Sparks fly with Power Ranger at weigh-ins


Ask anyone that has been, and they’ll tell you that the weigh-ins are probably the most boring part of the fight game. They always seem to take for ever and nothing ever seems to happen, until today that is. It was business as usual until Jason Frank and Jonathan Mack stepped up to the scale.

Several things had taken place leading up to the climax. Both fighters did a little bit of jawing with each other, with Mack taking it a step further and calling out Artenas “Machine Gun” Young (Hoger MMA), the current 205lb Lonestar Beatdown Champion, as he entered the room. Young and Mack exchanged verbal jabs from across the room, but it seemed to be over pretty quick. Mack then turned his attention to Frank, chattering at him periodically through out the day.

One of the funnier moments of the day took place when, shortly after a short exchange of words between Frank and Mack, Frank handed Mack an autographed picture of himself to keep. Rather than tear it up, Mack simply commented, “I’m going to give this to my daughter.”

The two continued to jaw even while on the scale. As Franks was stepping up on the scale, Mack yelled out “It’s the Pink Ranger.”

In retaliation, as Mack stood on the scale somebody in the room shouted “Tow Truck”, an obvious slight on Mack’s nickname “The Mack Truck”.

After both fighters were weighed in, they stepped to the side to pose for a standard “face off” photo.  They both approached the other quickly, meeting aggressively with fist up.  That’s when the pushing started.  The two men were quickly separated and things calmed down and the face off shots where taken.  (we are efforting video and will post it once we have it)

One more thing before we get to the pictures. Since this fight card will be the first time will be giving out awards, we wanted to give out some special weigh-in awards.

Best Stache Award:

Craig “The Gentleman Mauler” Gardner

Best “shorts” Award:

Charlie “Darkness” Witbeck

Best Face-off Award:

Jason David Frank vs Jonathan Mack

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