shots. Nguyen throws a flurry that rocks Rodriguez but over commits and gets turned into the cage. Rodriguez goes for a neck but it isn’t there. They exchange knees and now Rodriguez is against the cage. Again Rodriguez looks for a neck but Nguyen defends well. Knees and hands continue to fly from both guys. Rodriguez lands 4 straight knees and Nguyen punches his way out as the round ends. Tons of action in a close first round.

Rd 2: A Muay Thai sweep takes Rodriguez down to start the round. Nguyen in guard and Rodriguez threatens with an armbar from bottom. Nguyen has him pressed against the cage and lands a couple of shots. Rodriguez nearly works his way up but Nguyen pounces back onto him. Both guys looking tired now. Rodriguez throwing punches from the bottom. Rodriguez tries to sweep but Nguyen stays on top. Rodriguez grabs a kimura though and has it stretched out. The bell sounds though and Nguyen avoids the submission at the end of a round that he controlled.

Rd 3: Nguyen comes out throwing bombs but they aren’t connecting solid. Rodriguez goes from clinch to a takedown attempt. Nguyen stays up and has his back against the cage. Nguyen spins and Rodriguez is against the cage now. Rodriguez has a guillotine and drops down with it into full guard. It looks good but Nguyen is still talking to the corner. The ref jumps in and says it’s over. Nguyen’s corner (Carlo Prater and Saul Soliz) protest and the crowd boos, but the fight is over.

Winner: Raul Rodriguez def. Tien Nguyen by submission (guillotine) RD 3

Rd 1: Sanchez throws an overhand and bull rushes Jones. Sanchez throws him but Jones ends up on top. Sanchez works up and this time takes Jones down into guard. Sanchez can’t get much done and Jones is up and throwing. Sanchez again gets a takedown though and is in side control. He lands some punches but is working his way to mount. Sanchez starts fast punching from the mount as the 10 second clap comes. Jones eats some good shots but survives the round.

Rd 2: Sanchez ducks under a bomb from Jones and tries a takedown. He can’t get it and they are back in the middle. Jones throws a kick that is caught and Sanchez takes him down. Sanchez rolls for an arm but Jones clears and throws a punch at a downed Sanchez. Sanchez throws up a triangle and almost caught Jones. Back on the feet now and Jones slips out from under a kick. Sanchez pounces with a darce choke and works it over to mount. Tap comes at 1:28

Rd 3:

Winner: Roberto Sanchez def. Casey Jones by submission (darce) RD 2

Rd 1: Martinez is first with a kick followed by a right. He gets a high elevation takedown but Valdez pops right up. They exchange and Martinez lands a big left hand. Valdeez tries for a sweep but Martinez throws him away. Good knee byValdez but Martinez punches his way out of the clinch. Good dirty boxing from Martinez. Martinez takes the back with a body lock. He goes for a suplex but Valdez defends and is up quickly. Doesn’t last long though. Martinez with a body lock and is in side control. Lands a couple of shots before Valdez works up into another body lock. Martinez can’t take him down again before the bell though. Great round for Martinez.

Rd 2: Valdez starts the round with a good left hand. Martinez looks for a takedown but can’t get it. He throws a kick and slips and the crowd erupts for Valdez.Martinez up quick though and gets a takedown. He can’t hold it and they are back up with Martinez pinning him against the cage. More dirty boxing from Martinez. He is landing heavy shots as the round ends.

Rd 3: Martinez starts the round with a takedown but can’t hold it. They push each other around against the fence but the ref stops it and they restart. Martinez lands about 6 punches in a row after the restart, backing Valdez up. They are against the cage for a few seconds before another restart. Again Martinez comes out swinging and landing, but this time Valdez shoots and gets a takedown. He passes to side control but can’t hold him down. They are back up and again Martinez is landing haymakers. Knees and punches in the clinch from Martinez as the fight comes to an end. Beastly showing by Martinez!

Winner: Antonio Martinez def. Eric Valdez by unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 29-28)

Rd 1: No glove touch and they get going. Kelly gets a takedown but Lerma is up quick only to be taken down again. This time Kelly is in half guard. Chris with body body head as he tries to work a pass. He clears into side control and lands big knees to the body. Lerma gets half guard again and Kelly works fists to the body. He passes again and more knees to the body. The round ends. Dominant first for Kelly.

Rd 2: Kelly shoots in and gets it but is caught in a guillotine. Looks good but Kelly is able to pass all the way to mount and free the head. Kelly works for an arm but uses it to work hammerfists and take the back. Kelly has a head and arm but can’t clear his foot from half guard. He gives it up and pounds away from the top. More of the same this round, with Kelly in control.

Rd 3: Lerma throws a leg kick and Kelly answers with a right hand. He gets a takedown against the cage. Kelly works his way to full mount again and is landing good punches. Kelly has the head and arm choke again and this time he jumps to the side. Lerma punches the mat in frustration as a tapout. Nice showing by Kelly.

Winner: Chris Kelly def. Abraham Lerma by submission (head and arm) RD 3

Rd 1: Garcia starts out with a leg kick. Lara answers with a left. Lara tries a push kick but slips and Garcia is on him. He works to the back and has a hook in. Lara works his way up but Garcia is still on his back. Big knees to the thighs but Lara turns around and presses Garcia to the fence. They are pretty busy against the cage but the ref restarts them. Lara gets a takedown off the restart and Garcia has full guard. Garcia hip escapes and gets to turtle but Lara jumps on his back. Both hooks in and he is working for a choke as the first round ends. Close round.

Rd 2: Garcia again starts with a lead kick. Lara shoots in and gets a takedown but Garcia has his neck. He gets half guard and pulls but Lara clears his neck. Garcia again gets caught turtling and Lara has his back. Garcia scrambles and is on his feet standing over Lara. Huge punch lands from a lunging Garcia. Lara looks hurt and Garcia gets his back. Lara rolls him over though and is on top. Good sweep from Garcia and they are back on their feet. Great second round to follow up the first!

Rd 3: Good leg kick from Garcia puts a grimace on Lara. Lara pins him against the cage and works the body before trying for a takedown. Garcia has a neck again but Lara is still fighting for a single. Garcia pushes his head inside his legs and picks him up and drops him on the mat. They are still fighting for takedowns and the ref separates them. Garcia with a quick takedoown and some hard punches. Garcia works to his back but with no hooks. Lara stands up and Garcia slams him back down. Garcia punches from the top as the round ends.

Winner: Eric Garcia def. Luis Lara by Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 29-28)

Rd 1: Steward with an instant takedown into side control. Sutton avoiding damage until Steward works to mount. Punches come down and Sutton gives up his back. Steward with a choke but can’t finish it. Back to the side control and Sutton is holding his head. He lets go but Steward is already working a kimura. He pulls and Sutton has to tap. Quick finish for Steward.

Winner: Matt Steward def. Christian Sutton by submisson (kimura) RD 1

Rd 1: Zamora lands a right hand and Trinh scores a takedown. Zamora with two shots to the head as he tries to work his way to full guard. He gets it but Trinh is landing to the body. Trinh works back out to half guard and then to mount. Trinh working good ground and pound from the mount but Zamora escapes and lands some good shots of his own. Zamora looks for a head as the round expires but can’t get it. Good first round for Trinh.

Rd 2: Zamora lands a nice shot that seems to rock Trinh but then pulls guard. Trinh working from the top now landing good hands. He is in half guard and transitions quickly to Zamora’s back. He locks on a rear naked. Zamora defends very well though. Trinh turns him over into mount and is landing ground and pound. The round ends. Another good one for Trinh.

Rd 3: Angel with a hail mary punch that misses and Trinh with another takedown. Zamora has full guard and Trinh stacks him up. He gets to half guard and continues to land punches. Trinh now in full mount. Zamora throwing little punches from the bottom that aren’t going to do him much good at this point in the fight. Tringh is smothering him and landing short punches. Fight ends that way. Dominating performance for Trinh.

Winner: Mike Trinh def. Angel Zamora via U.D.

Rd 1: Leg kick by Williams. He rushes in for a body lock and tries a takedown. Shakur has a standing guillotine and Williams drops down on top of him. He has half guard and works to full guard. Williams throws up a triangle. It looks good but Shakur fights it off and lands some hands from the top. Williams throws up another one but Shakur defends. Armbar attempt by Williams is shaken off. A second armbar looks deep but he can’t finish it. Round ends.

Rd 2: Shakur is swinging big hands but Williams grabs a clinch and lands some solid knees. Williams is landing lots of knees to the body. Knees to the leg from Shakur. Williams works for a guillotine. He pulls guard with it and it looks good. Shakur is forced to tap and Williams celebrates with “The Dougie.”

Rd 3:

Winner: Micah Williams def. Jabari Shakur by submission (guillotine) RD 2

Rd 1: Jiminez rushes in and connects. Rodriguez against the cage and eats a big right hand. Rodriguez throws a knee and is clear. They are exchanging punches and both guys are landing. A knee from Rodriguez and out of the clinch lands nicely to the body. More knees to the body. Rodriguez lands several hard punches as Jiminez comes in but Jiminez drives forward. Wow. What a chin on Jiminez. More big punches landing for Rodriguez but Jiminez won’t move backward.

Rd 2: Jiminez landing nicely to start the round but more big shots from Rodriguez. He lands a knee to the body but Jiminez pushes forward. Jiminez has him pinned against the cage. They separate and Rodriguez lands. Jiminez face is a bloody mess. More knees to the body from Rodriguez. Head kick from Rodriguez but again Jiminez pushes forward. Round ends. Another good round for Rodriguez, but no one will question Jiminez’s heart.

Rd 3: They touch gloves to start the third. Head kick from Rodriguez and he charges in with big punches. Rodriguez just broke his nose. But as is the story, Jiminez pushes forward. They continue to trade but Rodriguez is dominating. The ref jumps in and stops the fight.

Winner: John Rodriguez def. Jorge Jiminez by TKO (RD 3)

Rd 1: Ontiveros undloads with a right hand. Brief exchange and Ontiveros throws a high kick. Powell charges in and Ontiveros gets a takedown. Full guard. Ontiveros pulls out of an armbar and throws a punch before standing up. Powell shoots in but it isn’t there. Hard right hand from Ontiveros. Powell lands nicely coming forward. Ontiveros bouncing around and Powell lands another right hand. Powell tries a front kick and slips. No harm. Powell shoots for a single leg but Ontiveros ends up on the back. Round ends.

Rd 2: Knee to the head from Ontiveros. Warning and they restart. Ontiveros shuffling his feet. Powell charges in and shoots for a takedown. Powell landing ground and pound from the top. They are back up and Powell is bloody. Another takedown from Powell but again Ontiveros is up fast. Ontiveros is sprawled out and sweeps Powell over into guard. He looks over at Barry Laminack and smiles. Wow. Round ends. Fun fight so far.

Rd 3: Powell with a takedown and Ontiveros has full guard. Powell landing some punches from the top. Ontiveros grabs a guillotine but Powell fights out of it. A little more on the ground but the ref restarts. A jumping knee is caught by Powell who is again working for a takedown against the cage. Good knees to the thigh from Powell but again they restart them. Big leg kick from Ontiveros followed up by a big head kick. Round ends spectacularly for Ontiveros, but it might not be enough to get the decision.

Winner: Charles Ontiveros def. James Powell by unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 29-28)

Rd 1: Turcios comes out with some big kicks early and one of them floors Espaillat but he gets up and lands strong. Turcios lands a hard right and stuns Espaillat. He lands a couple more and the ref jumps in to save Espaillat. Impressive win for Turcios.

Winner: Ricky Turcios def. Edwin Espaillat by TKO (RD 1)

Rd 1: Earnshaw comes in swinging and lands knees in the clinch. Kester returns a knee but Earnshaw backs her into the cage. Big knees from Earnshaw but Kester gets a good knee in herself before they break. Earnshaw lands a big right hand. Big uppercut from Earnshaw. Good knees from Kester. Earnshaw drops to her back and rolls Kester over her. Full guard. Kester throws up an armbar attempt but Earnshaw shucks it and passes to side control. Ground and pound from Earnshaw as the round ends.

Rd 2: Earnshaw lands a looping right hook and a shot to the body. Another right hook. This time Kester answers though and backs Earnshaw up against the fence. Kester with a knee out of the clinch. Earnshaw clears and is pushing forward with punches. Push kick from Kester. Earnshaw landing nicely. Earnshaw ducks for a shot but Kester catches the head. She takes he down with it but Earnshaw clears and is on top. She stands up and asks Kester to do the same. Kester pushes Earnshaw back against the cage. The exchange leg kicks and Earnshaw lands another big right hand. They clinch and exchange knees. Earnshaw gets a takedown to seal the round.

Rd 3: Earnshaw comes out swinging and landing. She closes the distance and Kester grabs a neck but can’t seal it and they reset. More good punches from Earnshaw but answered with a 1-2 from Kester. Knees in the clinch from Kester but she is getting hit often and solid from Earnshaw. Earnshaw drops for a single and foot stomps. Not there so she starts swinging and landing. More good punches landing for Earnshaw but Kester lands a hard right that snaps Earnshaw’s head back. Earnshaw stalks with punches and Kester tries to answer on a backpedal. Exciting fight.

Winner: Monica Earnshaw def. Kristy Kester by split decision (30-27, 28-29, 30-27)

Rd 1: G lands a leg kick and misses with a big right hand. G jumps with a knee that Thomas catches but they break clean. Thomas shoots in for a single but G defends it well. Thomas sticks with it and G tries to grab his own single. The ref breaks them and Moreira lands a lighting fast 1-2. G jumps up with a flying knee that lands flush and stuns Thomas. G follows in with punches and Thomas isn’ answering. Ref stops it and this one is in the books.

Winner: G Moreira def. Kevin Thomas by TKO (RD 1)