Lonestar Beatdown -Dallas – Feb 19 – Results Page (Live)

Greeting from Dallas!  TheCageDoor is in the house for Lonestar Beatdown Dallas, the Feb. 19th edition.  We are short handed tonight, so round by round play by play may not be possible for all fights, but we’ll do our best to keep you updated.

Houston area fighters on the card tonight:

Below is the official fight card and order

125 – Steven Ngo NDBJJ vs. Joe Trevino 4 oz Fight Club (debut)

Rd1: Touch gloves and Joe follows with a punch.  Mauy thai clinch by Joe and he seems to have breifly stunned Steve. Steve gets out but Joe manages to get him , pick him up and big slam.  Ground work by Joe and Steve goes for an arm bar.  Joes works out and steve gets mount. Joe is trying to walk his back up the cage but manages to kill the attack from Steve.  Joe is trying to go for a triangle but Steve gets out.  Steve working from the top landing a few hammer fist.  Round ends.

Rd2: Steve is ready to go but the reff has to hold them up for the cage door to close.  Joe doesn’t want to touch. Steve lands a leg kick and Joe gets him in another thai clinch.  Lands a knee  but now Steve gets him in a clench.  Joe swims out and gets it again but is cought with an upper cut.  Steve is mean mugging Joe and then connects with a HUGE right.  Joe backs up but then gets another clench.  Steve gets a take down.  Joe gets him in a rear naked choke and Steve continue to work to get out and does, for a seond. Joe continues to work for the sub and finally gets the tap.


Winner: Joe Trevino 4 oz Fight Club via RNC in the second round

170 – Evan Cutts Fitness Fight Factory vs. Peywand Honargohar Saekson’s

Rd1:  Again, a glove touch followed by an punch.  Evan lands a kick to the body and then Peywand followes with a hard left. Evan with a single leg and move to work from guard.  Peywand pulls evan close but evan continues to land body shots. Evan goes for a standing guillatine then transitions to an arm bar.  Peywand drops him on his head once, then again and evan lets go. They both stand.  Evan going for anotherh takedown.  Evan with another takedown.  Evan gets mount with 20 sec left.  Peywand rolls and gives up his back.  Evan goes for a RNC bbut missses. Triangle  attemp by evan but can’t lock it in. Round over.

Rd2:  wild punches by both fighters. Evan slips gets back up and both fighters trade.  Evan going for a single leg takedown and gets it (kind of).  Evan working for mount and gets it.  Peywand gives up his back.  RNC attempt by Evan and Peywand taps.


Winner:  Evan Cutts Fitness Fight Factory

170 – Joe Schnau Twin Wolves vs. Philip Miller  Peak BJJ

Rd1:  Philip start by going for a triangle. Joe tries to get out and stack him, but that doesn’t work.  Philip gets a DEEP armbar and Joes taps.  MAN, Corey Allmand thinks that was fast!



Winner: Philip Miller  Peak BJJ 42 in the first round via arm bar

170 – Rob Williams Twin Wolves MMA vs. Kendrick Holloway Silverback Mixed Martial Arts

Rd1 Rob opens with a cup check and Kendrick is down in pain.  That hurt me too 🙁  IT was a very HARD kick, just bad aim.  Both trade punches as the action resumes.  Kendrick going for a take down but doesn’t get it and Robb gets him against the cage. Kendrick is talking to the ref, he might be saying he got kneed in the hehe’s again.  Kendrick spins and puts Rob agains the caged, then gets a takedown.  Kendrick working from half guard, goes for mount and gets swept.  He rolls Rob and pulls off a sweet guillatine.  Rob taps.



Winner:  Kendrick Holloway Silverback Mixed Martial Arts via Guillatine at 1:42 in the 1st round.

HVY – Luke Hoffman Team Wombat Combat vs.  Drew Ratichek American Combative Systems

Rd1  Drew comes out and lands a massive right then pounces on Luke.  Drew attacks landing blow after blow.  COntinues to punch Luke at will…big flurry of big shots by Drew. Luke defends better but then Drew gets a single leg takedown.  Both fighters not doing much as luke is trying to work his back up the cage but Drew won’t let him. Ref stands the up.  Botht fightrters clip each other then Luke gets a takedown. luke is cut below his eye.  Side control by luke as the round comes to an end.

Luke is cut bad.  That thing looks nasty.  The Doctor has stopped the fight.  Both fighters would like to see it continue. Drew does not appear happy with the win.



Winner: Drew Ratichek American Combative Systems via Doctor stoppage due to a cut

135 – Eli Tamez Dallas Jawbreakers vs.  Nelson Salas Texas MMA

Man, the crowd is going nuts for Eli.

Rd1:  Both fighters trad and eli lands a kneew. Nelson with a flurry of punches as eli is against the cach. Muay thai clinch by Nelson. Good crisp jab by eli follow by a good combo.  Eli has good boxing.  Nelson goes for a takedown as he picks up eli, eli goes for a flying triangle and gets it.  They go down and eli gets the tap. CROWD GOES NUTS>



Winner:  Eli Tamez Dallas Jawbreakers via Triangle Choke.


Erin Lofton was throwing out shirts from his sponsor (with the hooters girls – WIN)


145- Quaint Kempf Dallas Jawbreakers  vs. Tristin Grimsley Team Reyes

Quaint comes out to Eminem.  Every fighter who comes out to Eminem should be docked a point in each round.  J/K LOL (kind of) * the views of this play by play guy do not reflect that of thecagedoor.net (well half of it anyway).

Will Compazano is cornering Tristin.

Rd1: Tristin goes for a takedown a Q slips. Big uppercut by Q and Tristin moves back.  Drew is establsihing his jab.HUGE right by Q and Tristin looks timid. But now, Tristin lands some big shots himself and backs up Q.  Tristin is bleeding.  Tristin has Q against the cage and is trying to dirty box.  Both fighters fighting for underhooks.  Q with a couple of knees that are answered by Tristin HUGE Right by v countered by a huge one by !.  Q landing shots the side of Tristin head and they are on the ground.  GREAT ACTION.

Tristin is BLOODY but is waving his hands to the crowd as if to get them on their feet.

Rd2: Tristin lands some leg kicks to open the round.  Q trying to establish his jab again.  Tristin shotts, good sprawl by Q. both stand again. Antoehr shoot by Tristin stuffed. wild left by Q misses. HUGES kick to the body by Tristin.  Tristin is working the body with these kicks. Q looks winded and I know why…those body kicks sound vicious.  another kick.  Q is starting to loop his punches.  Another good round of action.  Who ever wins the next round whould win the fight.

Rd3: Tristin  opens with another kick to the ribs. Ouch.  good exchange of punshes and Q lands. Q checks a leg kick.  Tristin  lands a head kick and Q motions him to bring some more.  Kneew by Q. Superman punch by Q.  Tristin  shoots another good sprawl by Q.  Good right by Tristin, but know he’s getting wild.  Both fighters a tired but the pace has been fast so I don’t blame ’em. Q with his back agains the cage lands a big looping left.  Tristin  clinches.  Knees by Tristin.  more knees.  HUGE TAKEDOWN WITH 3 SECONDS LEFT.  ROUND OVER.

That was crazy, Q’s corner yelled takedown and he managed to find the strength to do so at the bell.
Great fight.  FOTN so far.

Winner:  Tristin Grimsley Team Reyes via Split Decision (28-29, 29-28,29-28)

That was crazy, Q’s corner yelled takedown and he managed to find the strength to do so at the bell.

Great fight.  FOTN so far.

185 – Evan Thompson Machado JJ vs. Aaron Culpepper Team Wombat Combat

Rd1 both fighters clinch and end up on the cage.  Evan stopped to pull his shorts down and aaron  rushed him with punches.  Low blos by aaron . Time is called. Time and a HUGE SUPERMAN PUNCH by aaron lands. Big over hand right misses.  aaron  is loading up. As aaron  is falling backward with Evan on him he punches Evan in the face. Evan now trying to work from half guard.  aaron  holding him close. Evan was landing at will but moved into a new position.  punches in bunches by Evan as te round ends.

aaron is hurt and can’t even get up to make it to his corner.  The doctor is in the ring looking at him.

Doctor stops the fight.



Winner Evan Thompson Machado JJ via doctor stoppage

145 title – Steven Peterson NDBJJ vs. Jeremy Hontz Twin Wolves MMA

Now I see why Steven came out with a red cape on.  he’s got a HUGE Superman S tatted on his chest.  Odds he opens with a superman punch? Even money.

Rd1: Jeremy misses a kick to open but then gets a quick takedown.  Steven rolls him andbegins to work from guard.  Jeremy  is going for a triangle.  Jeremy walks himself to the cage.  Steve tries to stand and punch while Jeremy  is on the ground but misses.  Jeremy  has given up his back and then taps due to strikes.





Winner: Steven Peterson NDBJJ

155 title – Brad Mitchell Dallas Jawbreakers vs. Nik Felder Gracie Barra Texas

Brad has 13 wins and only 4 losses.

Rd1:  bother fighters feeling each toehr out.  Nik lands a big counter right off of a big body kick by Brad.  Brad just unleache a furry of punches but Nik blocked most of them.  Both fighters have very crisp punches.  Brad was knocked down after a body kick was blocked, but connected with a huge upkick as Nik rushed in.  Nik has managed to work into Brad’s guard.  Nik works the body.Nik trying to press with 10 sec. left. Round over.

Rd2: both fighters come out landing low kicks. Nik lands a HUGE one. Man that was loud.  Looping right by Brad followed by several more punches.  Nik’s stricking devens is very good.  Nik with a takedown. Brad gets to his feet.  Big need by brad. Again.  Nik trying to control brad against the cage.  Nik misses a takedown and brad throws a flurry of punshdes .  both sepaerate. Nik looks tired and MORE PUNCHES by Brad land.  Round OVer.

Rd3:both fighters posturing.  Leg kicks traded. Big right by brad lands.  Nik lands a nice body kick.Brad’s punches are getting a little wild.  Both figheter are just trading single punches and kicks. Nik’s left eye is getting swollen. Brad just took a very deep breath.  Nik is working his leg over.  Takedown by Nik. Round ends.

I see this 2 rounds to 1 Nik.

Rd4: Nice low kick by brad.  Nik missed the counter.  Both fighters miss some punches. Head kick by Brad blocked. wild punched by brad miss.  Trade jabs. Nik shoots and misses and then gets cought by a big right. Nik looks rocked as brad hit him with 3 more big rights.  Brad is teeing off on Nik now.  Nike Is cut. Nik falls down. Ref stops the fight.  Brad wins.


Winner:  Brad Mitchell Dallas Jawbreakers

HVY – Jason Frank Rising Sun Karate vs. Chris Rose Death Row MMA

Chris Rose just walked out in a Ninja Turtle outfit!!!!

Rocky Long is cornering Jason Frank tonight.

Rd1Jason opens with a kick.  Jason rushes him to the corner and lands.  Both fighters trade and Chris pushed Jason against the cage.  Another exchange and then a head kick by Jason. Chris fell down trying to avoid it.   Big kick by Jason. jason with a kneew to the head while chris is down.  Ref warns Jason.  More punches by Jason land. Jason is holding chris’s arm with an overhook/wizard and punching him in the face. Ref stops it.

Frank wins



Winner JDF First round via ref stoppage.

EXCLUSIVE Post fight interview with Jason David Frank