LoneStar Beatdown – House of Blues – Nov. 15, 2009

For tickets visit  www.lonestarbeatdown.com

As always, TheCageDoor.net will be in the house and we will be updating the website as the actions happens.  We will also be tweeting the action live, so if you can’t make it out, be sure to follow us live at http://twitter.com/thecagedoor.

CARD (updated on 11/8/2009)

Title 170 – Jordan Rivas Elite MMA Baytown vs. John Clough BVMMA

Title 185 – Andrew Craig Team Tooke vs. John Malbrough Kingwood MMA

135 – Scott Buzzaird MFS vs. Bobby Bradshaw World Martial Arts

170 – Hossan Walker Xtreme MMA vs. Mike Castillo McCall’s MMA

125 – Tam Huynh Sub Boxing vs. Matt Thompson BVMMA

125 – Martin Garcia Gracie Barra vs. Alan Chavarria Hoger MMA

205 – Robb Williams Twin Wolves vs. Edgar Verdin submission boxing

185 – Brandon Farris Submission Boxing vs. Taylor Camacho Rodrigo Pinhiero –

155 – Aaron Croon Tookes MMA vs. Frank Solinas Sub Boxing

145 – Layton Mitchell vs. Matt Foxwell UH MMA

145 – Bryan Broussard vs. Manuel Lozoya sub boxing

155 – Mario Martinez sub boxing vs. TBA