Lonestar Beatdown in The House


The House of Blues in Houston, Texas, has been rocked many times by great bands. On November the 15th, it was rocked in a new way. USACA presented the Lonestar Beatdown at the House of Blues, and it was a KO in many ways.

From the opening bell, this was a great card with some of Houston’s best amateur talent on display in the cage. There was not a bad seat in the house; especially since the stage was extended 16 feet to accommodate the cage.  This setup brought the action closer to the fans than at any prviouse Lonestar Beatdown even. From the upper section to the standing room only floor area, the House of Blues was filled with Houston fight fans looking for the best action, and Lonestar Beatdown gave them everything they could handle (and more).

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The entire card was stacked with big moments. From Layton Mitchell and Matt Foxwell’s all out slug fest, to Hossan Walker’s takedown clinic on Mike Castillo, to Manuel Lozoya along with the entire crowd vs. Iron chinned Bryan Broussard; this card had it all.

The two biggest moments of the night came from the 2 title fights. The first title fight saw Jordan Rivas take on John Clough in the Co-Main Event. Jordan showed everyone in Houston that you do not want to test this black belt on the floor. John Clough came out looking to bang, but he made the mistake of clinching with Jordan. Jordan landed a beautiful hip toss and after one failed triangle attempt quickly latched in a deeper triangle to secure the submission. All of that action took just 53 seconds! Jordan Rivas made a huge statement in the 170lb class. Anyone taking him on anytime soon better stay off the ground.

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The Main Event of the night was the much anticipated Andrew Craig vs. John Malbrough fight, and it did not disappoint. These former training partners went right at each other, and the crowd loved it. The first round would set the pace for the entire fight. Andrew would land a big takedown, transition to either side control or mount, and attempt a submission. Each time John would use great hip movement and bottom control to escape many bad positions as well as many attempted arm-bars and guillotines from Andrew. In the second round, John was able to secure a guillotine of his own, but Andrew remained calm and powered out.  This trend continued till the 4th round where Andrew scored a big takedown and latched on a deep D’Arce choke to end the fight.

I have had the pleasure of attending many different events throughout the United States. The House of Blues show along with, the Legacy FC show from the week before is in the top 5. Mick Maynard and Ragan McDaniel have changed the perception of Houston MMA for good. They have continually produced high quality shows, and the last two shows are a step above anyone’s previous attempts. Mick and Ragan took a risk by hosting an event on a Sunday at an entirely new venue, but that gamble paid off. With beverage sales said to exceed the Chris Brown concert from the previous night, and an energetic crowd that kept the House of Blues rocking all night long, you can bet that we will see another show in “The House” very soon.

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Photos courtesy of FP_logo