Lonestar Beatdown – January-30-2010 – Results Page (Live)

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Exclusive Post Fight Interview is up. Scroll down to view it.

Our “Looking Back” feature that we do will be up by next weekend.  Find out what the fighters have to say a week after their fight. And for the first time, we’ll be doing them via video, so stay tuned.

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TCD.net Fight Awards
Fight of the Night: Carlos Jimenez vs Gurzan Chaw
Knockout of the Night: None
Submission of the Night: Corey Allmand

Congratulations to all of tonights winners.

Get to know some of the fighters on this card by reading their interviews:


Here is what our panel of experts think about some of the matchups on this fight card.  Read the details here about each prediction here.

BLUE = Correct Pick

RED = Incorrect Pick

MikeCalimbasMike Calimbas JustinTrappJustin Trapp RichardBurmasterRich Burmaster
Hossan Walker Vs. Craig Gardner Gardner Walker Gardner
John Malbrough Vs. Charlie Witbeck Witbeck Malbrough Malbrough
Jason David Frank Vs. Jonathan Mack Frank Frank Frank
Trent Draper Vs. Patrick Bierschwhale Draper Bierschwhale Bierschwhale

LIVE RESULTS (last updated 8:17)


Carlos_Jimenez Carlos Jimenez Name Gurzan Chaw Gurzan_Chaw
5’8″ Height 5’8″
135 Weight 135
0-0-0 Record 1-0-0
Silverback MMA Gym Bushi Ban
FOTN Candidate

RD1: Chaw rushes Jimenez, back fist by Jiminez misses.  Chaw with a Muay Thai clinch.  Chaw slams him to the ground. Gets an arm bar DEEP and then gets DROPPED on his head.  Some how Jiminez gets out of the arm bar. amazing. Chaw’s nose is bleeding.  Big slam from Chaw.  Chaw has a crucifix and is trying to work it ala Big Country on TUF against Kimbo.  Round ends.  GREAT opening round.  Chaw won that round.

RD2:  J imenes looks tired. Chaw attempted a takedown and Jiminez reverses it.  Both fighters are posturing on the ground now.  Ref tells ‘em to keep working.   Chaw gets to his feet.  Jiminez warned not to grab the cage.  Chaw with a HUGE take down again.  Chaw working from the top now.  Chaw gets a standing guillotine but Jiminez escapes.  Chaw wins that round.

RD3: Both fighters are tired. HUGE RIGHT by Chaw to a take down.  Chaw is working hard from the top.  Jiminez is covering well.  Chaw is going for an arm bar.  Jiminez punching his face but it’s not working.  His arm looks like it’s about to break.  Chaw tired out and gave up on the arm bar!!  This is already a fight of the night candidate!  Jiminez mounts an attack as both fighters are standing again.  Knee from Chaw as the fight ends.


Both fighters should be proud.

Winner: Gurzan Chow (29-28,30-27,30-27) Unanimous decision

Tim_Buchanan Tim Buchanan Name Derick Lewis Derrick_Lewis
Str8 Blast Nickname Black Beast
6’4″ Height 6’3″
260 Weight 245
2-4-0 Record 0-1-0
Hoger MMA/Remix MMA Gym Silverback MMA

RD1: Lewis with a big right misses.  Lewis lands a big left and then gets a take down to mount.  Very nice reversal by Tim.  (Tim is a blue belt).  Both fighters work and then stand.  Big knee by Lewis and then a big left lands by Lewis.  Buchanan clenches against the cage. Tim with a take down.  Tim trying to work from half guard gets swept by Lewis.  Lews JUMPS in the air like a wrestler.  Not sure why or what that was, but nothing landed from it.  Close round.

RD2: Big leg kick by lewis lands. Sam Hoger is yelling to Tim to breath.  Tim looks very tired.  Tim with back against the cage has double under hooks.  Takedown by Lewis with his back against the cage.  Tim not really working from half guard moves to side control.    Tim takes Lewis’s back but the Lewis stands up.  Lewis has found some new energy but isn’t landing much. Lewis gets Tims back .  Tim rolls over and Lewis pounds him out.  Ref stopped it.


Winner: Lewis by TKO ref stoppage

Cody_Watkins Cody Watkins Name Gill Moreira Gill_Moreira
Killswitch Nickname G
6’0″ Height 6’2″
170 Weight 170
0-0-0 Record 0-0-0
Elite MMA Baytown Gym Team Tooke

RD1: No glove touch.  big right by Killswitch misses.  Good clench by Killswitch.  fighters work a little and keep reversing each other against the cage. Watkins went for the takedown and G blocked it and ended up on top.  Big left from G.  Killswitch has lost his mouthpiece.  G in closed guard working on the body.  Jace Pitre is Yelling to G to turn Cody around and walk him ot the cage…and G does so.

RD2: Watkins opens with a body shot.  G pulls Killswtich to guard.  They stand back up.  Knee by cody.  G is listening to his corner and doing exactly what they say   Kick to the face by G…the slap was LOUD.  Big right follows the kick and G with a take down.    G working from guard.  Cody has a triangle  but its not deep,.  G about to take him for a ride with a slam, but it just sunk it in deeper.  G gets out some how.  G now working from guard as the round ends.

RD3: Big right missed by G, Watkins with the take down.  Watkins has a mouse under his left eye.  Watkins tries to take his back but is too hi.  Watkins tries a guillatine but G passes to side control.  G working from guard but the action has slowed. backhand from the bottom from Watkins.  G trying to work the body, Watkins gets another triangel.  Bell rings.

I think G won, Rich thinks Watkins won.  It should be close.

Winner: Gill Moreira (29-28, 29-28, 29-28) Unanimous Decision

Eric_Garcia Eric Garcia Name Brett Landriault Brett_Landriault
5’10” Height 5’10”
155 Weight 155
0-0-0 Record 0-1-0
Team Tooke Gym Texas A&M MMA Club
SOTN Candidate

RD1: Garcie moves to establish the middle of the ring.  Brett lands a leg kick.  BIG right lands by Brett.  Good leg kick by Garcia.  3 straight land but Brett fires one back.  Good jab and good boxing shown by Brett.  Another big right by Brett is countered by a spinning back kick by Garcia.  Brett blocks a head kick, but didn’t block the second one.  Garcia is starting to find his rhythm and seals the round with a take down just before the bell.

RD2: Kick to the body by Eric to open the round.  Another body kick countered by Brett.  Eric shoots in for a take down.    Garcia working from guard.  (He made some crazy looking face at Brett as he went for the take down).  Eric working from guard, passes to side control. Brett has worked it back to full guard.   Eric started to land but the bell rings.

RD3: Leg kick by Eric.  Big head kick by Garcia lands.  No damage done tho.  Garcia sinks in a Kimura and Brett taps.

Winner: Eric Garcia via Submission

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Edgar_Verdin Edgar Verdin Name Dewayne Costin Dewayne_Costin
Hands of Stone Nickname The Demon
6’0″ Height 6’1″
200 Weight 200
1-1-0 Record 0-0-0
Submission Boxing Gym The Hive

RD1: Dewayne misses with some jabs.  Dewayne connects with an overhand right.  Both fighters aren’t doing much.  Looping right by Edgar connect as Dewayne went for a leg kick.  Dewayne try a straight to the body but misses.  Crowd starting to boo as both fighters aren’t doing much.  Dewayne rushes in and almost got caught by a hook.Edgar lands a big left and taunts Dewayne.  Looping right by Dewayne misses.  Dewayne looks gassed, his mouth is wide open as he tries to breath.  Round over.

RD2: Dewayne rushes Edgar and lands a big right.  Another stall in the action as both fighters are dancing.  Looping right by Dewayne.  Every time the crowd boo’s Dewayne throws a looping right and loses all his technique.  Edgar should press more but he’s trying to work from the outside.  It looks like neither fighter wants to engage.  Good straight left by Edgar.    Round over and the crowd boos.

RD3: Edgar opens with a straight.  Dewayne lands a leg kick.  Both fighters go back to dancing.  More booing from the crowd.  Dewayne just ate a good left and then took a good right on the chin.  leg kick by Dewayne.  Looping right hand by Dewayne misses.  Dewayne’s face is cut a little from some of the straights that Edgar has landed.  Dewayne is bleeding pretty bad from his nose.  Round ends.

I think Edgar won this, but it could be a draw.

Winner: Edgar by split decision (29-28, 30-27 Edgar) (29-28 Costin)

Trent_Draper Trent Draper Name Patrick Bierschwhale Pat_Biershwale
The Killer Nickname The Bison
6’0″ Height 5’10”
195 Weight 195
0-0-0 Record 3-0-0
Elite MMA Baytown Gym West Side MMA

Note: Bierschwale is the 185lb Young Guns Champ.

RD1: Trent looks HUGE compared to Pat.  Trent has a HUGE following here screaming for him.  Trent wins the Cheer off, pat wins best intro (Fat Pat’s Tops Drop).  Both touch gloves.  Leg kcik by Trent.  Pat goes for a take down and Trent stuffed it.  Trent is going for a guillotine but gives up on it.  Trent rolls and almost gives up his back.  Not much work from either fighter as Pat is trying to posture from the sprawl.  Pat lands a knee as they stand up.  Pat going for a single leg takedown.  Knee to the face by pat, and again.  Trent counters with 2 knees of his own.  Pat with a takedown at the bell.

RD2: Pat goes for a single.  Trent just took a deep breath with his back against the cage.  Pat almost got his back.  Pat looks like he is going for a crucifix  from his back.  Pat now trying for an arm bar.  Trent ets out and is working from half guard.  Pat rolls and is rolled back to his back  Tret goes for a guillatine but it doesn’t look ddep.  Pat gets out and gets side control.  Pat now pounding on his face from the side ( is this the bison stomp?) .   Pat gets his back for a rear naked choke but cant lock it in.  Trent rolls to try and get guard.  Pat grabs his arm and…the bell rings.  Pat gets up smiling obviously thinking he missed a chance.

RD3: Both fighters exchange.  Big right left combo by Trent, but it doesn’t look like it hurt pat.  Side kick by pat.  Leg kick by trent follwed by a right hand by Pat.  Good action.  Pat with the take down.  Pat working trying to get his back.  Good job by trent to get off the cage by moving Pat.  Big knees to the body by Pat.  Pat gets the mount and thors.  Trent rolls and pat gets his back again.  Trent appears to be on the deffensive.  Pat throwing from on top of Trent’s back Matt Hughes style.  As he throws he tells the ref “he’s not getting out”.  5 seconds later, the ref stops the fight.

Winner: Pat Bierschwahle via TKO in Round 3

Cory_Allmond Corey Allmand Name Brandon Farris Brandon_Farris
Nickname The Juggernaut
6’2″ Height 5’10”
175 Weight 175
0-0-0 Record 1-0-0
Hoger MMA Gym Submission Boxing
SOTN Candidate

Corey Allmand just walked out in Cowboy boots to “A Country Boy can Survive”.  Allmand is also a young cat at 17 years old.

RD1: Race for the center of the ring.  Both fighers lock up .  Brandan with the take down.  Corey gets his arm and it looks deep!  COREY GETS THE TAP QUICK.  I think he broke it.



Winner: Corey Allmand.37 sec in round 1

The crowd is going crazy and chanting Corey’s name.  Jeremy Botter from Brawl Spors is loving the action.  Farris gets credit for being one tuff SOB.

Kaleb_Cummins Kaleb Cummins Name Justin Murray ComingSoon
Diesel Nickname
6’1″ Height 6’0″
170 Weight 170
1-1-0 Record 1-2-0
Submission Boxing Gym Bushi Ban

RD1: Kaleb runs out and establishes the middle of the ring.  Hard leg kick from Murray.  Justin with double under hooks.  Kaleb misses the take down, so give it to Murray.  Murray now working from side control.  Ref stands Kaleb up after the actoin stalled.  Good exchange and they go to the ground.  Murray gets he knee on Kaleb’s belly.  Now he mounts Kaleb and punches.  Kaleb excapes.  Murray appears to be going for a standing guillotine attempt.

RD2: Flying kick by Kaleb caught by Justin.  Head kick by Kaleb lands.  Both exchange leg kicks.  Kaleb trying to establish the jab.   Justin goes for a take down.  They end up with Kaleb having his back against the cage.  meaningless clinch work.  Looping left from Justin.  Superman punch attempt from kaleb.  Now Murray tries one.  1,2 from Kaleb.  Murray’s side is red from the body kicks. Kaleb just got punched in the hehe’s.  After the pause, they go back to work.  Leg kick by Murray.  10 seconds left and Murray’s corner is yelling for him to “go go go go”.  Even fight so far.

RD3: Fighters working from the ground.  Murray has side control.  Not much action.  Murray lands 2 big lefts from side control.  Not much action as the round ends.  Murray held side control almost the whole round.

Murray should win this.

Winner: Justin Murray by Unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

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John_Malbrough John Malbrough Name Charlie Witbeck Charley_Witbeck
The Maniac Nickname Darkness
6’1″ Height 6’0″
185 Weight 185
1-2-0 Record 0-1-0
UH MMA Gym 4 oz Fight Club
FOTN Candidate

This should be a good fight.  Could be fight of the night.

RD1: Malbroush rush and delivers two HARd leg kicks. Witbech resoponds with one of his own.  Left by hohn misses.  Faint by charley and the a couple of jabs.  not much landing at the moment.  Leg kick my John.  Body kick by Charley lands.  Superman punch by charlesdoesn connect. Malbrough goes for a head kick and falls down but recovers quick.  Left my John misses.  Clen and Charley tags john with 3 straight bloes to the head.  Leg kick by charley (x2) John gos for a take down but it gets stuffed.  Charley working knees from a M.T. clench.  John goes for a single with 10 sec left.  Bell.  Good round.

RD2: Left kick lands by John.  Huge take down my John.  Charley stands but is taken down again by John.  John now in closed guard.  John with 4 punches to the face.  John working but Charley is defending pretty well.  John still working, charley is going for the sweep but can’t and get’s cought with a right.  Malbrough still punching from guard.

RD3: Leg kick by john.  1,2 by Charley.    Body kick by Charley.  Bobby Perez is yelling to Charley to move forward, move forward.  The crowd is now chanting charley so he moves forward iwth a flurry and connect.  John shakes his head as if to say “didn’t hurt”.  Clenching on the cage.  Knee by John (x3).  Fight moves to the ground.  John working from side control.  Charley stands up and the y exchange knees and fist.  left y John lands.  Charley is throwing punches in bunches (does Botter have that copyrighted?)  Take down by Charley.

Good fight. Both fighters have good skills.

Winner: John Malbrough (Majority Decision)

Frank_Solinas Frank Solinas Name Raymond Bell ComingSoon
Ferocious Nickname Sting Ray
5’11” Height 5’11”
155 Weight 155
3-1-0 Record 5-2-0
Submission Boxing Gym Gracie Barra The Woodlands

RD1: Bellshots and Frank with an upper cut.  Frenazy passes.  Bell misses a kick and falls down.  Frank motions for him to stand up.  They do.  Bell charges agains.  Goes for a single.  Bell with a flying takedown.  Bell working from mount.  Bell’s nose is bleeding.  Frank is trying to defend, but Bell is relentless. Ref stops it.  Bell was just to buys on Frank’s face in the mount.



Winner: Raymond Bell via TKO Round 1 (Ref stoppage)

Hossan-Walker Hossan Walker Name Craig Gardner Craig_Gardner
Nickname The Gentleman Mauler
5’7″ Height 6’2″
170 Weight 170
2-0-0 Record 3-0-1
One 2 One Fighting Gym West Side MMA
SOTN Candidate

For The Lonestar Beatdown 170lb Title

The Hawk vs The Stache!  Might be a battle for intro of the night as Gardner is walking out to Rock It By Herbie Hancock.  Crowd loving the song.

RD1: They touch gloves and walker moves in.  Craig counters and takes Hossan down.  Good movement on the ground and Craig moves into side control.  Craig with a nice move to get on top.  (They are about 12 inches from me and the stache on Gardner  looks awesome.)  Big body shots from Craig.  Walker trying to walk his back up the cage.  Grabs the cage but the ref doesn’t warn or see.  Body shot from Craig.  2 more.  2 more.  Walker rolls then rolls back.  Craig is pounding the body that’s 8 more body shots, two at a time. Walker with his feet on the cage.  Walker is trying but can’t seem to move Craig at all.  Craig is just controling him and pounding the body.  Walker moves quick and some how gets up, but misses with a wild right.  Craig moves in and gets a takedown.  Gardner wins round 1.

RD2: 2 kicks blocked by Walker then he moves in and connects.  Connects agian with a right hook.  Gardner going for his back gets a takedown.  Walker moves up and reverses.  Walker now working from guard.  Closed guard now.  Walker trying to punch but Craig has his arms.  Craig stands up pretty easy.  OMG standing guillatine by Craig, but Walker walks up the cage and pushes off.  Slam to gator roll with an Anaconda choke.  Walker taps.  Craig wins.




Winner: Craig Gardner via Anaconda choke in the 2nd round.

JasonFrank Jason David Frank Name Jonathon Mack JonathanMack
Fearless Frank Nickname The Mack Truck
5’11” Height 5’8″
215 Weight 230
0-0-0 Record 0-0-0
Rising Sun Karate Gym Death Row
SOTN Candidate

Rumor has it JDF is going to have some Power Rangers stuff in his intro song, lets see.

Crowd yelling for JDF during his intro video.  Moves to a new song.  HDNet is in the ring filming.

RD1: Trade punches.  JDF fell down but recovers.  Mack is dancing in the middle of the ring. Mack looks game.  HUGE SHOT FROM MACK!!! JDF is hurt BAD.  Mack is not attacking and I dont’ know why!  Why didn’t he go after him?  Big takedown by Mack.  Omoplata! JDF Wins.



Winner:  Jason David Franks wins by submission (Omoplata) 1:28 in the first.

JDF’s mouth is swolen bad.

Exclusive Post Fight Interview with Jason David Frank.

[flashvideo file=http://www.thecagedoor.net/video/JDF_Int.flv width=630 height=472 plugins=googlytics-1 /]

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